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A million possibilities

EY is expanding its offer of consultancy services by acquiring MillionYou, leader of the crowdsourcing market in Poland.

Clients will receive a new, groundbreaking communication tool for contacts with the world outside as well as within their organization. With these innovative methods, further dynamic development is practically unlimited. The EY crowdsourcing offer is addressed to companies, organizations, and self-governing units interested in replacing the traditional project implementation approach with direct involvement of stakeholders, both clients and employees. The aim is to create new quality of service through dialogue, opinion-sharing, and the co-creation of ideas.

MillionYou is the longest operating and most experienced crowdsourcing agency in Poland, offering a portfolio of open innovation and smart city services. It has successfully completed more than 100 projects for the public sector, international brands, and Polish companies. MillionYou uses proprietary crowdsourcing platforms wherever new ideas and comprehensive feedback can impact decision-making in business. It brings together creative talent and leading brands to generate innovative solutions, co-create content, and engage both consumers and citizens in non-standard campaigns.

Gartner predicts that 75%of high-performing enterprises will use crowdsourcing in some form by 2018.
Predicts 2015: Sourcing Strategies Shift From ‘Built to Last’ to ‘Built to Adapt’, Gartner

Age of Open Innovation

The trend worldwide is to use the global Internet network to reach the unlimited collective potential of innovation and human intelligence. Crowdsourcing, based on the MillionYou platform, offers solutions of this type, which can be implemented in all sectors of the economy.

Crowdsourcing services are applicable in many sectors



EY - Bankowość i ubezpieczenia

Banking and insurance

EY - Infrastruktura,transporti nieruchomości

Infrastructure, transport, and real estate

EY - Techologie,media,telekomunikacja

New technologies, media, telecommunications

EY - Sektorfarmaceutycznyi ochrony zdrowia

Pharmaceuticals and healthcare

EY - Sektorenergetyczny

Energy sector

EY - Sektorpubliczny

Public sector

EY - Sektor publiczny

Crowdsourcing opportunities

EY - Platforma MillionYou daje nieograniczone możliwości
EY - Platforma MillionYou daje nieograniczone możliwości

Dedicated expert networks

EY - Platforma MillionYou daje nieograniczone możliwości

Cooperation with consumers

EY - Platforma MillionYou daje nieograniczone możliwości

Talent search

EY - Platforma MillionYou daje nieograniczone możliwości

User-generated video content for brands

EY - Platforma MillionYou daje nieograniczone możliwości

Public participation platforms for citizens

EY - Platforma MillionYou daje nieograniczone możliwości

Engagement of employees in innovation

EY - Platforma MillionYou daje nieograniczone możliwości

Engaging stakeholders in CSR activities

EY - Jacek Kędzior

“EY has long helped clients meet new challenges. Now it will be able to offer an extra tool for collecting unique information from a given organization's environment, leading to even more pertinent recommendations concerning strategy and course of action.”

Jacek Kędzior
Country Managing Partner, EY Poland

EY - Jan Kasprzycki-Rosikoń

“Crowdsourcing and open innovation increase the client's chances for breakthrough solutions; they also build relations with consumers, employees, and partners, and make use of the organization's potential, know-how, and capital.”

Jan Kasprzycki-Rosikoń
MillionYou Co-founder, EY Crowdsourcing Director

EY - Bartosz Niedźwiedzki

“Many companies still fail to see the benefits of crowdsourcing. Being able to collect and analyze extensive sets of important data directly from clients, employees, and suppliers opens the way to experiments with identifying small ideas that, once implemented, generate meaningful innovation and translate into greater effectiveness or reduced operating costs.”

Bartosz Niedźwiedzki
Innovation Management Group

EY -

“We are combining EY consultants' thorough knowledge of individual sectors and years of experience in transformation projects with MillionYou’s new form of communication and identification of responses from a given company's environment. Crowdsourcing services will make the EY offer even more comprehensive, enabling us to take an increasingly active role in the process of generating key innovations.”

Krzysztof Pigłowski
Partner, Business Advisory

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EY - Jan Kasprzycki-Rosikoń

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EY - Eliza Skotnicka

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