EY-Parthenon Netherlands and Belgium

EY-Parthenon B.V. in the Netherlands and Belgium is part of a global network comprising entities in 22 countries with 40+ offices and 1,500 professionals. Being part of EY-Parthenon offers unique career opportunities and incredible possibilities in terms of growth and international experience. With our no-nonsense mindset and short, strategic projects, EY-Parthenon offers unique services to clients.

Globally, EY-Parthenon teams are known for operating in a wide set of industries — locally, the EY-Parthenon Netherlands and Belgium team focuses on the following sectors: business services; automotive & transportation, logistics; travel & leisure; education; technology, media & entertainment, telecommunications (TMT); private equity; and consumer products & retail.

What we do

Who we are

EY-Parthenon has more than 25 years of experience in questioning the status quo with and for clients, as well as advising on strategies that are centered on each client's potential. We are multi-sector professionals and have built up in-depth knowledge in our core sectors. In addition, we deploy the focused competencies of our network in areas such as digitalization and analytics.

Our values

We work to provide excellent services, individually customized for the client, underpinned by high analytical standards. We work with clients with conviction and commitment, because we know that good solutions can only be created together. We combine business know-how with a focus on implementation. We do not just design changes, follow through with advice on their realization.

Our competencies

EY-Parthenon teams embody these values in their daily interactions: smart minds and dedicated team players who are fully committed.

Sector focus

Private equity

EY-Parthenon clients in the private equity sector include private equity players operating in the large and mid-cap segment, as well as small-cap players.

Competition for good investments has become significantly tougher in the private equity sector in recent years, and accurate risk assessment continues to be a major success factor. At the same time, it has become more and more important to identify all the opportunities offered by a potential target.

Our approach covers both opportunities and risks, as well as potential commercial value creation levers. Partners at EY-Parthenon have extensive transaction experience and can help create proposals within a short timeframe that hold up under the scrutiny of both clients and banks providing financing.

Summarized, we work with EY-Parthenon clients along the entire investment life cycle:

  • Target scans and industry sector assessments
  • Buy-side commercial due diligence (pre-due diligence and full due diligence)
  • 100-day plans 
  • Market studies as a basis for refinancing and IPO prospectuses
  • Value creation projects during the holding period
  • Commercial vendor due diligence

Consumer products & retail

EY-Parthenon clients in consumer products and retail are operating in markets with rapid changes in consumer behavior. More disruptive developments and technologies — like artificial intelligence and machine learning, voice control, virtual and augmented reality and 3D printing — are likely to keep this rapid change going for many years. In this world, successful propositions focus on convenience, trust, personalization, experience or impact.

We support retailers in a variety of categories, such as food, fashion and do-it-yourself, on topics ranging from digitalization, product range and pricing strategies and store portfolio optimization. We support fast-moving consumer goods companies in their mission to build scale, innovate and to become and remain trusted advisors for consolidating food retailers. We support consumer brands on their quest to identify new growth opportunities in existing markets or abroad and to define channel strategies in the digital world.

Travel & leisure

We work for a wide variety of companies active in the travel and leisure space. We support a wide range of clients from tour operators, airlines and airports in travel, to cruise lines, holiday parks, fitness, wellness and entertainment companies in leisure. The themes often connecting those subsectors are around revenue management, pricing, capacity management, proposition strength and digitalization of booking — all themes where fundamental understanding of the customer base is essential. Motives differ, so does willingness to pay and expectations.

In public transportation and other semi-public infrastructure based subsectors, we have an in-depth understanding of the behavior of local and national governments. This understanding helps us in advising on new, innovative, yet achievable strategies in the semi-public arena.

We support EY-Parthenon clients in those challenges from a corporate, commercial and operational strategic perspective, assisting investors in the sector in the commercial and strategic due diligences.

Automotive & transportation, logistics

EY-Parthenon clients in the transportation and logistics sector include a variety of players in areas such as transportation infrastructure, sea freight, rail freight, air freight, handling and storage terminals and transportation services. We also work for financial investors who are active in the sector.

The sector is expected to change significantly in the near future, creating challenges for market leaders to maintain their leading positions or find long-term growth. Change is expected as a result of technological innovations such as autonomous vehicles, robotics, 3D printing and digitalization, as well as a shift toward sustainable energy and significant investments in infrastructure in competing transportation hubs. More classic themes such as revenue management and pricing, capacity planning and management and operational excellence are also still recurring and remain very important themes.


EY-Parthenon has extensive experience in the education sector providing end-to-end services to higher education institutions, primary and secondary schools, policymakers, educational publishers and other educational service providers.

The EY network of member firms have served as strategic advisors to the global education sector, completing a total of more than 1,000 projects in more than 80 countries. By working across both the public and private sector, we offer clients a perspective that is challenging for any single organization to access — we see both the “supply” and “demand” sides of education around the world and monitor trends as they play out on national and global levels. EY-Parthenon offers clients a suite of advisory capabilities, from strategy through implementation. We leverage our experience to help our clients develop actionable strategies for growth so your organization can reach its full potential.

In the Netherlands and Belgium, EY-Parthenon supports clients in the education sector on a wide range of topics. This includes advising on strategic and business plans, designing new learning propositions, evaluating the potential impact of policy changes, advising on digitalization strategies and improving operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Technology, media & entertainment, telecommunications

We serve a broad spectrum of businesses, from media businesses — including traditional media companies and digital pure plays — to telecommunication businesses and IT service providers. EY-Parthenon clients include newspaper and magazine publishers, TV broadcasters, online media businesses, mobile telephony providers and providers of B2B information services.

The media landscape has changed fundamentally in recent years, driven by general digitalization trends, M&A and market consolidation, technological and regulatory change, new distribution models and changes in consumer behavior. In this environment, we work with our clients on the sector’s primary strategic challenges: overall strategy, business sector strategy, growth strategy, product and pricing strategy, earnings improvement programs, internationalization and reorganization. We also provide M&A support through target and opportunity scans and commercial and vendor due diligence.

Business services

In the highly diverse field of business-to-business services and government services, we serve a wide array of clients. We support a wide range of clients,  from “traditional” people-focused industries like temporary labor and HR services, types of facility services and value-added professional services like advisory firms in fields ranging from finance to intellectual property, to tech-enabled outsourcing businesses, trusted internet connection providers or specialty finance providers.

We advise clients on defending and growing margins in ever-commoditizing segments, building successful value-added propositions, developing commercial strategy and pricing, optimizing cost structures and evolving in and winning with increasingly technology-driven propositions.

Our global network of firms

EY-Parthenon Netherlands professionals collaborate with our global network to serve clients wherever they reside around the world.

Our global network provides advice attuned to your specific needs — helping you drive competitive advantage and find effective paths for strategic growth opportunities.

Map of EY-Parthenon offices

Our people are Smart, Nice and Driven.


We are challengers. What that means to us: an analytical focus with creativity and customized, pragmatic and readily applicable strategies.


We are a strong collaborator for our clients — empathic, honest and open. Our successes are shared successes.


We deliver actionable advice to critically examine conventions and unlock potential. Pursuing the best solutions comes first for us: we never settle for the first answer that comes to mind.

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Careers at EY-Parthenon in the Netherlands and Belgium

It’s about our people. You will hear that a lot here at EY-Parthenon. Our secret to being one of the top consultancies to work for is about our recruiting of professionals who meet three seemingly simple criteria: Smart. Nice. Driven.SM