New Zealand Procurement Excellence Awards

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Congratulations to Nick Lardner of Westpac

At the 2017 New Zealand Procurement Excellence Awards held at EY Auckland on 3 May 2017, Nick Lardner of Westpac was announced as the second ever Supreme Winner.

The judges described Lardner as “the perfect procurement professional” with a great balance of both IQ and EQ. His passion for procurement is demonstrated by the “Procurement Sprint” sessions he created to encourage the sharing of knowledge within his Westpac team, to develop tactics, strategies and objectives to support team members with current projects or issues.

Find out more about each of the winners and finalists below.

  • Young Procurement Professional of the Year

    This award celebrates the up-and-coming stars of procurement. We do have an age limit on this award and we look for nominees under 30 years of age at the end of the preceding calendar year. These young professionals will have made excellent contributions to their teams and proactively manage their personal and professional development. They have enquiring minds and are seeking out and actively using leading and innovative practices. Above all, they are passionate about procurement and the impact that their contribution has to their business.

    • Jack Nicholas, New Zealand Defence Force

    Jack has been involved in Procurement since graduating and has since gone from strength to strength. In his approach, Jack always aims to think strategically, gathers all the information available and analyses every option for the best procurement solution available. This experience has stood Jack in good stead during his tenure at NZDF. Jack has been responsible for a number of great outcomes involving contracts with offshore suppliers, often for products and services directly in support of national security. Jack is driven by the belief he can make a difference in the effectiveness of NZDF spending and subsequently maximise value received by the taxpayer. Jack is currently working towards his CIPS diploma.

    • Nick Lardner, Westpac New Zealand (Winner)

    Nick commenced his career in procurement at the age of 17 with four years of volunteering and subsequently pursuing an international internship in procurement. Nick’s passion for procurement is demonstrated in the “Procurement Sprint” sessions he created and manages, designed to encourage the sharing of knowledge within the team, to develop tactics, strategies and objectives to support team members with current projects or issues. Nick has also volunteered at Westpac events and across other organisations to develop graduates into the profession.

    In his current role, Nick is adding value in innovative ways, including improving KPI results and service levels through supplier performance management. Nick is on track to be MCIPS by mid-2018.

    • Victoria James, New Zealand Defence Force

    Victoria’s procurement passion began when she worked in Category Management at the Whitcoulls Head Office in Auckland City. With determination to succeed, drive and hard work she was able to develop significant growth in both top line and in margin. Victoria continued her success at Independent Procurement Company Australasia (IPCA), the procurement division for Subway® Australasia, implementing innovative solutions which resulted in significant savings as well as reductions in carbon emissions. Keys to Victoria’s success include the effort and diligence she overlays on everything she does, as well as always trying to achieve the best outcome for the business - attributes valued by her stakeholders. Victoria is currently working towards her CIPS diploma.

  • Successful Procurement Change of the Year

    This award celebrates those who have recognised the need to adapt to a rapidly changing business environment and have carefully planned and executed their change successfully with minimal disruption and full stakeholder engagement. Significant benefits and value will have been realised from the change.

    • Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)

    Over the last 18 months ACC Procurement has successfully delivered a significant change programme to improve the way it engages with and manages providers in the large, complex and challenging environment in which it operates. Coming from a position where teams had a significant business as usual workload and often conflicting strategic priorities, the team have built and developed a framework which includes tools and templates to support procurement and the business to effectively manage provider relationships according to their risk and criticality. This work has delivered, and will continue to deliver, the best outcomes for customers and ACC.

    • Comvita New Zealand (Winner)

    The Bee Product Procurement team is a small, effective team who procure Bee Products from around New Zealand for Comvita. Bee product procurement in New Zealand is different from most other types of procurement due to seasonal variability, short supply and rapidly increasing demand and supply constraints. When the supply constraints threatened to impact the Comvita supply chain, the team harnessed the collective intelligence of its business and partners to develop an innovation programme. This not only increased Comvita’s share of the available supply, at prices that were below the market, but also improved engagement and satisfaction of key suppliers.

    • NZ Transport Agency

    When faced with significant budget reductions, and concurrently the task of improving value, customer satisfaction and performance, the NZ Transport Agency procurement team was required to take a fresh look at how this might be delivered. Through extensive engagement with the market, the business and supply chain, the team was able to deliver the Transport Agency’s longest ever continuous procurement program, resulting in a major change to the way the Transport Agency delivers its maintenance and operations. This change has delivered not only cost improvements, but has enhanced the Agency’s reputation as a smart purchaser and is supporting a healthy marketplace.

  • Procurement Professional of the Year

    This award recognises individuals who have strived to be at the forefront of procurement within the New Zealand marketplace. They show both thought and team leadership, so whilst they may not be the ultimate manager or Head of Procurement, they are viewed as a leader for procurement both in their organisation and outside. They weather the challenges both big and small with resilience and humility and continue to drive impactful and sustainable change, pioneering ongoing growth and innovation. This is a special person who shows the all-round aspects of a procurement professional.

    • Abby Vigge, Ministry of Education

    Abby currently works for the Ministry of Education where during her career she has consistently delivered innovative solutions and actively promoted procurement and the development of others. Abby led the largest and most comprehensive supplier engagement for a school’s transport tender, which created previously unknown market intelligence. This built upon Abby’s previous work which involved using LinkedIn to positively engage with the supplier market. Whilst delivering this great value, Abby is also committed to improving the profession as a whole, supporting the MBIE Developing Procurement Leaders programme and more recently founding the “Procurement Squad”. Leveraging social media, the Procurement Squad is a cross-government procurement group comprising buyers, new to procurement, who are proactive about developing their careers and increasing and sharing their knowledge.

    • Dave Colquhoun, Auckland Transport

    “Procurement is the single biggest enabler for generating positive outcomes for improved quality of life, now and for the future.” - a phrase coined by Dave, and one that he lives up to every day. Dave is nominated for the Procurement Professional of the year, not only for his continued delivery of sound infrastructure projects for Auckland Transport, but also because of his commitment to improving our environment. Dave delivered the first evaluated sustainability attributes in an AT tender and developed the first social outcomes for an AT procurement. Dave also leads the Procurement Cluster Group of AT’s pilot Sustainability Champions Programme and actively works with E Tipu, E Rea - Maori Business Growth, to encourage small Maori-owned businesses to respond to Auckland Transport tenders. Dave’s continued work on sustainability is raising awareness and improving environment for Aucklanders.

    • Mark Jones, ASB (Winner)

    Mark has led a dramatic transformation of the procurement function at ASB which has contributed unprecedented levels of value into the bank’s bottom line. He has led his team to exceed value delivery targets for two years running, with impressive performance in increasing both customer satisfaction and team engagement to world-class levels. The achievements Mark and his team have accomplished include delivering considerable multi-million bottom line value to the shareholder, continually offering significant benefits to ASB’s stakeholders, and winning over 10 CFO recognition awards. However, his greatest work to date has been his work to promote and establish the real value proposition of procurement across every part of the bank.

  • Procurement Team of the Year

    This award recognises procurement teams which continually drive value from new sources in new and creative ways whilst adeptly supporting multiple simultaneous initiatives. This is recognition of the whole team’s efforts demonstrated through proficiency to deliver exceptional benefits in challenging business environments, leading stakeholder engagement, which would have led to distinguished recognition by key business stakeholders.

    • Auckland Council

    Over the last 18 months, the Auckland Council Procurement Team has worked consistently and diligently to improve its operating methods - all whilst delivering unprecedented benefits. One such improvement is the active mapping of customers’ procurement journeys to improve experiences. Each team member has taken ownership of the drive for improvement, actively suggesting continuous improvement initiatives, facilitated by the team’s Procurement Excellence Forum. Another key to success has been actively sharing information and knowledge at all levels, becoming a team that adapts to the market and listens to its customers. This ensures an effortless procurement experience at Auckland Council for all stakeholders. Throughout this, the team has embraced and continued to onboard collaboration tools, building on progress to date.

    • ASB (Winner)

    ASB Procurement has transformed over the past two years; what was once an administrative service is now a strategic function, collaborating with all business units across the bank. The team sees collaboration as the key to delivering value. They create strong, open and honest relationships with their customers, stakeholders, suppliers and each other. The team is recognised for using its deep understanding of ASB’s cost profile to find the drivers of demand: the what, why, how and when of buying. This helps identify opportunities to lead changes in behaviour that would impact the ASB cost base.

    • NZ Transport Agency

    Characterised by projects that are expensive, complex and time-consuming, this small team of eight are achieving value delivery for New Zealand’s horizontal infrastructure through the transparent and honest way in which they engage with stakeholders and the marketplace. Most notably, the team has changed the way that maintenance is delivered to our state highway network, and other major projects.

    The team attributes its success to three factors: getting the basics right; operating as a think tank, harnessing a collective approach which ensures that learning is shared and best solutions are developed; and facilitating cross-agency collaboration.

  • Sustainability Project of the Year

    This award celebrates those who have demonstrated strategic success in any of the areas of sustainability. This could be a Corporate Social Responsibility, economic or environmental initiative which has delivered value to their organisation. This may not necessarily be monetary; we are looking for those procurement individuals and teams who have owned and driven a successful sustainability initiative to ensure their companies operational life improves or they minimise potential harmful impacts to individuals, their companies, their communities and potentially the wider world.

    • Air New Zealand

    The global scale of Air New Zealand operations presents a challenge when considering sustainability and social and environmental impact. However, as recognised by the team at Air New Zealand, this also presents an opportunity to influence others outside the airline. Air New Zealand have done this through the development and implementation of a Sustainability Framework, comprising pillars that focus on improvements across people, place and economy. Underpinning this is a robust supplier code of conduct, focussing supply chain partners on what is important to the airline. Through this framework, Air New Zealand have entered into a supply agreement with a socially conscious start-up and diversion of 48% of dry waste from landfill.

    • Auckland Transport City Rail Link (Winner)

    The City Rail Link (CRL) is New Zealand’s largest and most complex infrastructure project. It is designed, constructed and will be managed to the highest sustainability standards. These standards have no precedent in New Zealand, only in Australia. The challenge to the team was to develop and embed these standards at the procurement stage across a project comprising eight different contracts. Taking learnings from the first contracting processes and expanding traditional notions of environmentally friendly outcomes to consider long-term social outcomes, the CRL has been awarded a ‘Leading’ Infrastructure Sustainability Design rating by the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australasia.

    • NZ Transport Agency

    In 2013 a programme was implemented to overhaul the delivery of maintenance and operations to highways, as it was identified that current practices were leading to an economically unsustainable position. With a total value of the multiple year contracts worth an estimated $2bn, it was important to deploy an economically and socially responsible process. In response to this challenge, NZTA carefully developed a contract model, led to very clear long term outcomes that formed the basis of all behaviours, methods, processes and activities. Today, the programme has three genuine national tier one suppliers delivering maintenance and operations, and has increased the number of service providers, including a supplier from overseas. The contracting model maximises the operational asset life and builds depth, capacity and resilience in the supply chain.

The New Zealand Procurement Excellence Awards were established to raise the profile and awareness of procurement across both private and public sectors, and to celebrate the contribution that good procurement practice, teams and individuals are making towards New Zealand’s economic success.

Congratulations to all our 2017 winners and finalists who demonstrated outstanding achievements in the field of procurement.