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Our Transaction Advisory Services practice encompasses 8,700 experts all around the world who provide advice tailored to each particular business. Each transaction is a carefully weighed strategic decision, and EY consultants work so that client companies can take sound decisions.

Your recommendations on potential deals will help companies to move to the next level. You will be able to work in various areas of advisory services, including mergers and acquisitions, transaction support, and valuation and business modeling. Transactions cover all sectors: from oil and gas and metals to FMCG and real estate.

Valuation & Business Modelling

Your responsibilities in this team will include valuing companies' asset portfolios and determining investment priorities in the current economic environment, identifying non-core assets for sale, developing short-term and long-term programs to protect and increase the value of businesses, and building effective business models to evaluate transactions or new opportunities on the market or for other strategic purposes.

You will be able to help with the analysis of existing models, as well as provide services to update and support them.

As an expert in this group you will be able to work on the sale of businesses, including a range of solutions that will help to increase the economic benefits from transactions, to control the sales process and minimize possible disruptions. From modeling to analyzing synergies, you will work on every transaction from start to finish.

Valuation & Business Modelling is split into:

  • VALG-FA (Fixed Assets Valuation)
  • VALG-BV (Business Valuation)

Mergers & Acquisitions

This group provides services throughout the transaction cycle:

  • Strategy/portfolio management
  • Establishing value
  • Writing and presenting the equity story
  • Planning asset carve-out processes
  • Transaction negotiation and execution
  • Optimizing the rest of the business.

The M&A Group includes the Commercial Due Diligence team and the M&A team.


In this team you will work on comprehensive business restructuring projects from start to finish. Working with each client individually, you will assess their opportunities, prepare the most effective restructuring plans, optimize transaction processes and help clients to meet their strategic objectives. You will develop strategies to settle issues involving potential breaches of contractual obligations, negotiate with stakeholders, navigate restrictions caused by insolvency and deal with many other conditions.

You will be able to work in the following areas:

  • Corporate restructuring: companies and investors
  • Working capital management: optimizing cash flows and working capital
  • Capital markets: optimization of debt to equity ratios and analysis of funding options.

REAS (Transaction Real Estate Advisory Services)

As a part of this group you will participate in a wide range of real estate and infrastructure projects. Designing concepts of innovative cities, preparing business plans for the construction of multifunctional centers, locating sites for the production facilities of transnational corporations, designing concepts for mountain ski resorts, analyzing the real estate market of various Russian cities, researching business incubators and technoparks – these are just a few of the projects handled by the REAS Group.

PFI (Project Finance and Infrastructure)

The PFI Group provides project financing and infrastructure development advice, including on public-private partnership (PPP) projects. The Group has extensive experience working with investors, creditors and public-sector entities at all stages of investment projects.

TS (Transaction Support)

The TS Group provides the following services:

  • Identifying key growth drivers
  • Optimizing transaction structures
  • Mitigating risks
  • Analyzing assumptions about future performance.

The TS Group includes the Global Finance Services and General Transaction Services teams.

Transaction Tax

Using our global network of Tax and TAS consultants and making use of their rich experience in international deals and trades, we help our clients with the important and meaningful decisions in their business involving transactions, assessing and re-checking all of the tax implications of every transaction and business move. We work alongside our clients throughout the transaction process: from the preliminary check and audit to the transaction’s aftermath.