New Zealand Procurement Excellence Awards

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Congratulations to the New Zealand Post team.

At the 2018 New Zealand Procurement Excellence Awards held at EY, the New Zealand Post team was announced as the Supreme Winner for 2018.

The judges said this team showed excellent leadership and innovation, showing procurement being used as a “force for good, impacting on social, economic and environmental issues”.

Find out more about each of the winners and finalists below.

  • Young Procurement Professional of the Year

    This award celebrates the up-and-coming stars of procurement. We do have an age limit on this award and we look for nominees under 30 years of age at the end of the preceding calendar year. These young professionals will have made excellent contributions to their teams and proactively manage their personal and professional development. They have enquiring minds and are seeking out and actively using leading and innovative practices. Above all, they are passionate about procurement and the impact that their contribution has to their business.

    • Ashleigh Smith, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

      EY - Ashleigh SmithAshleigh has been involved in a return to market for the largest category of spend within the All-of-Government suite of contracts, External Recruitment Services. Following completion of the tender Ashleigh has been leading the approach to ensure a targeted and sophisticated supplier relationship model is put in place, showing a talent for turning challenges into opportunities for improvement in a difficult environment. New Zealand Government Procurement has been going through a large change during Ashleigh's tenure, and she immediately moved to help drive the change forward.

    • Ben Noone, Fletcher Building

      EY - Ben NooneAs a young professional, Ben is responsible for managing strategic procurement for the Residential division. In his time in this role he has changed the way that the Residential team look at procurement; they are now fully inclusive of the procurement process and recognise the value procurement brings to the business. In addition to delivering initiatives that have resulted in multiple millions of dollars of benefits for the business, Ben keeps his vision wide and seeks innovative ideas and research on a global scale to inform his work.

    • Ryan Challis, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (Winner)

      EY - Ryan ChallisRyan has risen to be a leader in New Zealand Government Procurement and is a key member of the All-of-Government Commercial Strategy and Sourcing team. He is personally responsible for leading project teams for some of the most significant procurements in New Zealand ($300m+). Additionally, he founded and is President of the MBIE Toastmasters Club, and is an active member of the Developing Procurement Leaders Group.

  • Procurement Professional of the Year

    This award recognises individuals who have strived to be at the forefront of procurement within the New Zealand marketplace. They show both thought and team leadership, so whilst they may not be the ultimate manager or Head of Procurement, they are viewed as a leader for procurement both in their organisation and outside. They weather the challenges both big and small with resilience and humility and continue to drive impactful and sustainable change, pioneering ongoing growth and innovation. This is a special person who shows the all-round aspects of a procurement professional.

    • Rob Halsall, Westpac New Zealand (Winner)

      EY - Rob HalsallRob has led a transformation of the procurement function at Westpac with a strategic focus to embed business partner engagement, improve value creation and create trusted advisor status. This has been delivered using a new commercial operating model and leadership structure, including a dedicated analytics, governance and operations function and a specific people plan to improve capability across the team. In addition, strong emphasis has been placed on evolving the social procurement and sustainability agenda, expanding on senior stakeholder engagement and partnering with strategic suppliers. It is underpinned with the utilisation of data driven insights to improve the procurement narrative and influence sustainable business outcomes at pace.

    • Simon Mason, Inland Revenue

      EY - Simon MasonAs the Head of Commercial and Procurement for Inland Revenue, Simon Mason provides procurement advice across major procurement initiatives which underpin the multi-year business transformation. He oversaw the restructure of three distributed teams into one centralised function accountable for $230 million in annual spend covering the end to end, procurement and commercial process. The new Commercial and Procurement team has delivered cost savings of approximately $17 million in its first year and this expected to grow as the Department continues to change.

  • Procurement Team of the Year

    This award recognises procurement teams which continually drive value from new sources in new and creative ways whilst adeptly supporting multiple simultaneous initiatives. This is recognition of the whole team’s efforts demonstrated through proficiency to deliver exceptional benefits in challenging business environments, leading stakeholder engagement, which would have led to distinguished recognition by key business stakeholders.

    • Fletcher Building ICT Procurement Team

      EY - Fletcher Building ICT The Fletcher Building ICT Procurement Team were established to bring in-depth ICT commercial knowledge to Fletcher Building's complicated ICT landscape of 23 ERP systems, 16 datacentres, and patchwork 3rd party support. The ICT Procurement team follows a mantra of 'Lead by support', focusing on the goals and outcomes sought by their business partners, operating alongside stakeholders and being part of the conversation as trusted and respected  commercial advisors. The team has exceeded expectations, delivering a 11.5% reduction in external ICT spend against a 5% company target, with six months to spare. They have done this by building strong relationships with 25-30 key stakeholders and finding alignment with a shared set of principles.

    • Spark NZ

      EY - Spark procurement teamThe Spark procurement team engages across all third party engagements in a fast paced, large and complex business. The key to success for Spark is having a procurement team that understands the business, its customers, and enables and empowers the right supplier relationships and partnerships. The team has been through a large amount of change as the business is constantly challenged to operate at optimal levels. The team now operates in small, specific teams to model the businesses structure, closely target specific requirements and align with the businesses goals.

    • Xero (Winner)

      EY - Xero Commercial and Procurement team The Xero Commercial and Procurement team grew organically out of an initiative to reduce costs in one specific category in 2014. Based on the game-changing results achieved by the team at the time and the extraordinary growth of Xero globally, the benefits of the procurement discipline driven by the Commercial and Procurement team soon became recognised in the company's financial results and valued globally across the business. This year the team have rolled out a self-service contract management system, a bespoke negotiations awareness training programme, optimised its procure to pay processes and expanded into the US to support global operations. The team is also committed to continuous improvement, through a survey of 40+ stakeholders with an impressive 89% score and having carried out a self-assessment of its functional maturity. Xero's Commercial and Procurement operates as a lean centre of excellence with six staff that manage all key spend categories, share spend analysis and observations across the business and have become the 'go to' for advice on supplier performance and relationships.

  • Successful Procurement Change of the Year

    This award celebrates those who have recognised the need to adapt to a rapidly changing business environment and have carefully planned and executed their change successfully with minimal disruption and full stakeholder engagement. Significant benefits and value will have been realised from the change.

    • Ballance Agri-Nutrients

      EY - Ballance Agri-NutrientsBallance set out to design a 'fit-for-Ballance' procurement operating model and procurement strategy, setting modest benefit targets that would maintain relationships with key suppliers developed over the course of decades. Following delivery of the operating model and the priority wave of strategic sourcing initiatives, Ballance achieved unprecedented significant annualised savings. This was achieved through a well-managed programme of change and a focus on growing internal procurement capability through a combination of recruitment and coaching.

    • Fletcher Building Residential

      EY - Ben NooneDedicating a procurement resource to the Residential Division of Fletcher Building has led to the Aluminium Joinery Rationalisation Project. Traditionally aluminium doors and windows have been built to architects designs and unique to each house. This resulted in a time-consuming and costly process of suppliers measuring window space on-site and then building unique units. The procurement team saw this as an opportunity to provide standardisation and savings across the business by analysing the supply chain and removing a non-value-add component; site measurement. Following a challenge to the design team, the Standardisation Project produced 140 standard units of doors and windows designed to optimise manufacturing costs. These now make up 90% of the business requirements. The result has been a reduction in the costs of windows by ~12% and forecast savings of ~$1m in 2018.

    • Todd Corporation

      EY - Todd CorporationProcurement at Todd Corporation was decentralised in 2015 and Group Procurement made responsible for enabling procurement activity across the business through responsibility for policy, procedure, technology and spend. Following decentralisation, Group Procurement generated a procurement strategy to improve capability and found gaps in strategy, resources, frameworks and systems that were preventing Todd Corporation from realising the full benefits of the procurement function, and to complicate matters the maturity of the procurement team was assessed as being low. Group Procurement launched a Procurement Improvement project to lift capability, which produced a Procurement Vision, Procurement Strategy across policy, people, technology and quality, Procurement Working Group for procurement leads across the business to share good practice, and a restructured and resourced Group Procurement function.

    • Watercare (Winner)

      EY - WatercareWatercare is undertaking a strategic transformation programme (STP) , including the establishment of a new operating model which places our customers at the centre of everything we do, ultimately to deliver on our vision of being ‘trusted by our communities for exceptional performance every day’. The Watercare procurement team have been leaders in this transformation, adopting an agile approach to the procurement of the STP partner and driving a shift within culture and practice in the procurement function and being a role model to the rest of the organisation. Watercare procurement teamed with senior leadership, programme executives and sponsors to follow a design-thinking approach to the future of Watercare and communicated this shift in thinking to both stakeholders and suppliers though the STP procurement process. The Procurement team led the uptake of agile methods across the business, having the organisation's first Product owner and 'Scrum master', and leading in rollout of retrospective learning sessions and executive showcases. The cultural shift towards agility has manifested itself across processes marked by high levels of engagement, collaboration and innovation with both internal stakeholders and suppliers resulting in an increased velocity of delivery and significant benefits from negotiations with selected suppliers.

  • Sustainability Project of the Year

    This award celebrates those who have demonstrated strategic success in any of the areas of sustainability. This could be a Corporate Social Responsibility, economic or environmental initiative which has delivered value to their organisation. This may not necessarily be monetary; we are looking for those procurement individuals and teams who have owned and driven a successful sustainability initiative to ensure their companies operational life improves or they minimise potential harmful impacts to individuals, their companies, their communities and potentially the wider world.

    • Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

      EY - Ministry of Business, Innovation and EmploymentThe New Zealand Government Procurement and Property All-of-Government Vehicles team developed a joint secondary procurement process including cross-government agencies and private sector organisations to procure electric vehicles and encourage the uptake of electric vehicles in New Zealand. NZGPP invited 155 agencies and 140 private sector organisations to participate in a the secondary procurement process through a partnership with the Sustainable Business Network and the Sustainable Business Council. Seventeen participants engaged in the secondary procurement process, and amongst those that were unable to participate this time the feedback indicated that this had jump-started the conversations about using electric vehicles and built momentum for their further uptake in New Zealand.

    • New Zealand Post (Winner)

      EY - New Zealand PostNew Zealand Post committed to a social procurement approach in Sept-2017 built around spending the same dollar twice for the benefit of New Zealand. They are pursuing this across three initiatives; building social procurement into the business, implementing social procurement, and leading in the marketplace. New Zealand Post has committed to contractually engaging with at least three Social Enterprise by Sept-2018 and using its discretionary spend encourage market growth. They are also supporting the development of an online marketplace for social enterprises, utilising a fair trade garment supplier, and investigating several opportunities to engage with social enterprises for logistics, facilities and recycling services.

    • Spark NZ

      EY - Spark sustainability teamSpark developed a Code of Conduct for suppliers to support a sustainable and ethical supply chain as part of it's commitment to the FTSE4Good Index. The Code uses a custom, cloud based tool and has been rolled out across all strategic suppliers. Deploying the Code has had the added benefit of initiating discussions with suppliers about ethical supply chain practices. Ongoing monitoring and enforcement practices are being developed, with contract templates now modified so new suppliers will by default be expected to follow the Code.

The New Zealand Procurement Excellence Awards were established to raise the profile and awareness of procurement across both private and public sectors, and to celebrate the contribution that good procurement practice, teams and individuals are making towards New Zealand’s economic success.

Congratulations to all our 2018 winners and finalists who demonstrated outstanding achievements in the field of procurement.