EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ program in Romania

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We made entrepreneurs our main focus as we launched the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ (EOY) program for the first time in Romania.

The third edition of our program, has been officially announced and we're on the look out for applicants.

The EOY Romania calendar for 2016:

  • The launch event: 12 May
  • Candidate enrollment: 12 May – 1 Sep.
  • Interviews with entrepreneurs: 15 Sep. - 30 Oct.
  • First judging round: 17 Nov.
  • Second judging round: 8 Dec.
  • The national Award Gala: Feb. 2017

After the application and judging process of the entrepreneurs running for the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year title in this third edition, launched in May, the national gala premiere will take place in 2017, so that in June of 2017, the winner to represent Romania in the competition for the title of World Entrepreneur Of The Year.

The EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year program is the only competition dedicated to entrepreneurship at a global level.  EY Entrepreneur Of The Year takes place in 160 cities from 60 countries, covering more than 94% of the global economy. The winner of the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year award in Romania will participate in the global competition held every year in Monte Carlo, where the World Entrepreneur Of The Year is awarded.

For more details on the EOY implementation in Romania, please refer to our EOY Romania section or read the brochure in Romanian (pdf, 3.01mb)