Total value reporting

Measuring progress against your organisation's kaupapa

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The Māori economy is changing and ways of measuring and reporting value must evolve to better articulate the total value Māori organisations create for their people and wider kaupapa.

Governors of tribal organisations across the motu have often expressed their frustrations about the lack of reliable tools to help them (and their management) drive towards the kaupapa that really matter to their people (especially for those organisations that are performing well financially).

Total value reporting (also known as sustainability or quadruple bottom line reporting) is a way to better measure and communicate how organisational activities are delivering value to Māori and broader communities.

Tahi and EY’s Sustainability Services team can work with Māori organisations to articulate the kaupapa or outcomes being pursued, and establish robust metrics to measure progress towards these outcomes. Our team draws on experience in leading methodologies for outcomes measurement, such as Social Return on Investment, and brings cultural understanding to ensure the metrics developed will truly reflect the kaupapa of the organisation and its people.

EY - The total value you create for your people

Our method outlines four steps:

  • Identify your kaupapa
  • Map how you create positive change
  • Enable timely progress reporting
  • External reporting to owners

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