EY Romania - Entrepreneur Of the Year 2015

A prestigious EY program

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The Entrepreneur Of The Year™ program, the only global entrepreneurial program of its kind, will continue in Romania in 2018.

EY selects an Entrepreneur Of The Year™ in more than 60 other countries and 145 cities worldwide, covering more than 94% of the global economy. National winners enter the global selection for the World Entrepereneur of the Year, and the title is awarded at an international gala ceremony held every year in Monte Carlo.

Entrepreneurs change the world. They have the courage and passion to make their dreams a reality – to build something of lasting value that benefit us all. We need entrepreneurs now more than ever. Their ability to innovate, to inspire others, to power a business along the difficult journey from start-up to market leader is truly extraordinary. The EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ award program celebrates their achievements. It recognizes the exceptional – that’s why it’s the world’s most prestigious business award.

Starting with 2014, EY provides the opportunity for entrepreneurs in Romania to participate in the largest and most renowned global business project dedicated to entrepreneurs, developed by the company since 1992. In 2018 we are once again on the lookout  for people who inspire others with their vision, leadership and achievement!

Stages of the competition

EOY launch event  

Collecting nominations  

Interviews at entrepreneurs' offices

Judging rounds (1 and 2)  

The awards ceremony 

The EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year gala

► 23 May 2018

► 23 May - 3 September 2018

► 17 September - 30 October 2018

► 15 November and 5 December 2018

► February 2019, Bucharest

► June 2019, Monte Carlo

The awards given in Romania are:

Entrepreneur of the Year

Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year: Technology & Innovation

Eight good reasons to take part

  • Public recognition of your personal entrepreneurial achievement
  • Boost to image and brand awareness
  • Increased presence in the media 
  • Valuable review of competencies and strategy by an independent jury
  • Access to the global network of EOY entrepreneurs
  • Employee motivation
  • Participation in various alumni programs
  • Attractive prizes

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year is:

  • The only international competition in entrepreneurship
  • Launched by EY in 1986 in the United States
  • Organized by EY in over 145 cities in 60 different countries
  • The gala ceremony is held annually in Monte Carlo, in the first week of June

EY World Entrepreneur of the Year is about people who:

  • Inspire others through vision and leadership as entrepreneurs
  • Have an impressive history of achievements
  • Build and develop dynamic business


For more details about the EY World Entrepreneur of the Year™ program please click here.