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At EY, we believe that only the highest-performing teams, which maximise the power of different opinions, perspectives and cultural references, will succeed in the global marketplace.

Our focus on diversity and inclusiveness is integral to how we serve our clients, develop our people and play a leadership role in our communities.

  • The business imperative

    When we act on our commitment to diversity and inclusiveness, we maximise the power of our differences to achieve better business results, for ourselves and for our clients.

    We define diversity and inclusiveness in the following way:

    Diversity is about differences. Every one of us is different, and at EY we value and respect individual differences. We think broadly about differences; they include background, education, gender, ethnicity, nationality, generation, age, working and thinking styles, religious background, sexual orientation, ability and technical skills. There are also differences according to service line, sector and function.

    Inclusiveness is about leveraging these differences to achieve better business results. It is about creating an environment where all our people feel, and are, valued; where they are able to bring their differences to work each day; and where they contribute their personal best in every encounter.

    Our focus on diversity and inclusiveness is integral to how we serve our clients, develop our people and play a leadership role in our communities.
    Research shows that companies with diverse teams that are led inclusively perform better than those with more homogenous teams. Diverse teams are more likely to improve market share and have success in new markets; they demonstrate stronger collaboration and better retention.

    Making sure that all our people’s voices are heard and valued not only helps attract and retain the best people, but it also helps us deliver better approaches for our clients and for our own organisation. That is because creating an inclusive workforce, where all difference matter, allows us to identify the risks and opportunities we might not otherwise see.

    You can download Our approach to Diversity & Inclusiveness for more information on the Oceania Diversity and Inclusiveness agenda and team or the D&I roadmap, a shared, common framework relevant to all of EY, helping us drive change at both the organisational and individual levels.

  • Our strategy

    We believe having new styles of thinking; asking better questions and getting better answers will take us where we want to go. Our strategy is to:

    • Create the highest performing teams through the development of our people
      At EY we aim to create an inclusive culture where all our people can achieve their potential. We continually strengthen the diverse mix of our teams and leaders by removing barriers in our talent pipeline.
    • Win more in the market through our diversity and inclusiveness
      Our people use their unique skills to innovate and bring new insights to our clients.
    • Recruit, retain and promote more diverse talent
      We aim to consistently recruit the best people from different backgrounds, experiences, skills and perspectives to enrich the diversity of our organisation. At EY we focus our efforts to advance diverse talent.
    • Equip our people with the skills to lead inclusively
      We equip our people with skills and confidence to lead and team inclusively, with a global mindset, to maximise contributions of all our people.
    • Establish mutual accountability
      We ensure all levels at EY are accountable for the equitable development, sponsorship and advancement of our people. Inclusive behaviours are rewarded and play a key role in promotion decisions and leadership appointments.
  • Our focus

    The key priority areas for our diversity and inclusiveness strategy are:

    • Inclusive leadership
      EY believes that diverse well managed teams outperform those teams which are less diverse and that by providing an inclusive environment which encourages people to bring their whole self to work increases productivity, engagement and retention of valuable talent.
    • Gender equity
      Research shows that companies with a higher representation of women in decision making positions in both the private and public sectors perform better than those with more homogenous leadership. At EY, we are determined to do our part to accelerate women's progress in the workplace. We've worked hard for many years to create effective internal and external programs focused on women's advancement and leadership around the world — and we know there is more to do. Now, we've brought all our efforts together to create one unifying platform: Women. Fast forward.
    • Successful flexible work practices
      Providing our people with the flexibility they need to meet both their professional and personal goals is one of the ways that EY sets itself apart from our competitors. Some of us may need flexibility from time to time to meet those one-off events - to study for an exam, take our child to the doctor, train for a sporting event or see your niece in her first school play, whereas others may need a longer term arrangement to look after an aging relative or pick up children after school or work towards a degree.
    • Ethnic diversity
      Our people come from a diverse number of backgrounds, cultures, races and countries of birth. They speak many languages and hold expertise in conducting global business. We aim to both leverage and support this diversity. Our Substituted Public Holiday policy, for example, allows our people to swap public holidays for days of cultural significance.
    • Disability
      Access to employment is fundamental to a person's dignity and wellbeing, it is vital we are able to adapt to create an appropriate working environment while also utilising the wide range of valuable skills and qualifications on offer.
    • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex (LGBTI)
      Creating a work environment where LGBTI professional can be their authentic selves at work is a core element of our diversity and inclusiveness commitment. We are proud to be recipients of New Zealand’s Rainbow Tick for the work done by our firm, and by Unity, our global network group for LGBTI people and their straight allies.
    • Indigenous
      In New Zealand, our Māori sector team (Tahi) continues to promote and nurture the growth of Māori talent in to and within EY. We share our knowledge and experience with Australia as they strive to close the gaps between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and other Australians.