Hanno T. Lorenzl
It is critical for auto retailers to provide a personalized and consistent brand experience that blends digital and physical channels throughout the customer and vehicle life cycle.

Hanno T. Lorenzl

EY Americas Automotive Retail and Distribution Lead and Strategy and Consulting Services Principal

Passionate about all things car related. Excited for the future of mobility. Focused on connecting people and opportunities globally. Enjoys playing golf and coaching rugby. Family keeps him centered.

Hanno is EY Americas Automotive Retail and Distribution Lead and a Principal in EY Corporate Strategy Consulting services. He helps our clients adapt their product, marketing and sales strategies to provide customer experiences that create market differentiation and commercial success.

He has 20 years of experience in consulting. Throughout his career, he has focused on helping companies tailor their products and services to be more relevant to their customers.

Using knowledge gained from working with clients across the automotive ecosystem, he provides advice on what the auto retail environment of the future will look like and what companies can do today to prepare.

Hanno holds an MA in Business Administration from the Free University of Berlin. He is based in Chicago.

How Hanno is building a better working world

“As technology and changing customer expectations transform how people and businesses buy and own vehicles, my colleagues and I help our clients define, design and develop the transportation ecosystem of the future.

The future of automotive will provide more options and better experiences in getting people and stuff from point A to point B.” 

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