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Business is not solely about profit and costs. It is a difficult and risky path full of pitfalls and problems – that is where we can help. We use professional and industry knowledge, as well as resources from our global network, to help our clients improve their business performance, risk management and production methods by identifying, diagnosing and resolving problems of varying complexity.

EY’s structure helps us to quickly react and put together project teams of experts with different skills and specializations. Our consultants are deeply involved in cutting-edge business transformation projects, working hand in hand with our clients. No two projects are alike, just as each company and business situation that we encounter is unique.

Performance Improvement

Any company faces a wide range of challenges: from the need to address constantly changing market requirements to carrying out a wide-ranging cost reduction exercise. But at every stage they should also care about building a sustainable business model. To fully realize their potential, our clients need to make use of unique methods and services.

FSO (Financial Services Operations)

Our FSO team provides the following services:

  • Business process modelling and optimization
  • Business process analysis for further automation
  • Design of company policies

Supply Chain & Operations

The Supply Chain & Operations Group assists major Russian and global businesses in assessing key supply chain elements and production indicators, in designing comprehensive optimization programs for logistics and supply systems, in generating new approaches to working with suppliers, and in designing processes and performance metrics.

Other services include:

  • Optimizing operating costs and capital expenditures to drive the long-term competitiveness of our clients
  • Optimizing working capital: inventories, accounts receivable and payable
  • Streamlining business processes and enabling the comprehensive transformation of production assets
  • Optimizing repair and maintenance
  • Designing methods for managing infrastructural projects
  • Streamlining management structures (KPIs, organizational structures, operating models)

Strategy and Transformation

The Strategy and Transformation Group helps companies to design the best fitting client strategy, including the choice of the target client segments, to create conditions for increased profits via comprehensive analysis of costs and pricing of products and services, as well as to identify priorities for renewing the product portfolio.

Key services are:

  • Designing corporate and functional strategies
  • Assessing market attractiveness and company competitiveness
  • Analyzing the value chain
  • Building operating models
  • Developing sales strategies
  • Improving sales and marketing
  • Business transformation


  • Designing operating models and business processes
  • Forecasting customer needs and demand
  • Planning sales, margins, and procurement, as well as inventory management at warehouses and stores
  • Merchandising and managing retail space
  • Pricing and promotion of products
  • Improving the supply chain: warehousing and logistics
  • Business process efficiency at the head office and stores
  • Managing human capital: hiring, development, training, motivation
  • E-commerce and sales channels integration


The main services of the business performance improvement group of the finance team (PI-Finance) are:

  • Organizing the budgeting system
  • Supporting feasibility studies
  • Advising on transforming the financial statements closing process
  • Designing methodologies on financial and management reporting
  • Evaluating and designing outsourcing plans
  • Designing organizational structures and business process transformation programs
  • Designing pricing and billing systems.


The main services of the business performance improvement group of the technology team (PI-Technology) are:

  • Optimizing business processes of companies across industries
  • Implementing SAP-based software.


To achieve the best possible results every company needs a comprehensive approach to risk management and an internal control system that will not only identify and reduce risks but which will also increase the company’s overall business performance. We take a holistic view of our clients’ companies, from assessing the performance of senior management efficiency and the internal control and audit systems to full-scale risk management: we make a full assessment of the probability of risk situations arising and we review the management of both contractual risks and any risks inherent in projects.

IT Risk Assurance

The IT Risk Assurance team helps companies to address risks emanating from their current business strategy, assists them with identifying key risks and designing mechanisms to manage them, and advises on ways to improve IT risk management using the latest technology.

Internal Audit (RISK)

The Internal Audit Group focuses on adapting the risk management process at the client’s company to best meet its strategic goals. The team advises on a range of business operations that are separate from both the financial and accounting processes and from the reporting process.

Our services include:

  • Evaluating the performance / quality of the internal audit service
  • Designing, upgrading and improving the internal audit service – from designing internal audit policies and procedures to establishing standardized programs for auditing various business processes
  • Outsourcing and building teams of Internal Audit Service specialists

Financial Services Risk Management

The Financial Services Risk Management Group is a leading provider of integrated risk management and regulatory compliance services to the banking sector and capital markets, as well as to the insurance, asset management, energy and corporate treasury sectors.

Risk Transformation

The Risk Transformation Group assists businesses across industries to improve their performance by implementing integrated and proactive risk management models as well as internal control and internal audit mechanisms. Our risk management system enables businesses to avoid declining business performance, maintain current performance levels, clearly define risks and design risk management plans.


The Actuarial Group combines global insight and local reach to assist financial services and insurance clients in developing and validating strategies to make sound business decisions. The group provides the following services:

  • Actuarial transformation
  • Actuarial review
  • Actuarial operations
  • Changes in financial reporting methods
  • Performance improvement
  • Transaction support

EY Academy of Business

The EY Academy of Business specializes in providing professional training and advanced learning.

The EY Academy of Business is a world-class provider of education aimed at improving the business qualities and skills of senior executives and owners of businesses, heads of department, mid-level managers and professionals across businesses and industries.

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