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Your future depends solely on you. EY offers you a clear career path from Intern to Partner. Your development depends on your results as an employee. It takes a different amount of time for different EY people to get to the top but everyone has the opportunity to reach it.

EY - Career Ladder

  • In most cases you start your career at EY as an Intern. During the internship you will learn more about key industries, specific duties, and the services your department can offer. An internship lasts from 3 to 6 months.


    The average age
    of EY employees
    in Russia.

  • After the internship the most successful interns proceed to the Staff level. You will learn to understand clients' businesses more deeply, to find out more about the challenges facing different companies, and you will gain specialized skills to enable you to address them. Usually it takes about a year to progress from the position of Staff to the next level.
  • The next position is Advanced Staff. Here you actively take part in several projects, while developing leadership qualities by training younger employees.
  • The next step is Senior. At this level you will manage teams, work on reports and provide expert opinions. One of the most important parts of the routine of a Senior is to involve employees in teamwork and encourage the exchange of ideas and knowledge between teams.
  • Being a Manager you will take on several roles: you will communicate with top managers at client companies, provide information to clients, manage several projects simultaneously, and work on proposals and contracts. At this level you take responsibility for your subordinates, for their development, training, career promotions and, of course, results during projects.
  • A Senior Manager develops industrial expertise, manages several big projects and searches for new clients. Strong communication skills and the ability to identify clients’ needs are highly important at this level.
  • A Partner position is the top of an EY career. Partners are world-class experts recognized by the business community. They determine the development strategy of their teams, maintain long-term relationships with top management of client companies, and are EY shareholders. The number of partners is rising constantly. As co-owners of the company they strive to strengthen its leading position in the market. In 2017 financial year EY promoted 669 new partners globally. More than 30% of new partners are women.

By way of interest: we have a partner at the EY Moscow office who has been working for EY for over 25 years – since 1989!

You do not end your learning with a higher education degree. There are EY offices in 150 countries and each and every one of them – be it New York, Novosibirsk or Cape Town – provides its employees with the highest standards of staff training and learning. Every employee has the opportunity to become an international business leader and we do everything to make this happen. Today we offer our employees over 16,000 training courses.

Our work includes professional training and seminars granting international certificates, as well as classes to improve your business abilities (public speaking skills, time management, project and team management, and so on). Training sessions are usually held in the office but sometimes off-site, and much of the learning we offer is web-based. No matter how the training is delivered, participation is fully compensated by EY.

The experience that you gain in EY will remain with you throughout your life. No matter what your plan is, you will always be able to use the knowledge and experience gained at EY.

There are two aspects to our global learning curriculum. The first is designed to build your general business skills and acumen. The second is about constantly refreshing and enhancing your technical skills across our service lines so you can provide an improved service and form even better client relationships.

  • Our learning is tailored to suit both your practical needs and the direction your career is headed.
  • The most useful experience is that which you gain during your practical work. That is why the development of your practical skills is an essential part of our staff development system. We provide you with everything you need to gain the needed experience.

Professional certification

EY provides you with opportunities to prepare for and take international exams: ACCA, CFA, CPA, etc. These are also an instrument for you to develop professionally, to gain new knowledge and skills, and to obtain fast promotions. Keep in mind that some of these certificates are required for promotions.

Some of the training courses are held by the EY Academy of Business.

Thanks to our Mobility programs, employees have extra opportunities to develop their professional potential and leadership qualities. We run programs such as the Global Exchange program, which is long-term, and New Horizons (short-term).

Your team consists of professionals

We create a group of specialists for every project to help our clients effectively address every challenge. You will be working in a team of professionals, each bringing their own experience, background, and culture, and sometimes coming from a different service line. But you all share a common goal – to provide the highest quality service. Every project will open new horizons before you, bringing new skills and knowledge, and this helps you to progress your career.


An important aspect of your career development at EY is counseling, although you should not take this word too literally – it is not that formal. Your counselor will help you with feedback and performance analysis, and, of course, he or she will support you. This is an excellent way to identify where you should focus your development efforts – so that your next assignment can help you to improve your performance further.

They also set meaningful goals – for both the upcoming year and the longer term.

A never-ending connection

Our former employees achieve great success in technology, hold key positions in governmental organizations, or make significant progress in business. Our EY Alumni club maintains our connection with them and gives our former and current employees the opportunity to mix professionally.


Teamwork is an essential part of working at EY. Thanks to our highly productive teams, we are among the leaders within professional services companies. Your team can show you how important support is in every aspect of our work. New members of EY, experienced Seniors, Partners and others all work in the same team. Everyone has his or her own task but working in a team means that you will never be left alone with a challenge.

Colleagues? Friends!

Working in a big company, it is very important to know that you are surrounded not just by colleagues but also by friends. The majority of our employees are below 28 years old and our corporate culture is friendly enough to maintain an open and informal dialogue. We spend a lot of time together, take business trips and celebrate public holidays, and we support each other in difficult times. Friendship also helps professional relations – there are always people around you to rely on.

Business trips? Adventure!

EY travelIt is no secret that business trips are a significant part of the work routine at EY. They are in fact essential for you to gain a fuller understanding of the business of our clients. Working at EY, you will gain the chance to travel from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, from Lake Baikal to Kamchatka. Some of our business trips are international, for example, if your client’s production facilities are based abroad. Every business trip is an adventure in the company of friends, no matter what it is: a helicopter ride to oil fields or visiting a major production conglomerate – this is an experience of a lifetime.

Workplace of the future

Offices of big international companies have a sense of the future – it feels like someday the whole city or even world will be that modern and comfortable. We have also travelled to the future to make all our offices high-tech, convenient and accessible for everyone, employees and our guests, including addressing the needs of people with disabilities. We have not only work zones at the office but also recreational areas and meeting rooms for you to feel at home. We also pay special attention to observing the most stringent environmental standards.


We have a Wellness program encompassing sports and health events. We have a yoga center and a gym at the office, which are free of charge for employees. We rent a football field, and volleyball and basketball courts for our teams to train and compete.

EY - Lifestyle
EY - Lifestyle

EY gives huge support to runners: together we take part in various marathons. We usually sport a bright yellow uniform and huddle at meeting points, where you can take photos, relax a little and share your achievements with us.

EY - Lifestyle
EY - Lifestyle

But it is not only about sport. During our special program Being Smart is in Fashion, we organize lectures and master classes on art, design or even languages with invited experts and artists.

EY - Lifestyle
EY - Lifestyle
EY - Lifestyle

Every spring we help to spruce up several parks in Moscow in advance of the new season with our volunteer event Go Green with EY.

EY - Lifestyle
EY - Lifestyle

Since 2014 EY has held a blood donor day. Every employee can help people by donating blood at a special transfusion facility in the office. Over 100 people donated blood in 2014!

EY - Lifestyle

We have everything in EY to help our employees not only feel comfortable during their working hours but also to have every opportunity to broaden their horizons.

Dress code

Dress code is not only an essential part of our corporate culture but also an important feature of your personal brand. EY provides high-quality professional services to over 5,000 clients in the CIS and Russia, so the appearance of our employees distinguishes EY as a leader in the market. Everyone in EY is the “face of the company”, which is why we need your outfit to match our business standards.

We also have a "Jeans Friday" – on Fridays and before public holidays we can wear our favourite pair of jeans and we allow ourselves to put on something more informal in "business casual" style – of course, if you do not have any meetings with a client that day.

The dress code is required for everyone at EY, regardless of with whom they work – internal or external clients and colleagues.

Take a look at our style guide

Everyday style



  • Classic suit
  • Tie
  • Long sleeve shirt (short sleeve – only in summer)
  • Classic shoes
  • Discreet accessories
  • Classic trousers
  • Skirts and blouses
  • Knee-length dresses
  • Jackets
  • Discreet manicure


Business casual



  • Classic jeans
  • Cardigans, vests, sweaters
  • Polo necks
  • Informal jackets (e.g. patches on elbows)
  • Long skirts
  • Classic jeans
  • Open-nose shoes
  • Cardigans and sweaters


To always be ready for important meetings, you may have a spare suit and shirt in the office. You can hang them up in wardrobes on every floor.

We do not recommend that you wear:




Everyday style

  • Bright ties and bow-ties
  • Trousers and jackets that don’t combine with each other
  • Flashy accessories
  • Short skirts
  • Floor length skirts (except Fridays)
  • Sundresses
  • Tops
  • Tunics
  • Decollate dresses and transparent shirts
  • Bright nail polish, strong perfume or bright make-up

Business casual

  • Torn/skinny jeans
  • Sports shoes
  • T-shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Denim shirts
  • Shorts
  • Sports shoes
  • Net tights
  • A large amount of accessories
  • Worn/torn jeans