New Zealand Procurement Excellence Awards

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Congratulations to the Procurement Collaborative Banking Team at New Zealand Government Procurement.

At the inaugural New Zealand Procurement Excellence Awards held at EY- the Procurement Collaborative Banking Team, from New Zealand Government Procurement, was announced as the Supreme Winner for 2016’.

The judges said that this team showed outstanding leadership, tenacity, innovation, change and project management skills which delivered significant financial benefit and added value to stakeholders that included tax payers and beneficiaries.

Find out more about each of the winners and finalists below.

  • Young Procurement Professional of the Year

    This award celebrates the up-and-coming stars of procurement. We do have an age limit on this award and we look for nominees under 30 years of age at the end of the preceding calendar year. These young professionals will have made excellent contributions to their teams and proactively manage their personal and professional development. They have enquiring minds and are seeking out and actively using leading and innovative practices. Above all, they are passionate about procurement and the impact that their contribution has to their business.

    • Emma Hillman, New Zealand Government Procurement Defence Force (Winner)

    Emma joined The New Zealand Government Procurement team in May 2013 with a background in recruitment. She has quickly climbed the ranks with a promotion to Senior Procurement Analyst in April 2015.Emma’s strong commercial acumen, knowledge and skills, amongst many other traits, are a testament to her rapid success that she has achieved in her career thus far. Emma has taken charge of her development and continues to find ways to challenge herself and develop her already impressive skillset.

    Emma is currently responsible for managing the All-of-Government recruitment contract. The contract is worth upwards of $250m per annum, with 129 client agencies and 40 recruitment providers. Her management of the contract has been exemplary and she constantly works with stakeholders to drive contract improvement and develop innovative procurements. ‘Emma is very helpful and practical. She tells it like it is and holds her position in the nicest way. She has great knowledge of the contract and implications for us. She builds relationships, is empathetic and professional.’

    • Porscha McIndoe, Fonterra

    Porscha is responsible for the transport and Light Fleet category within Fonterra Procurement, delivering a full programme of strategic sourcing and vendor relationship activity. Porscha capitalized on this opportunity and delivered recurring cost savings of $3m. Porscha has helped mitigate growing supply risk to Fonterra by confidently managing relationships with key transport contractors, despite difficult financial conditions and lower milk volumes. Porscha is a classic example of a true team player who continually acts as a mentor to her peers with her willingness to share her knowledge and Procurement insights with other team members.

    In his current role, Nick is adding value in innovative ways, including improving KPI results and service levels through supplier performance management. Nick is on track to be MCIPS by mid-2018.

    • Stefan Parsons, Air New Zealand

    Stefan joined Air New Zealand in 2014 and was later promoted to Procurement Consultant in 2015. In his role, Stefan has shown an innate ability to develop a complex strategy and express it with simplicity, navigate roadblocks and bring internal stakeholders along on the journey while managing challenges such as supply constraints, stakeholder requirements and leveraging new technologies. A key project Stefan has been involved with has been the airline’s transition of its ground fleet of vehicles to electric where operationally feasible.

  • Successful Procurement Change of the Year

    This award celebrates those who have recognised the need to adapt to a rapidly changing business environment and have carefully planned and executed their change successfully with minimal disruption and full stakeholder engagement. Significant benefits and value will have been realised from the change.

    • Air NZ, Commercial P2P and PeopleSoft upgrade change Programme (Winner)

    Air New Zealand’s Procurement team successfully transformed commercial procure-to-pay in conjunction with the upgrade of the airline’s PeopleSoft financial system. Key procurement frameworks were implemented to drive sustainable change, including the introduction of new operating procedures, the introduction of an internal purchasing directory and categorized “how to buy” guides for staff and the alignment of business purchasing processes across multiple ERP systems.

    These changes have been widely communicated across the business through classroom trainings, roadshows and online computer modules to ensure staff are aware and ready for the change. Key successes in this project have included PeopleSoft 9.2 going live on time and within budget without any delay in payments due to the transition, business partnerships being sustained, and a significant reduction in spend with unapproved suppliers.

    • healthAlliance, National Procurement Service

    With the health sector facing the growing issue of decreasing funds and an increased demand in delivering quality services to a growing and aging population, healthAlliance combined the purchasing power of the health sector and extended their service from 4 to 20 DHBs with an annual spend in excess of $1b per annum over the last 18 months.

    This change of scale and pace is unprecedented within the public sector and in the process has created significant value in the benefits of reinvesting into patient care. The success of this transformation was not done without clear objectives and strategy along the way. Key elements included, but are not limited to, collaboration with DHBs to streamline business processes, onboarding 80 staff across 7 locations and having a single point of customer contact.

    The benefits of the combining buying power has been demonstrated on numerous occasions in procurement of both capital and Opex products by applying the Total Cost of Ownership principles and standardising of requirements across multiple DHB’s. With continued innovation and sustained collaboration, the health sector will continue to benefit by easing the mounting financial pressure that is currently present.

    • NZ Defence Force, Delivery of 80+ end-to-end procurement projects

    EY - NZ Defence ForceOver the past 12 months, the eight strong Procurement team at The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) has delivered over 80 projects of varying complexity, value and priority, which have resulted in approximately 130 contracts. The procurement team has gained high credibility within NZDF with their commercially and technically sound solutions and value addition. A key success for the NZDF was the delivery of a category strategy with procurement and contracting activities for industrial and engineering supplies, which is worth an impressive $70m over 7 years, a huge win for the NZDF procurement team.

    Due to their growing profile and success, one team member has been seconded to Papua New Guinea to assist their department of Defence with their largest tender to date. The procurement team has also managed several end-to-end high profile syndicated procurements.

    “It is fantastic to be in the finals in such a prestigious award because we are a procurement team which has done really well in recent months in increasing our influence and efficiencies, and delivering sustainable procurements. It’s lovely to have that recognized by the EY Procurement Excellence Awards,” said Hanelie Lategan, NZDF Defence Commercial Services Procurement Manager.

    This incredible achievement over the past 12 months is a true testament to the hard work and commitment of the NZDF Procurement team.

  • Procurement Professional of the Year

    This award recognises individuals who have strived to be at the forefront of procurement within the New Zealand marketplace. They show both thought and team leadership, so whilst they may not be the ultimate manager or Head of Procurement, they are viewed as a leader for procurement both in their organisation and outside. They weather the challenges both big and small with resilience and humility and continue to drive impactful and sustainable change, pioneering ongoing growth and innovation. This is a special person who shows the all-round aspects of a procurement professional.

    • Sara Hay, Auckland Council (Winner)

    Sara joined Auckland Council in February 2015. Since beginning work as a GM at Auckland Council, Sara has gone on to change the way Procurement is approached by moving away from a rules-based system to empowering team members to consider the best solution for each individual project. This category-based Procurement model has gone on to deliver over $115m in savings and added value to the organization.

    Sara is committed to ensuring the long term success of the Procurement department by investing in CIPS training for staff and prioritizing internal appointments as well as externally through her involvement with the Procurement Excellence Forum, the Local Government Strategic Procurement forum and NZ Government’s Procurement Functional Leadership Team.

    Sara also brings in previous leadership and Procurement roles in the private sector coupled with Public sector experience with the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) as a General Manager in Commercial Services and a Corporate Procurement Manager respectively.

    “The effort and commitment Sara brings to her leadership role is bringing reduced cost and better value for money for Auckland.”
    Dean Kimpton, Auckland Council Chief Operating

    • Mark Jones, ASB

    Mark Jones joined ASB in February 2014 in the role of GM Procurement. In the ensuing 2 years, he has gone on to lead a dramatic transformation of the Procurement function in the bank which has contributed unprecedented levels of value into the banks bottom-line. He has led his team to exceed value delivery targets for 2 years running, with impressive performance in increasing both customer satisfaction and team engagement to world-class levels. The achievements Mark and his team have accomplished include delivering considerable multi-million bottom line value to the shareholder, continually offering significant benefits to ASB’s stakeholders and winning over 10 CFO recognition awards since beginning his journey with ASB. Probably the greatest achievement though has been his work to promote and establish the real value proposition of Procurement across every part of the bank. Accordingly he team has been elevated so it sits at the right hand of all significant commercial deals with the business units it supports across the bank.

    Like many, Mark did not grow up wanting to work in Procurement. He began his studies at the University of Otago with an Honours degree in Microbiology before completing a postgraduate diploma in Science and Technology (Dairy) at Massey University, then going on to do an MBA at Melbourne Business School.

    Mark is no stranger to leading successful teams; prior to ASB, Mark was a General Manager with Vodafone NZ for over 9 years where he was responsible for significant sourcing activity for Vodafone NZ, from forming strategic alliances and partnerships with suppliers to supporting external parties with their sales/marketing functions. He was recognised with an international award for his highly acclaimed Supplier Innovation programme. Mark has also had managing roles on his already extensive and impressive resume in Goodman Fielder and in the New Zealand Dairy Board, amongst others.

    • Linda Keating, Spark

    Linda began at Spark in 2012 as a project administrator and has recently been promoted to the role of Senior Sourcing Specialist. Linda’s meteoric Procurement career progression has been as a result of, but by no means limited to, her insatiable drive for Procurement excellence, tenacity to work in an agile environment and her natural ambassador figure for Procurement. Linda boasts an impressive resume with glowing references from many of her engagements as testament to her passion and drive in everything she works on.

    “Linda is a little pocket rocket superstar! She was so helpful throughout the DDM agency pitch with awesome documents, great advice and her sense of humour has kept me sane! Then on top of that her conflict resolution with (a vendor) reduced exposure and she got the best out of a difficult situation. Thanks Linda - love your work!”
    Kelli Leaning, Digital Data Marketing Project Lead

    Linda has proven to be a valued and crucial member in the launch of the Spark brand through her extensive marketing experience, with particular strengths in Home Business Mobile (HBM) marketing which she continues to master. Linda has continued to influence and deliver change in order to deliver key outcomes for the business, and is currently working on developing an online briefing process for Procurement which will revolutionise workflow and consistency.

  • Procurement Team of the Year

    This award recognises procurement teams which continually drive value from new sources in new and creative ways whilst adeptly supporting multiple simultaneous initiatives. This is recognition of the whole team’s efforts demonstrated through proficiency to deliver exceptional benefits in challenging business environments, leading stakeholder engagement, which would have led to distinguished recognition by key business stakeholders.

    • Collaborative Procurement Banking Team, New Zealand Government Procurement (Winner)

    In 2014, the Collaborative Procurement (Banking) Team with the NZGP tendered the government’s banking services with the desired outcome of optimal terms and conditions, strategically considered service levels and significantly lower pricing. The project involved re-tendering a contract standing for 25 years and establishing an All-of-Government (AoG) banking solution that was set to impact hundreds of government agencies, tax payers and beneficiaries.

    The team ensured that their Procurement process was transparent, fair and based on integrity, whilst also ensuring that they took an innovative approach to engaging with agencies and suppliers during the RFP process, thus boosting confidence in the opportunities that were presented before them. Within the first few months of 2016, over $1.7m of savings has been realised. The strength and commitment of the team is a testament to this incredible result.

    ‘Throughout the process the team effectively managed the potentially competing interests of a wide range of interested parties and created appropriate opportunities for wide ranging and vigorous debate and challenge. This was no easy feat; particularly given that Government Banking had not been tendered for over 25 years. The ultimate outcome achieved is a credit to the hard work that the team put in over a number of years’.
    Giles Southwell, Chief Technology Officer (Acting) Inland Revenue

    • Fulton Hogan Procurement Team

    In 2014, Fulton Hogan went from having no Procurement function to a centre-led Procurement team driving efficiencies within the business. With this change came many challenges such as Procurement roles needing to be differentiated from other roles in the business.

    By the end of the 2015, $9m of benefits was realised and an additional $7m was tracking for 2016. In addition the team is on track to exceed 2016 sourcing targets. As a result of their cohesive performance, experience, courage and enthusiasm, the Procurement team has managed to drive the business forward towards continued success in their ventures; for every $1 of Procurement cost, $3.50 is delivered as bottom-line profit. An excellent achievement by Fulton Hogan’s Procurement team.

    • ASB Procurement Team

    ASB’s Procurement has been transformed over the past two years to a strategic function that is now working across all business units throughout the organisation. The high calibre talent and reputation of the team has resulted in them being highly valued and often sought by senior executives to effect change in the business.

    Key successes over the transformation have included a multi-million dollar bottom-line impact, an increase of over 200% on the previous year. In addition, a strong focus on productivity improvement has realised in excess of 200 days of process efficiency from operational activity.

    Their success can be summed up by Chief Executive Barbara Chapman:
    “Since the repositioning of Procurement as a strategic function some 18 months ago, the team has gone from strength-to-strength. It has built a reputation with my team and senior management as a highly proficient group, capable of efficiently delivering on the needs of their stakeholders. There is no doubt their great work and the value they have delivered has directly contributed to ASB’s performance.”

The New Zealand Procurement Excellence Awards were established to raise the profile and awareness of procurement across both private and public sectors, and to celebrate the contribution that good procurement practice, teams and individuals are making towards New Zealand’s economic success.

Congratulations to all our 2016 winners and finalists who demonstrated outstanding achievements in the field of procurement.