EY - Explore the #FutureOfWork

Explore the #FutureOfWork

Entire industries are being disrupted. Discover how those with an analytical, global and innovation mindset will thrive in the future of work.

EY - Future of Work

We are living in an era of unprecedented change, which creates limitless opportunity. Watch how a career at EY can help you build the skills and mindsets to succeed in the Transformative age.

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Life at SGV

Life at SGV/EY
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Every experience shapes your future

Talk to anyone at SGV and they’ll tell you what a rewarding place it is to work. As you collaborate with colleagues in our high-performing teams, you gain exposure to some of the most demanding and stimulating challenges in the business world.

Every experience and insight is something you can take with you as your career progresses. In fact, we believe that it genuinely lasts a lifetime. 

We attract individuals from different backgrounds and cultures who — like you — bring a unique point of view and unique business skills. You’ll work with great people and will be exposed to a range of alternative perspectives.

Everyone’s opinion is valued. After all, diversity of thought and ideas enables us to provide better services to our clients. In return for your input and ideas, we’re committed to giving you the experiences you need to progress and develop as well as the learning and coaching to help you to excel. 

For us, it’s vital you share our goals — so we can work together to achieve success.

Drawing on everyone’s strengths

Diverse viewpoints lead to better answers. And the global workforce is becoming ever-more diverse.

A career at SGV is not limited by location or opportunity. True opportunity means working with people in different industries and different cultures from around the world. We don’t put you in a box. Instead, we find the opportunities and challenges that best suit your talents and empower your career.

As an organization with a presence worldwide, we encourage respect, integrity and teamwork. You’ll be encouraged to think in global terms, build strong relationships and embrace diversity in all its forms. By valuing the differences in those you work alongside with you’ll find that you improve your perspective and, ultimately, provide better answers for your clients and communities.

Helping you go further

At SGV, you’ll be given the experiences, training and coaching you need to succeed. Many of the soft-skills we teach are designed to create a global mindset and address the importance of diversity and inclusiveness.


We’ll work together to help ensure your career takes you in a direction where you’ll be able to reach your goals. Our Counselling@SGV initiative will support your career discussions and development by focusing on three key counselling behaviors

  • Counsellors will be generous with their time and experience
  • Counsellors will understand the motivations and aspirations of their counselees
  • Counsellors will regularly have honest and authentic conversations with their counselees

This drives genuine career guidance and authentic feedback, and is supported by recognition, training and support networks. You’ll be inspired to achieve your goals, both professionally and personally, while making a difference to our clients and in our communities.

We’ll involve you in our business – and in the wider community

At SGV we have a strong commitment to involvement and teamwork. It’s important you feel part of our wider organization and feel at first hand the powerful impact we’re able to have on businesses and communities.

This sense of involvement stretches a long way beyond the formal work you’ll add to your CV or résumé. It’s about the bonds that you form with your colleagues, the support you give to our corporate responsibility activities and the way you contribute to our ongoing discussions within the organization.

Building better

The role of business is changing. It is now widely accepted that business has to do more than make a profit. It also must drive social and environmental change.

The SGV Foundation

In 1966, on SGV’s 20th year, Washington SyCip, together with co-founder Alfredo M. Velayo and partners Cesar E. A. Virata, Benjamin V. Abela, and Erlinda T. Villanueva, established the SGV Foundation, Inc.

W. SyCip relates in his biography that he wanted to develop social consciousness among his partners, to show their concern for the country and the community. With their good income, he made them contribute to the SGV Foundation. He set the example himself by contributing larger than anyone else. Since then, it has become a welcome practice for SGV and its partners to contribute part of their annual earnings to the Foundation. SGV and its people, too, have made the Foundation the channel of their social responsibility undertakings.

In adherence to its primary purposes, the Foundation for the last 45 years has encouraged the promotion of the industrial, business and management sciences through financial assistance and support, grants, scholarships, and research. Learning institutions, entrepreneurs, researchers, students and educators have been main beneficiaries of these efforts.

In addition, the Foundation has undertaken projects relating to social, moral and economic development of communities and families with the end in view of promoting the general welfare of society.

Today, the Foundation also partners with other foundations in various projects that are aligned with its goals and objectives.

The Foundation is accredited with the Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC) as a qualified donor-institution recognized by the Bureau of Internal Revenue. It is a member of the League of Corporate Foundations and Association of Foundations.

The SGV Alumni Center

The SGV Alumni Center, which includes the SGV Store, was created to serve the needs and maintain contact with the thousands of professionals who have called SGV home over the last 70 years. Our alumni are an integral part of SGV’s legacy and history.

In exchange for meeting challenges and consistently high performance, you deserve to be rewarded for your contribution to SGV’s success.

You'll have access to a great range of benefits including:

  • Competitive Salary Package and Health Benefits
  • Opportunity to work overseas through cross-border teaming or Mobility Programs
  • Flexibility to transfer from one Service Line to another
  • Lifelong learning through extensive training here and abroad