• EY Conversation with Citibank

    Amol Gupte, Head of ASEAN and CEO of Citi Singapore on the impact and implications of the Belt Road Initiative (BRI) on business and governments in ASEAN.

  • Banking and capital markets focused on M&A for growth

    Our Global Capital Confidence Barometer shows solid first quarter of dealmaking with 45% of BCM executives surveyed expecting to pursue acquisitions in the next 12 months.

  • EY Investor Summit 2018

    The Singapore FinTech Festival 2018 and Investor Summit bring together the best in innovations, giving investors an opportunity to be connected to talented ASEAN start-ups.

  • Financial Services Briefing

    Insights from our financial services network.

  • Financial Services Divestment Study 2018

    Financial services companies refocus their business portfolios to address emerging technologies and digital transformation.

  • ASEAN FinTech Census 2018

    One of the key challenges for ASEAN FinTech ecosystems has been the absence of a clear understanding of the constituents and their respective needs.

  • ASEAN SMEs: Are you transforming for the future?

    Continuous transformation of the Asean SMEs is essential to ensure a vibrant, successful sector that can drive regional growth, innovation, economic and social progression.

  • US tax reform: key provisions and their impacts

    Financial services groups with a US presence will need to review the impact of the US reform on their financial reporting and operations. Learn more.

  • Global regulatory outlook 2018

    Implementing Basel III, keeping pace with technology and responding to challenges posed by disruptors to traditional banking models - banks face big challenges in 2018.

Financial Services

Guiding an industry in transition

Amid significant global regulatory reform, banks and securities firms are faced with numerous challenges and sweeping changes. How should banks' operating models evolve? Where are the greatest opportunities for growth? What is the most effective way to raise and manage capital?

These are some of the questions banks are wrestling with as they seek to comply with new regulations while meeting the expectations of customers and shareholders for service, transparency and return-on-investment.

We provide guidance in these key areas:

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Tax incentives in Asia-Pacific

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Improving bank risk identification

Bill Schlich, our Global Leader for Banking & Capital Markets

Bill Schlich discusses the challenges banks face when dealing with vast amounts of data.

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