Photographic portrait of Tyler J. Burcher-DuPont
Customers expect to be delighted, and we must harness the power of data analytics and omnichannel marketing platforms to make that a reality at-scale.

Tyler J. Burcher-DuPont

EY US Live Entertainment and Hospitality Leader

Passionate about using technonlogy to create amazing experiences for guests and sports fans. Avid skier and aspiring chef. Devoted husband and dog-dad to a rambunctious goldendoodle.

Tyler is the Senior Manager of Technology Consulting practice, with experience providing professional sports, hospitality, and live entertainment firms with the tools they need to excel. He has led a range of projects, designing new technologies that increase fan engagement, enhance revenue, improve internal business efficiency, and create a competitive advantage in his clients’ marketplaces.  His technical experience is concentrated around digital user experience (UX) design, omnichannel marketing technology implementation, business process optimization, product development, sales strategies, and corporate IT transformations.

Prior to EY, Tyler worked in brand management for a global Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) company and led a sales team for an international electronics manufacturer. Tyler holds an MBA from Emory University, as well as a BA in Economics and a BA in Religion from Duke University. Tyler speaks English, French, and Mandarin Chinese.

How Tyler is building a better working world

“I am building a better working world by helping our clients imagine what has never been and build technology to turn that dream into a reality.”

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