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Your future depends solely on you. EY offers you a clear career path from Intern to Partner. Your development depends on your results as an employee. It takes a different amount of time for different EY people to get to the top but everyone has the opportunity to reach it.

EY - Career Ladder

  • In most cases you start your career at EY as an Intern. During the internship you will learn more about key industries, specific duties, and the services your department can offer. An internship lasts from 3 to 6 months.


    The average age
    of EY employees
    in Russia.

  • After the internship the most successful interns proceed to the Staff level. You will learn to understand clients' businesses more deeply, to find out more about the challenges facing different companies, and you will gain specialized skills to enable you to address them. Usually it takes about a year to progress from the position of Staff to the next level.
  • The next position is Advanced Staff. Here you actively take part in several projects, while developing leadership qualities by training younger employees.
  • The next step is Senior. At this level you will manage teams, work on reports and provide expert opinions. One of the most important parts of the routine of a Senior is to involve employees in teamwork and encourage the exchange of ideas and knowledge between teams.
  • Being a Manager you will take on several roles: you will communicate with top managers at client companies, provide information to clients, manage several projects simultaneously, and work on proposals and contracts. At this level you take responsibility for your subordinates, for their development, training, career promotions and, of course, results during projects.
  • A Senior Manager develops industrial expertise, manages several big projects and searches for new clients. Strong communication skills and the ability to identify clients’ needs are highly important at this level.
  • A Partner position is the top of an EY career. Partners are world-class experts recognized by the business community. They determine the development strategy of their teams, maintain long-term relationships with top management of client companies, and are EY shareholders. The number of partners is rising constantly. As co-owners of the company they strive to strengthen its leading position in the market. In 2017 financial year EY promoted 669 new partners globally. More than 30% of new partners are women.

By way of interest: we have a partner at the EY Moscow office who has been working for EY for over 25 years – since 1989!

To create highly productive teams and provide client services of exceptional quality, we give our employees easy access to quality education, relevant work practices and coaching.

There are key mandatory programs for employees who are starting to work at a new level. There is a special training program for first-day employees called “Welcome to EY” to meet EY and learn more about company rules and opportunities, as well as programs for already embedded employees – New Senior, New Manager and Assistant Director programs.

If you are about to become a Partner you will go on a training course in Dubai and meet with colleagues from other countries. Events for new Senior Managers are traditionally held in the Netherlands.

Members of individual groups can attend training sessions on communication skills, sales and negotiation skills, and client management. Some training programs are designed for team leaders and focused on the involvement of employees and the creation of highly productive teams – for example, training in interviewing skills, delegating, and coaching.

There is a special learning program for women – they can develop their leadership skills with the EY Women's Leadership Program & Navigator, aimed at supporting women as both leaders and entrepreneurs.

Many of the EY training programs are focused on the development of soft skills: stress and time management, business writing skills, and emotional intelligence.

Some of the training courses are available online at any convenient time. In addition, there is an opportunity to learn at the EY Business Academy.

The right support at the right time

Our coaching system allows open and honest communication between employees. It includes daily informal support in dealing with business issues, feedback on the results of projects, and regular analysis of your performance.

Under this system, you will have a mentor with whom you will be able to discuss specific issues and aspects of your work every day, and also a curator who can give you formal progress assessment and feedback.

On the job coaching

Coaching while you work is an effective communication tool during daily life at EY through which you gain a better idea about projects, and learn to better understand and address specific issues. Coaching helps you to improve your performance indicators. Teamwork with colleagues who share their knowledge on a particular issue often helps to better assess your own achievements.

Today’s business is all about globalization, whatever industry you are in. Globalization enhances business horizons – joint projects across countries and even different companies are flourishing in trade, high tech, and investment.

EY is an international leader and one of the largest professional services firms in the world. 231,000 EY employees are working in 150 countries for clients all over the world. Our annual revenue is over $28.7 billion, and we plan to double that by 2020.

For this to happen we need employees who are able to achieve strong results and set high goals, providing our clients with top-quality services. That is why we are very much focused on various professional growth programs. Being a part of EY, you will be able to take part in long-term Global Exchange and short-term New Horizons programs for international mobility of our employees.

EY actively works with universities all over Russia – via career days, master-classes, professional lectures, student contests and case competitions. We involve Seniors, Managers and Partners in this pre-recruiting process: it helps our potential employees to better understand the EY Lifestyle and their career opportunities, and to destroy some myths about working in large international companies.

Joining EY, you can also take part in sharing your experience, knowledge and ideas, even becoming an EY ambassador to your Alma Mater.

Working at EY, you will communicate with a global network of specialists with unique experience and knowledge. Even after leaving EY, you can stay in our community – with the EY Alumni Club.

The EY Alumni Club connects our employees – past and present – and provides them with even more opportunities, resources and business connections.

These relationships are useful for both sides: ex-employees continue to support EY traditions, helping us on our mission to build a better working world, while current employees can support Alumni with their services. As an ex-employee you can be our client, an external mentor, give feedback and receive professional advice, while continuing to support active communication within your industry or specialization. The EY Alumni Club is an ideal place for making new contacts, promoting your personal brand and looking for new partners.