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Connecting EY Alumni around the world

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Wherever your career may take you, stay in touch with your friends at EY!

The EY Alumni Club unites our past and present employees to multiply their opportunities, resources and business contacts.

These relations are advantageous for all sides: our former employees carry on the EY tradition and further our mission of building a better working world.

Business involves not only knowledge and experience, but also connections. The EY Alumni Club is the perfect place to make contacts, create a personal brand and find partners. A new acquaintance can unlock the door to new opportunities or help you see things from a new angle.

EY means working within a global network of professionals possessing unique skills and experience. We want you on our team even after you leave the company.

Stay in touch!

EY Russia Alumni Club membership rules*

  • Membership in the EY Russia Alumni Club (the “Club”) is available to all employees (except for interns and contractors) who have worked at EY for at least one year and resigned voluntarily. The industry to which the prospective employer belongs is not critical.
  • Employees who have joined EY in other countries and who have terminated their employment with EY Russia are also eligible for EY Russia Alumni Club membership.
  • Club membership is open to all employees qualifying the above criteria.

Please note the following:

  • Admission to the Club’s events is by personal invitation from EY only.
  • EY and Arthur Andersen alumni who have not provided complete information in the registration form (company name, work e-mail address and telephone number, etc.) will receive limited information about the Club’s activities.


EY Russia Alumni Club members have the following privileges:


  1. The Club card and loyalty program
  2. Subscription to EY publications
  3. Membership in the EY Moscow Alumni Club group on Facebook
  4. Participation in lottery draws and various sports and charity events
  5. Receipt of communications exclusive to Alumni Club members


  1. Participation in the Club’s events


To participate in the EY Alumni Club program, please fill out this form.

*These EY Russia Alumni Club membership rules do not constitute a public offer and may be modified by EY at any time. EY may accept or reject applications for Club membership at its sole discretion and without stating the reason. EY reserves the right to make a list of invitees for the Club’s events.

* Firms conducted business in Russia until 2002