ey ceo forum how can we create long term value for our businesses and for Romania

EY CEO Forum - How can we create long-term value for our businesses and for Romania?

EY CEO Forum

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As companies around the world grapple with the impact of COVID-19, leaders looking to protect their companies may be tempted to ask only short-term questions. These are vital questions for sure. Yet, the shift towards long-term value creation, so present in the last couple of years, remains an essential subject on the CEO’s Agenda, as the wellbeing of employees, clients and society at large are connected more than ever.

How do I keep my employees safe? How can my company help public health-care deal with the COVID crisis? How can we respond to new clients’ concerns? How can we accelerate innovation and digitization in response to new realities brought by this crisis? These are all questions with short-term focus, but which we think will have ripple effects in the future.

Innovation will be accelerated by COVID, according to numerous analysts. The well-being and retraining of employees will continue to be instrumental for successful companies. While awareness about externalities of our way of living will increase the scrutiny on business sustainability, the focus should be on long-term solutions, not on immediate results.

A transition from shareholder value towards stakeholder value, creating value in the long term for wider groups, such as employees, consumers and society should be expected on a global scale.  Consequentially a company’s value will be increasingly reflected not just in its short-term financial performance. Thus, organizations and stakeholders need to start shifting their focus on creating long-term value and rethink their metrics when measuring the success of their organizations, to include factors such as talent, innovation, the impact on external stakeholders (society and environment) and governance.

Having this in mind, The EY CEO Forum is designed as a high-level dialogue platform, with notable representatives from academia and the business sector, that aims to ensure an effective discussion between relevant actors on creating long-term value for Romanian businesses, society and country as a whole.

Agenda | 22 October 2020

  • 15:00 - 15:10 | Welcome Speech

    Bogdan Ion | Country Managing Partner, EY Romania & Chief Operating Officer, EY CESA

  • 15:10 – 15:55 | Keynote lecture – “The Fragile State of the World”

    Rawi Abdelal | Professor, Harvard Business School & Herbert F. Johnson Professor International Management at Harvard Business School and the Faculty Chair of the Harvard Business School/YPO Presidents’ Program

    We will not return to the pre-pandemic global economy. Nor should we want to do, because that system was already fragile and unstable. The viral pandemic has magnified every vulnerability of our current era of globalization and strengthened the populist backlash against it. We now have an opportunity to reimagine the next global economy so that it becomes more sustainable.


  • 15:55 – 16:10 | Short break

  • 16:10 – 16:25 | The importance of long-term value

    Jan-Menko Grummer | Partner & Long Term Value Lead, EY GSA

    The presentation gives an overview about the actual discussions of investors, society, politics, regulators and academia about more transparency within corporate reporting relating to Non-Financial Information and sustainability. In addition the EY Long-Term Value model will be presented to explain the coherences of purpose, strategy, magatrends and governance of a company to steer the execution of a long-term strategy to protect and create long term value. The model was analyzed and tested by more than 30 global companies from the whole investment chain (asset creator, asset manager, asset owner) within the Embankment project. Since the publication of the result of the Embankment project in November 2018 the framework is used in many initiatives and discussions and was implemented by some corporates.

  • 16:25 – 17:30 | CEO Panel – How can we create long-term value for our businesses and for Romania?

    • Bogdan Ion | Country Managing Partner, EY Romania & Chief Operating Officer, EY CESA – Moderator
    • Jan-Menko Grummer | Partner & Long Term Value Lead, EY GSA
    • Christina Verchere | CEO, OMV Petrom 
    • Cristophe Dridi | Managing Director, Groupe Renault Romania & CEO, Automobile DACIA
    • Omer Tetik | CEO, Banca Transilvania

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