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Business conditions are changing under the influence of transformational processes all around the world. Financial work and the preparation of financial statements are changing as well, which creates significant challenges for management, audit committees and auditors. We help our clients understand and solve the most pressing issues in financial work and financial reporting.

We serve many large organizations with complex structures, whose work is affected by many factors, and it is important to understand in detail how each company functions. To do this, we delve into our client's business, communicate with the relevant employees, and obtain the maximum possible information. We propose timely and constructive development strategies to the companies’ management, reliable and clear solutions for the audit committees, as well as the necessary information to stakeholders and investors.

Our achievements

  • Our company won the title of Best Auditor at the Fourth Russian IPO forum, ranked top by both audit service fees and the number of IPOs.
  • EY provides audit services to 31% of CIS companies listed in the 2013 Forbes Global 2000 ranking.
  • EY is the auditor of 4 of the 5 largest banks in Russia included in the RBC ranking of banks by net assets at 1 July 2013.
  • In 2017 EY once again won the Russia Transfer Pricing Firm of the Year title according to the International Tax Review (ITR).
  • EY Russia topped two rankings made by RAEX (Expert Rating Agency) becoming No. 1 in the Largest Russian Audit Groups and Networks for 2016 and No1 in the Largest Russian Audit Firms for year 2016.

Audit Group

Your work here will be very much what you make of it: you will adapt our audit services to each specific company given the particular needs of every client, while maintaining the highest quality possible.

Working in a diverse group of specialists you will solve the most complex challenges posed by each client. In every case you will need to use our global methods and the latest high-quality auditing techniques and approaches. You will make use of our deep knowledge of various industries and you will quickly master your responsibilities while applying state-of-the-art solutions.

EY Assurance is focused on financial and other client audits that are adapted to each specific company. Your main functions will include:

  • Auditing financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and national standards (US GAAP, Russian statutory accounting principles)
  • Carrying out financial statement reviews
  • Providing assistance in the preparation of financial statements
  • Advising on accounting processes
  • Advising on transition to IFRS
  • Providing special conclusions and carrying out agreed-upon procedures
  • Providing assistance in IPO projects.

Our employees gain a wide range of professional qualification (CPA, ACCA and ACA), as well as audit licenses in CIS countries. An added bonus is the opportunity to learn at first-hand about companies and whole sectors of the economy both in Russia and throughout the world.

  • Real Estate, Hospitality & Construction, Transportation & Infrastructure, Government
  • Global Financial Services
  • Technology, Media, Telecom
  • Retail and Consumer Products
  • Energy, Chemical and Utilities
  • Industrial Products

Non-Audit Groups

Climate Change & Sustainability Services

Risk control and green technology / sustainable development issues are becoming increasingly important in today’s business. The tightening of regulatory requirements, social risks, the effectiveness of social investments, the search for options to reduce resource consumption, recycling, environmental friendliness and safety of production – there are many challenges facing any company that require decisive action.

We offer a wide range of services in the field of clean technologies and sustainable development services. Working in this group, you will provide the following services:

  • Strategic consulting, including the development of strategies and policies for sustainable development and environmental protection programs, assistance in system management, and in developing appropriate key performance indicators
  • Evaluation of environmental and health and safety risks, auditing of effectiveness of control procedures and advice on how to improve them
  • Advising on responsible financing and the integration of environmental and social risks in the borrowing and investment process
  • Advice on climate change, including analysis and strategy development, as well as estimates of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Assessment of companies’ risks and liabilities in respect of environmental protection and health and safety
  • Assistance in the design and improvement of systems and processes for accounting, analysis and reporting on sustainable development, environmental protection, and health and safety
  • Assistance in the preparation of non-financial public reports
  • Independent verification of non-financial reports in accordance with international standards.

You will identify risks and strengthen the initiatives of companies in the field of sustainable development, assist them in building a responsible business and evaluate its impact on society, and advise on reporting and technology. Your independent assessment will serve as the basis for building a strategy to modernize the client’s business, while your thorough analysis of both the internal and external company environment will lead to mutually beneficial transactions on the road to establishing a responsible business.

Accounting Compliance and Financial Reporting

Our experts help our clients to solve a number of challenges in adapting to IFRS, corporate governance and regulatory requirements, in the use of the latest technology and opportunities to deploy big data, and in complex transactions and accounting.

Your responsibilities will include comprehensive risk analysis of transitions to new accounting systems, the acceleration of processes to implement GAAP, IFRS and IPSAS, and the optimization of all processes using business processes and IT systems. You will apply advanced accounting and reporting methods, monitor compliance with legal and financial requirements and with corporate governance guidelines, as well as assisting in addressing other challenges in auditing, certification and accounting.

FIDS (Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services)

We help our clients to establish and maintain a strong ethical reputation, to design risk management tools, to investigate cases of potential fraud and to assess the financial implications of disputes and disagreements.

When there is suspicion of illegal financial transactions, we may conduct an investigation to collect electronic evidence and verify financial statements. All of these activities are carried out efficiently while maintaining the required level of confidentiality. Moreover, if needed, we can act as expert witnesses in court in order to explain our findings.

Working in this group, you will provide services in the field of fraud investigation (carry out internal investigations, evaluate an organization’s ability to resist fraud and abuse, to prevent the creation of illegal schemes, to check suspicious counterparties and / or business), use the latest software to process and analyze data, and assist clients in disputes and settling insurance claims.

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