About EY EAT

  • EY Economic Analysis Team (EY EAT) is a unique team in the consulting industry that consists of leading experts in the socioeconomic analyses with experience acquired not only in the private sector, but also in the central bank and Ministry of Finance.
  • Many of EY EAT members are active at academia, developing knowledge of analytical tools that EY EAT later applies in projects for its Clients.
  • Basing on own experience and deep understanding of the theory of economics, EY EAT uses advanced econometric techniques and economic modeling to deliver quantitative model-based solutions to real business challenges.
  • EY EAT has great experience in developing own methodological solutions. Its modelling approach is flexible and is subject to continuous development.
  • Within EY EAT there are additional units distinguished, specializing in specific areas, such as shadow economy analysis.

Our services

  • EY EAT supports the Clients in a qualitative assessment as well as quantitative measurement of interdependencies between their business activity, regulatory environment and the whole economy. In particular EY EAT:

    assesses the impact of an enterprise, investment project or an industry on national and local economy

    analyses the impact of regulatory changes on the Client’s business

    estimates and recommends how to fight shadow economy in particular sectors and in the whole economy

    analyses the factors driving demand for particular products

  • High quality and complexity of EY EAT analyses greatly facilitate communication process with Client’s stakeholders.
  • Since the establishment in 2008, EY EAT has conducted hundreds of projects for clients from various sectors of the economy, incl. energy, mining, metals, construction, retail, food, drinks, tobacco, health care, tourism, financial services, entertainment and many others.
  • EY EAT has developed competence in a wide range of areas and is flexible to explore new challenges related to economic modelling.


Business contact:
Marek Rozkrut
Partner, Chief Economist of EY Poland
phone: +48 22 557 8347
e-mail: Marek.Rozkrut@pl.ey.com
Our address:
Economic Analysis Team
EY Poland
Rondo ONZ 1
00-124 Warszawa