• Getting real about resilience

    Results and recommendations from a joint EY/100RC study on how cities can build resilience thinking into their infrastructure projects.

  • Citizen Today: July 2017

    Are governments tracking how public money is spent, as well as how much? Learn more in the latest Citizen Today.

  • Beyond disruption to new innovation

    Entrepreneurship is susceptible to digital disruption, and policy must adapt to give young entrepreneurs effective support to grow and scale.

  • Risk and reward

    When it comes to dealing with the impacts of climate change on infrastructure, business-as-usual is no longer an option.

  • About EY’s Global Government & Public Sector

    How to build a world that works better for citizens and government.

  • Talent acquisition for a government of the future

    The “government of the future” requires the right talent in middle and upper management to drive effective decision-making and new service delivery models.

  • Citizen Today: April 2016

    The latest edition of Citizen Today is out now. The magazine explores how governments can create lasting legacies in an ever more unpredictable world. To access the content, and download the latest print edition, visit our new Citizen Today website.

  • Citizen Today: December 2015

    The pace of change offers great opportunity for progress. In this issue, we explore how governments can change in order to meet today's big challenges.

  • Citizen Today: August 2015

    The edition looks at how Detroit recovered from bankruptcy, the role of small businesses in India, the re-emergence of public-private partnerships and more.

Government & Public Sector

Government in transformation

Policy-makers are operating in a rapidly-changing world. Shifting demographics, urbanization and climate change are just a few of the long-term and systemic trends reshaping 21st century government.

And with finances tight, growth stalling and unemployment high, the legacy of the financial crisis continues to play out across borders.

Our Government & Public Sector practice aims to be the preferred partner in driving transformational change for governments around the world. In countries large and small, developed and emerging, we understand the issues and can provide you services that will have lasting impact.

  • Future cities

    Cities are complex ecosystems of people, business and buildings, and infrastructure binds them together. Understanding the elements that make up a smart and resilient city is key in helping governments shape their priorities and investments. Successful cities consider both the physical and social elements of a city system, and how these co-exist and interact.

    EY’s future cities approach combines experience from multiple industries and disciplines and is built around four driving principles of resilience, citizens, collaboration and technology.

    Read more about Future cities

    EY - Digital government

    Digital government

    Increasing technology adoption presents an opportunity for governments to pursue an e-agenda to increase efficiencies, cut costs and improve the quality of public services.

    Read more about Digital government

    EY - Future of work

    Future of work

    The future of work challenges governments to upskill their workforce for more complex jobs, while robotics and AI replace manual tasks.

    Read more about Future of work

    EY - Urban development

    Urban development

    Growing urbanization presents challenges and opportunities for governments to provide more effective urban solutions in housing, facilities management, transit-oriented development and digitization.

    Read more about Urban development

    EY - Transportation and infrastructure

    Transportation and infrastructure

    Approximately 75% of infrastructure required by 2050 does not exist today. How can governments integrate new projects with current infrastructure to meet future urban needs?

    Read more about Transportation and infrastructure

    EY - Future of mobility

    Future of mobility

    The confluence of technology and urban trends is transforming transportation into an increasingly environment-friendly, automated and seamless activity.

    Read more about Future of mobility

    EY - Smart health care

    Smart health care

    The health sector is undergoing a fundamental transformation, driven by aging populations globally, demand for quality health care and the prevalence of lifestyle diseases.

    Read more about Smart health care

  • Public financial management

    At EY, we have a globally connected network of experienced, multidisciplinary professionals who are working with governments and public sector organizations around the world to address complex problems and achieve leading practice in Public Financial Management (PFM).

    Our 500 PFM professionals worldwide support government efforts to apply clear, consistent and transparent policies, controls and procedures.

    Read more about our PFM capabilities

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