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The current economic conditions make the requirements of tax and other regulatory authorities even more complicated. Our services are particularly important here – many companies face up to the challenges of current tax legislation and take informed decisions following the recommendations of EY professionals.

We work together with colleagues from other EY departments to provide our clients with integrated services no matter what challenges they face. Our tax specialists, who gain experience through rotating positions across the world’s business centers, master the finer points of a multitude of tax issues. They have a perfect understanding of how different tax systems work together while being sensitive to different corporate cultures.

Our achievements

  • Best Russian company in the Transfer Pricing category, European Tax Awards, International Tax Review
  • Best Russian Tax Firm 2013, World Finance Legal Awards
  • Best Russian practice in advising on transfer pricing, International Tax Review
  • Best Tax Consultant in 2012 and 2013, Russia Wealth Management Awards
  • Best Russian practice in advice on transfer pricing 2012, ITR European Tax Awards
  • Best Belarus Tax Firm 2012, Ministry of Justice of Belarus
  • Best Ukrainian practice in the field of advising on transfer pricing 2013, ITR European Tax Awards
  • Best Ukrainian Tax Firm 2013, ITR European Tax Awards
  • In 2017 EY once again won the Russia Transfer Pricing Firm of the Year title according to the International Tax Review (ITR).


We provide our clients with a wide range of legal services to meet all of the market’s needs.

We have established teams for each industry: automotive and aerospace, banking and finance, consumer products manufacturing, government and the public sector, health, life sciences, oil and gas, power and utilities, private equity, real estate, and technology. Our lawyers work closely with experts in audit/assurance, tax, transaction, and advisory services.

As an EY legal consultant you will help clients to realize the potential of their business, to efficiently manage risks and address various legal issues: from corporate, commercial and intellectual property law to transaction support, e-commerce, financial services advice, labor law and services to the public sector.

Business Tax Services

Our business tax services help clients to comply with legal requirements and we provide advice to clients on these issues.

We provide high-quality advice in planning, financial reporting and accounting, and tax requirements. We help clients in communicating with the tax authorities based on our deep knowledge and wide experience. Our clients include long-established global organizations, and working with them will turn you into a real expert in how such businesses operate while learning how to become an effective consultant.

Tax Controversy

The Tax Controversy Group assists clients in addressing global tax controversy, tax compliance and disclosure needs. We act as both external advisers to governments and companies and as internal advisers to government authorities. Our dedicated teams of tax policy professionals and business modelers address the specific business environment of our clients and improve the chances of a successful outcome.

Core Tax Performance Advisory

The Core Tax Performance Advisory Group assists Russian and international companies in setting up tax functions and organizing the operations of tax departments, including:

  • Building tax risk management systems and tax KPIs
  • Developing business processes and controls
  • Developing corporate tax strategies and target tax function models
  • Complete automation of tax accounting and reporting processes on a turnkey basis (including in ERP, SAP, Oracle, and 1C systems)
  • Automation of individual business processes involved in tax, financial and management accounting, including operating control over transfer prices.

Business Tax Advisory

Our advisors help businesses to address tax reporting, compliance, planning, and controversy challenges. You will have the opportunity to gain experience across three areas: corporate taxes, tax reporting and tax accounting, and tax risk management. Our clients range from promising privately-held businesses to long-established global organizations, and working with them will turn you into a real expert.

  • Real Estate, Hospitality, Construction/li>

The REHC (Real Estate, Hospitality, Construction) Group provides tax services to companies operating in these industries.

  • Global Financial Services

The GFS (Global Financial Services) Group provides tax services to financial institutions (banks, asset managers, insurance companies, etc.)

  • Technology, Media, Telecom

The TMT (Technology, Media, Telecom) Group provides tax services to companies operating in these industries.

  • Retail and Consumer Products

The RCP (Retail and Consumer Products) Group provides tax services to companies engaged in the production or sale of consumer products

  • Energy, Chemicals and Utilities

The ECU (Energy, Chemicals, Utilities) Group provides tax services to companies operating in these industries. Our business tax services are designed to meet clients’ business tax compliance and advisory needs.

  • Industrial Products

The IP (Industrial Products) Group provides tax services to companies in the machine building, aircraft, defense and pulp-and-paper industries, among others. Our business tax services are designed to meet clients’ business tax compliance and advisory needs.


Working in PAS, you will address the wide range of issues facing individuals and organizations they own in relation to tax planning and tax compliance both within the country and abroad.

We specialize in a full range of tax aspects: compliance with legal requirements, tax reporting, planning and tax consulting on issues related to business, investments and financial assets, communication with the tax authorities and the resolution of disputes. We assist our clients in preparing tax returns and advise on comprehensive tax planning.

You will advise clients in preparing all forms of reporting, advise on asset structuring and on the tax consequences of giving up US citizenship or green cards, as well as advising on the tax implications of foreign investments.

Global Mobility

The main responsibilities of this group are:

  • Individual cross-border taxation services (tax advisory and support)
  • Immigration support services
  • Mobile workforce management services
  • Workforce social support services
  • Secondment support services

Private Client Services

The (PCS) Private Client Services Group provides the following services:

  • Advice on compliance with tax and currency rules for high-net-worth individuals, including reporting, tax planning, and asset structuring
  • Advice on the implications of the deoffshorization law and opportunities to participate in the tax amnesty program
  • Advice on estate and asset inheritance
  • Advice on structuring the acquisition of immovable property abroad
  • Advice on relocating abroad, including obtaining citizenship or permanent residence in a foreign state

Performance & Rewards / Payroll

The Payroll Group provides services related to developing HR strategy and HR processes, designing compensation systems, personnel certification, designing employee structures, carrying out payroll-related surveys, etc.

International Tax Services

Our global network encompasses leading tax specialists with rich international experience. We change the way international tax services are provided. Working closely with clients you will formulate and adapt comprehensive international taxation strategies using a proactive approach. This will allow clients’ companies to manage tax risks and create conditions for their growth and development.

Core International Tax Services

The International Tax Services Group assists clients with their cross-border tax structuring, planning, reporting and risk management.

Transfer Pricing

The International Tax Services – Transfer Pricing Group provides the following services:

  • Preparing transfer pricing documentation, developing transfer pricing policies
  • Global transfer pricing controversy and risk management
  • Transfer pricing planning, including tax structuring of transactions, business restructuring, and transforming intragroup contractual relationships to achieve sustainable tax efficiency
  • Transfer pricing in financial services
  • Providing assistance in concluding interstate agreements on transfer pricing.

Tax Technology & Transformation

The Tax Technology Group develops automated systems as practical solutions for major Russian and international holding companies on turnkey and SaaS bases.

Transaction Tax

Every transaction has tax consequences. Understanding and planning for them can minimize risks, enhance opportunities and provide benefits during negotiations.

The Transaction Tax Group provides our clients with high-quality services through all the challenges of planning, financial reporting and accounting, tax compliance and maintaining effective relationships with the tax authorities.

This group consists of various specialists of differing seniority due to the uniqueness and complexity of each transaction. You will support the transaction from start to finish – from preliminary due diligence to post-closing procedures. You will work on options for structuring transactions, taking into account the interests of different participants, acceptable mechanisms for monetizing returns, and issues with managing future earnings or cash flows.

Indirect Tax

You will advise on identifying the risks and opportunities for sustainable indirect tax planning throughout the tax cycle.

You will develop individual solutions for each client on the effective management of indirect taxes: finding ways to improve the process of preparing current indirect tax reporting in order to reduce the number of errors in the incorrect allocation of taxable amounts, to reduce costs and to correctly calculate indirect taxes.

Your services will be important for client companies in preparing VAT reports, selecting the correct method for obtaining partial exemption from tax payments, and in the verification of accounting systems.


The VAT Group is a part of the EY Global Indirect Tax Practice. The Group provides assistance in identifying risk areas and sustainable planning opportunities for indirect taxes. We cooperate closely with other EY offices in implementing global projects.


The group’s core offerings include strategic planning to optimize customs payments, reviews for compliance with import and export regulations, improvement of internal controls and processes, and involvement in customs supply chain security programs.

Global Compliance & Reporting

Issues related to compliance with tax legislation are a core focus of tax and financial departments at companies. It is a huge responsibility, so we help our clients to minimize risks, improve efficiency and adopt a sustainable approach to resource use. Many of our clients work in different parts of the world at the same time, and wherever their business is, we are ready to provide them with comprehensive support – so you will be able to work not only on the local market, but also with international standards and requirements.

You will work on:

  • Tax reporting in Russia
  • Deoffshorization services
  • Accounting and reporting services
  • Income tax recording and its reflection in the financial statements
  • Services to establish global reporting centers and management of centers’ data under outsourcing models
  • Reporting for CFCs (controlled foreign companies).

Business Tax Compliance

The Business Tax Compliance Group provides the following services:

  • Tax accounting and tax reporting
  • Tax compliance
  • Advice on specific tax accounting issues.

Accounting Compliance & Reporting

The Accounting Compliance & Reporting Group provides expert advice on a range of issues, including improving corporate accounting policies and procedures, developing measures to align corporate accounting policies with local legislation, and enhancing the performance of the corporate accounting and financial reporting functions.

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