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Do your people give you a competitive advantage?

People Advisory Services

On top of existing pressures to cut costs, build stakeholder confidence, expand market reach and improve operational agility, every organization wants to know how to gain a competitive advantage through its people — the right people with the right capability, in the right place at the right time, for the right cost, doing the right things.

For EY Advisory, a better working world means helping to solve big, complex industry issues and capitalizing on opportunities to help clients grow, optimize and protect their businesses. Looking at people as part of an integrated business strategy, organizations are able to gain a competitive people advantage. We team globally to help you advance your organization and, as a result, strengthen both the value of your workforce and your people’s roles and careers. Truly successful transformations only occur when the desired skills, mindsets and behavioral and cultural change are second nature to everyone in your organization.

We have shaped a global ecosystem of consultants and external professionals. The resulting culture of collaboration and shared innovation can provide you with a network of insights and thinking. All to help you design better outcomes and deliver long-lasting results.

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How do you reduce risk and change your culture?

We helped a global bank work better by helping to create a customized approach that established a foundation of change management for a risk integration program and provided it with the tools to implement future change management programs.


How does a company help its people “dig in” when faced with a carve-out?

We helped a global pharmaceutical company work better by helping to align its finance leadership team and accelerate it's readiness for a successful carve-out of a global business unit.


How do you attract and keep the right talent?

We helped a banking client work better by helping it redesign its career path strategy to strengthen development opportunities for employees and build the capacity to attract, retain and motivate the right people with the right skills.


How do you know if your next leader is competent?

We helped an infrastructure client work better by helping to develop a robust competency leadership model and succession plan that align global benchmarks and the organization's values.


How do you prepare health professionals for change?

We helped a global pharmaceutical company work better by helping prepare its employees for HR transformation, enabling the client to operate a more efficient organization.


Will playing games help prevent an accident?

We helped a client work better by helping to introduce gamification to motivate mass behavior change and create a preventative safety culture.


How do you find the right fit when the measurements change?

We helped a financial services client work better by helping to develop a human capital assessment model that enabled it to fit leaders with the right capabilities to roles in a new strategy and operating model.


How do you define “fit for purpose” when it comes to IT transformation?

We helped a banking client work better by assisting it with program management of a complex IT transformation, which optimized internal resources, reduced costs and minimized IT operational risk.


What happens when the business and technology don't connect?

We helped a retail client work better by helping to implement a change management program that focused on business benefits and enabled the client to get buy-in to a leading-edge information transformation program, which improved efficiency and lowered costs.


When you call “all aboard,” will your people hop on the train?

We helped a transportation client work better by helping to integrate process, people and technology changes for thousands of staff as part of a large-scale transformation project.


How do you reorganize and keep top talent?

We helped a life sciences client work better by recommending a change management program to transition and retain top talent when the company chose to carve out a business unit following an acquisition.


With thousands of people and hundreds of countries involved, how do you keep everyone informed?

We helped a client work better by assisting with transition management and a complex integrated communications plan that prepared the workforce for change following a sell-side carve-out.


How do you power a customer center transformation?

We helped a utilities client work better by helping to implement a customer-centric culture and approach as it undertook a transformation program to simultaneously reengineer its gas distribution processes, systems and operating culture, in advance of a full-scale rollout to its other international businesses.


How do you maintain a united front when your defenses are under attack?

We helped a government defense department work better by helping it establish a project management office to help the client implement a program to retain defense members for longer and deliver higher levels of assured workforce capability.


Can an HR function be affordable, effective and agile?

We helped a mining client work better by helping it build a new HR delivery model that aligned to the business, saved money and improved competitive advantage.


When a company goes global, can HR follow?

We helped an insurance client work better by building a business case for shared services, helping it standardize processes and consolidate systems, as part of an HR transformation that aligned with its globalization agenda, operationally and culturally.


Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

We helped a client work better by helping it change entrenched patterns of behavior and create a stakeholder management program that got everyone on board with an anticipated finance transformation.


What happens when technology doesn't grow with the organization?

We helped a client work better by creating an operational framework and governance model for change that reduced costs and gained stakeholder support for the organization's finance IT transformation.


How do you attract first-class graduates?

We helped design and deploy a Graduate Mobility policy and programme to enable a FTSE 25 company to provide International Mobility experience to the Top 5% of its Graduate programme. Graduates undertook a series of 12-month assignments to accelerate experience and reward for high performance.


How do you make your business transaction smooth for your employees?

We supported a FTSE 100 company through one of the pharmaceutical industry's largest joint ventures. Our support included the review of the tax, social security and immigration compliance implications of the deal to support Day 1 compliance for individuals transferring between entities.


How do you admit to a mistake?

We helped a large FTSE 100 company understand that it had a large underpayment of tax, we quantified this and then guided them through the negotiations with HMRC, leading to a very favourable settlement.


Do you know where your employees are?

We have developed and implemented a web-based system to help organizations track their international short-term business travellers in real time and monitor the possible income tax, payroll and permanent establishment exposure that travel may create. This can give the company ample time to either initiate planning to keep a cross-border worker from exceeding a compliance threshold in a certain location or to implement compliance measures before the situation escalates. The system generates alerts well in advance of any potential individual and/or corporate tax exposure that your employee's trip may create.


How do you 'share' your success with your employees?

We assist companies with the implementation and management of their share plans, global compliance and realization of tax efficiencies. We also work with companies to create an effective communication plan to motivate employees and enhance the positive impact of the awards.


How do you track and tax equity in different jurisdictions?

We help clients who have awarded long term incentive remuneration to individuals who have worked in more than one country. We pull data from a variety of sources including legislation, tax treaties and personal mobility data in order to provide accurate tax withholding calculations within the tight deadlines that clients require.

  • Why we exist

    At EY, our purpose is to build a better working world for our clients, our people and our communities. We strive to help create a legacy of improved business performance, confidence and trust.

  • How we do it

    We team globally to create more innovative answers for our clients. The unique collaboration between EY consultants and our clients results in better working businesses.

    The true value we bring you is our ability to unite a huge range of skills and knowledge derived from experience and leading practices across sectors, cultures and countries.

  • What we do

    We help solve big, complex issues and capitalize on opportunities to help our clients grow, optimize and protect their businesses now and in the future.

    Your needs change in line with how your business model is changing. By looking at people as part of an integrated business strategy, we help you gain a competitive people advantage, ane we connect the work EY does in other areas such as supply chain, technology, finance or tax to help make your business objectives a human reality.

    Our global ecosystem of consultants and industry professionals includes subject-matter resources in: Performance,Talent, Systems, Reward, Mobility and Analytics —all with a shared sense of purpose and values. The diversity of our talent, global connectivity and collaborative philosophy means we're inspired to ask better questions to help organizations design better outcomes, deliver long-lasting results and achieve a competitive advantage.

How we can help

Our offerings cover six different HR-relevant categories providing flexibility for our clients defining and executing a people agenda on an integrated or a stand-alone basis. We leave a legacy of embedded capability, to address the issues of today and tomorrow.

We provide end-to-end services that are differentiated for sector, geographical and cultural requirements. Our business alliances allow us to bring our clients leading edge thinking and solutions to help solve their problems.

We bring to engagements a vast bank of knowledge, experience and IP that we’ve developed across sectors, countries and cultures combined with proven methods and tools.


We can help you effectively manage change and your organizational design. We provide insights on the design of HR operating models, improvement of HR process efficiency, management people risk and effective integration of transactions.


We help you develop data-supported workforce strategies and employee value propositions. We help you manage talent, address people risk, develop capability at all levels, and focus on organizational development activities, including culture change.


We support your evolving HR technical strategies, integrate and support appropriate and HR information systems/software, which in turn support your broader business initiatives.


We help you enhance your remuneration, benefit and incentive approaches and their compliance with tax requirements.


We support you in all aspects of your mobility programs. We are developing integrated offerings that span strategy through to regulatory compliance.

Analytics and insight

We make use of advanced analytics to help you gain a “people advantage” by setting and comparing metrics, supporting sophisticated reporting, and addressing workforce costs and HR processes.


“The impact of the project extends well beyond finance and technology. It has given our organization a model for change management that we will use as we continue to expand our business within the US and around the world.”
— Client’s Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
One of the world’s largest mutual fund and financial organizations

Who we are

We are a diverse team of 10,000 consultants and industry professionals with a global mindset and a collaborative culture.

We include engineers, psychologists, PhDs and Masters, lawyers and chemists.

We work hard to understand our clients' issues and are driven to ask better questions in the pursuit of helping them make their businesses work better.

Questions like:

  • Who are the people that are key to overall performance in your organization?
  • What methodology can predict what your People Advisory Services strategy should be in five years’ time?
  • How do you get the best people in the right place, behaving in the right way, for the right cost?
  • How do you make sure that your HR-related technical strategy leads into an appropriate information system which supports broader business initiatives?
  • How do you develop a relevant and flexible tax-compliant remuneration for your company?
  • How do you drive mobility programs throughout your organization?
  • How do you gain “people advantages” by setting and comparing metrics, supporting sophisticated reporting and addressing workforce costs and HR processes?

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