EY-Parthenon recruiting for the Netherlands office

Netherlands office overview

On the 1st of September, the Netherlands office proudly joined EY-Parthenon. Led by Senior Managing Director Pieter Witteveen, this location in Rotterdam is notable for its entrepreneurial environment. Along with the six other partners in the office including Irvin Faneyte, Max Groeneveld, Bram Kuijpers, Dirk Rens, Marc van der Goot, and Teun van der Zijden, a transition was made from OC&C Netherlands to EY-Parthenon.

EY-Parthenon is a global operating strategy consultancy with 40+ offices worldwide in 22 countries with 1,500 professionals. With our no-nonsense mindset and short strategic projects, being part of EY-Parthenon offers unique career opportunities and possibilities in terms of growth and international experience. Globally, EY-Parthenon is known for operating in a wide set of industries. Locally, our focus is in the below sectors:

  • Private Equity
  • Consumer Products and Retail
  • B2B services
  • Technology and Media
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Travel and Leisure

Our EY-Parthenon Netherlands office seeks outstanding candidates with strong analytical skills and a passion for applying them to real world problems. Successful candidates demonstrate intellectual curiosity, self-confidence, and entrepreneurship. They will also have a desire to contribute fully to shaping the organization's future.

The Netherlands team is a member of EY-Parthenon B.V.

Working at EY-Parthenon Netherlands

The work we do

We have more than 25 years of experience with questioning the status quo for our clients and jointly developing strategies that are focused on reaching the client's potential. We bring multi-sector experience and have built in-depth focus in our core sectors. In addition, we deploy the specialized competences of our network in areas such as digitalization and analytics.

We work to deliver individually customized solutions for the client, underpinned by high analytical standards. We team up with our clients with determination and commitment, because we know that solutions are created together. We combine business know-how with a focus on implementation. We do not just design changes, but support their realization.

Our teams embody these values in their daily interactions: smart minds and dedicated team players who are fully committed.

Samples of some frequent client questions our casework addresses are:

  • Are our expectations for market growth in industry X over the next five years correct?
  • How can we gain market share in our market segment?
  • Have we properly defined our market segment? Based on that answer, who is our real competition?
  • How can we get the most out of organic growth in our company? How can we grow through acquisition? Who should we target?

Leadership opportunities

To supplement the traditional case team role, EY-Parthenon provides numerous opportunities for associates to participate in internal initiatives that support the business objectives of the practice. In these roles, you will influence the direction and success of these initiatives, resulting in meaningful and lasting impact for the practice. Examples of the types of extracurricular activities you may be involved with are:

  • On-campus recruiting
  • New associate/consultant training
  • Alumni relations
  • Mentoring
  • Thought leadership generation
  • New practice support

The culture we foster


We are challengers. What that means to us: analytical focus, creativity, and non-standard, pragmatic and readily applicable solutions.


We are a strong partner for our clients – empathic, honest and open. Our successes are shared successes.


We deliver real change to critically examine conventions and unlock potential. Pursuing the actionable solutions comes first for us, instead of settling for the first that comes to mind.

Career path


As an Associate, you are part of a project team right from the start. You will be assigned responsibility within your team for subtasks, which you will work on independently, contributing to generating solutions.

Naturally, the project team will assist you and train you "on-the-job." Additionally, you will be schooled and stimulated by regular training from the start.


Consultants contribute by analyzing problems and developing solutions. Your tasks, which you work on and drive forward autonomously, are more wide-ranging; you have more freedom and more responsibility.

As a Consultant, you increasingly support the Manager by managing subtasks within the project. Direct contact with clients, presenting and discussing results and making recommendations are an integral part of your day-to-day work. Your progress and supervision are based on close guidance by experienced colleagues on the project team and by training provided by internal and external professionals.

You will increasingly take on more responsibility within the team and develop solutions autonomously. Your goal is to be promoted to the rank of Manager.


As a Manager you are responsible for an entire project, with regard to content in terms of creating solutions and to the team. The challenges are wide-ranging. You are a competent focal point for the client. You understand the specific basic situations, are able to structure your activities clearly and develop excellent solutions. The Partners can depend on you and your flawless project management.

You not only develop excellent solutions for clients jointly with your team members, but stimulate and train them as well. As a Manager, you extend your individual capabilities and competences progressively and are involved in sector-specific themes in our Practice Groups. In addition to the project work, your development is also advanced by regular training, including international training. Our objective is to get you ready for the next step in your career – progressing to the role of Vice President – within around two years.

Vice President

Vice President is the final career step before your appointment as Partner. Your duties now extend beyond those of a Manager. You build up client relationships on your own and are to an even greater extent a focal point for your clients – and not just during ongoing projects. You remain an "all-rounder" as a strategy consultant and increasingly extend your expert knowledge at a functional or sectoral level.

You stand out by virtue of your personal profile and character, providing strong leadership, as well as by your specialized professional competences. Internally, you act as mentor and support project teams and partners. Externally, you help to drive forward the development of our concepts and competences and leverage them in client relationships and project acquisitions. In your two to four years as Vice President, you engage increasingly in Practice Groups, including at an international level, and develop towards a position as Partner.


Following two to four successful years as Vice President, your appointment as Partner is the next milestone to be targeted. Partners are responsible for project acquisition and long-term client support and advance the practice's development at all levels. First and foremost, Partners are and continue to be valued and experienced consultants, particularly in their core competence sectors and fields of focus. They support our clients at management and executive board levels in their pursuit of growth, competitive advantage and success.

As Partner, you are jointly responsible for advancing the development and growth of EY-Parthenon. Rising to the Partner rank is the final step in your career, but in our view this does not mean that your personal development comes to a standstill. As consultant, "coach" and entrepreneur, you are continually challenged to step up and you have extensive scope to organize the way you do so.

Entry levels

Internship opportunities

At EY-Parthenon Netherlands, we offer two types of internships: an associate internship and a research internship.

Are you one of the best in your year? Do you want to transform your excellent academic performance, business sense and curiosity into added value for clients? If so, immerse yourself in the world of EY-Parthenon for eight to 12 weeks. As an associate intern, you will be a full-fledged member of one of our project teams. Just like other team members, you will assume responsibility for your duties and you will have the opportunity to get to know the Rotterdam team, and the team will get to know you. Based on your performance, you may be offered a full-time position.

Interested in an internship as a research intern? During this four to six month internship, we offer an opportunity to gain substantial experience within our Rotterdam office. As a research intern, you will support multiple project teams at the same time through providing research to help them assess clients question thoroughly. You have full responsibility over the research activities within our office and you will be instructed on analytical and communicative skills. This internship offers an opportunity to get to know the office’s culture, people, and project portfolio better.

Graduate positions

You have achieved the requisite excellent academic performance to join us as an Associate. You are highly motivated and enjoy finding answers to questions. You carry yourself with confidence, but not arrogance, and work on solutions in a team and with the client, using your outstanding people- and communication skills.

Your academic specialization is not of importance to us. On the contrary, the people working for us have not always studied business or economics, but, for instance, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine (medical technology), engineering, political science, law or mathematics. This creates a versatility that we greatly appreciate in finding creative solutions. In any case, individuality is not a stumbling block for us, but highly welcomed. What matters to us is that you have personality and relentless energy.

Experienced hires

Have you already acquired professional experience at another consultancy or in a relevant strategic corporate position? If so, contribute your know-how, your capabilities and your sector knowledge to our practice. Entry is possible at all levels and depends entirely on your capabilities.

FAQs/Application and interview information

What educational background is EY-Parthenon Netherlands looking for?

We do not recruit from specific universities and/or educational programs. What we are looking for are motivated, enthusiastic and talented people who combine excellent analytical skills with the ability to communicate clearly and succinctly, and a strong personality, capable of original and creative thinking and problem-solving.

Are grammar school (VWO) grades a critical selection criterion?

School grades are one of the things we look at. Equally important are university grades, work experience (if any, both domestically and internationally as the case may be), extra-curricular activities and your motivation. The combination of these factors determines whether we will invite you for the first interview round.

Is Dutch mandatory at the Netherlands office?

Yes, at our Netherlands office speaking, writing and understanding our local language is required to help our clients reach their full potential. No worries, non-native speakers have the opportunity to join one of the other global EY-Parthenon offices.

What can I expect when I start working at EY-Parthenon?

From your first day at EY-Parthenon, we will staff you directly on projects, where you'll be making a significant contribution straightaway. There will be ample opportunity for on-the-job learning. In addition, you will regularly receive formal training.

Will I be expected to specialize in a specific sector?

No. We aim to staff our consultants on as wide a variety of projects as possible, to maximize the learning opportunity for you. In later stages of your career at EY-Parthenon, you are expected to start specializing in specific sectors and/or project types.

Other than work, what activities do you organize at your office?

We like to spend time with our colleagues outside working hours as well. Apart from Friday afternoon drinks, we participate in various sports events, such as the EY-Parthenon Ringvaart Regatta (rowing) and the Rotterdam Marathon. Most of these events are initiated by individuals. We applaud personal initiative! Also, we take time out several times a year to get to know each other more informally during events like our Summer Retreat and International Training Events, where colleagues from international offices meet.

What is the work-life balance like?

Consulting is not a 9 to 5 occupation. The pace of our projects is driven by our clients' needs and our motivation to deliver outstanding results. Therefore, the workload can be hefty at times. More importantly, it is hard to sketch a typical working week or even put a number of hours on it. It just varies. That being said, we believe that a healthy balance between professional and personal time boosts our performance and joy in life. We don't believe in 'face time,' so if you finish early or happen not to be staffed, there is no one holding you at the office. We believe in watching out for one another, but also in individual responsibility and dialogue in managing the balance.

What are my career opportunities after EY-Parthenon?

EY-Parthenon alumni have moved on to make their careers in many different professional and business contexts. Some take on management positions with companies and organizations in a wide variety of industries or not-for-profit sectors. These companies can be (former) clients e.g. in retail, FMCG or transportation, but also other leading enterprises in their respective fields. Others take our entrepreneurial spirit to the next level and start their own businesses: we've had our share of internet / new media managers, business-to-business and services initiatives, but for instance also an impresario and several high tech and ICT entrepreneurs. Given our leading M&A and private equity practice, it won't come as a surprise that quite a few of us eventually move into investment banking or join private equity firms. And yet others opt for academic careers, upping the ante on our intellectual prowess. Perhaps the better question therefore would be: what can't I do after EY-Parthenon?

How can I find out more about EY-Parthenon?

We organize and take part in a range of events where you can meet our consultants face-to-face, and discover what EY-Parthenon stands for. Please review our Important Dates section below for details about dates and venues. Please contact Sanne Reynders from our recruitment team by email with any questions. We're eager to meet talent any day of the week!

What is the application process?

To apply, you need to submit your resume, copies of your secondary school graduation and university scores (Bachelor and Master) and a motivation letter. In your resume, make sure to include any extra-curricular activities which have helped you develop teamwork skills, decisiveness, communication skills and your personality. Your motivation letter should provide insight into your values and drive. The copies of your secondary school and university scores provide us with an indication of your (numerical) analytical skills.

When we select you for the application process, based on the above material, we will invite you to our office for a first selection round which consists of a numerical test, an interview with a member of our recruitment staff and two case interviews. In these case interviews, you are tested on your problem-solving, structuring and quantitative skills and your conceptual thinking. You will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions and get to know us better in this first round as well. The second and final round consists of three interviews, each with a vice president or managing director.

If you have any questions or if you would like to discuss the application process, please contact Sanne Reynders from our recruitment team by phone at +31 10 217 5514 or by email.

Do I have to go for full application immediately?

Although we encourage talented individuals to apply, we can imagine that you would like to know more beforehand. Contact us: we're just a phone call or e-mail away. If you take the initiative, we're happy to see how we can facilitate your orientation process. You can contact Sanne Reynders from our recruitment team by email for details.

What can I expect during interviews?

In the first round of interviews, you will undertake a numerical reasoning test, an interview with recruitment, a case interview and a case study with two separate consultants. After the first round, an evaluation takes place, and we will inform you whether you will proceed to the second stage of the selection process. This round consists of three interviews with either managing directors or vice presidents. Afterwards, we assess whether to extend an offer to you. A third round of one or two conversations may be set up to round things off.

International Strategy Week

Starting Tuesday afternoon on 13 November through Saturday morning on 17 November, EY-Parthenon Rotterdam has organized International Strategy Week – this year held in beautiful Rome. Experience how we combine strategic project work at the highest level with team spirit and fun. Together with the cream of the crop from the world’s universities, you will work on a real-life case for New York Pizza. An experienced team of EY-Parthenon consultants will be joining you throughout the program to provide guidance, share their knowledge and experience and to participate in various social activities.

The case

Since its start in 1993, New York Pizza has been growing rapidly and is now one of the leading pizza chains in the Netherlands. Going forward, New York Pizza pursues further profitable growth opportunities, and now seeks advice on one specific (confidential) business opportunity. Together with your fellow team members, you will carry out market research, conduct consumer research and interviews, analyze financials and present the key findings to the board of New York Pizza.


Exceptional candidates from all academic backgrounds are invited to apply for this special event. We are looking for team players who like to take on a challenge and combine excellent thinking with strong creative and interpersonal skills. If you are eager to learn more about strategy consultancy, about EY-Parthenon, speak Dutch fluently and want to have a lot of fun, simply apply through the corresponding link. The application deadline is 19 October and there will be a selection day on 26 October.

Register now

Learn more about the event here and about the schedule for the week here.

Meet our members


Apply now

If you have any questions or if you would like to discuss the application process, please contact Sanne Reynders from our recruitment team by phone at +31 10 217 5514 or by email.

Important dates

21 September 2018

Inhouseday Euros – Invite only

2 October 2018

Amsterdamse Beroependagen

9 October 2018

Lecture at Rotterdam School of Management

12 October 2018

Drinks with Dutch student and study association board members – Invite only

8 November 2018

Tilburg Career Days

13-17 November 2018

International Strategy Week – Register here

28 November 2018

Expedition Strategy

7 December 2018

Strategy Course