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EY is a world-class company with a history that extends back more than 130 years. We work not only to achieve success for our firm but also to build a better working world. Our focus spreads beyond professional services, supporting the development of worldwide business and education.

  • 1903



    EY - Ernst & Ernst в Кливленде (США) с капиталом в $500

    Bookkeeper Alwin Ernst and his brother Theodore start Ernst & Ernst, a small public accounting firm in Cleveland, USA.

    EY - Первая транзакция Ernst & Ernst

    Ernst & Ernst successfully completes its first client engagement.

  • 1906



    EY - Артур Янг вместе с братом Стенли основали в Чикаго компанию Arthur Young и стали ее первыми партнерами

    Arthur Young and his brother Stanley form Arthur Young Company in Chicago, and they become the first partners.

  • 1979



    EY - Образуется компания Ernst & Whinney

    Ernst & Ernst’s alliance with Whinney, Smith & Whinney makes it the fourth-largest accountancy firm in the world.
    Arthur Young’s European offices merge with several large local European firms.

  • 1989



    EY - Arthur Young осуществляет слияние с Ernst & Whinney

    Arthur Young combines with Ernst & Whinney to create Ernst & Young. The number of employees reaches around 70,000 worldwide.

  • 2002



    EY - Компании Ernst & Young и Arthur Andersen объединили свои практики в 57 странах

    Ernst & Young combines with Andersen practices in 57 countries.

  • 2013



    EY - Компания Ernst & Young представила новое название и логотип своего бренда

    Ernst & Young updates its brand name to EY, and introduces our purpose: Building a better working world.

  • 11903
  • 21906
  • 31979
  • 41989
  • 52002
  • 62013

A piece of history

Alwin Ernst and Arthur Young never actually met. What else is interesting about EY? The answer is in this video. Watch it to learn what our success depends on, what our values are, and how we can build a better working world.


Our structure is composed of the Executive and the regions. The Executive includes our global leadership, governance bodies and our four geographic areas. Working together they oversee our global strategy, brand, business planning, investments and priorities.

Our 28 regions are grouped under four geographic areas:

  • Americas
  • Europe, Middle East, India and Africa (EMEIA)
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Japan.

The EY Difference - Around the world

Over 248,000 EY employees all over the world serve various clients, among them global companies and non-governmental organizations. Our daily work is incredibly important not only for the companies themselves but also for entire industries and even countries.

Few companies can boast such a global influence and such a talented team. Our group is very diverse, and we perform together every day to reach our common goals.

EY became the first international professional services company to work in Russia and the CIS following the opening of our office in Moscow in 1989.

Today we have the largest network of offices in the CIS among global advisory companies: 5,400 employees work in 20 EY offices in eight countries, servicing over 5,000 clients throughout the CIS countries.

Our standards in Russia and the CIS are the same as our standards globally. Here you can develop a stellar career. Working with clients all over the world you can uncover your personal abilities and skills, grasping opportunities that were created especially for you.

EY - In the CIS

EY - In the CIS

Timeline of EY's history in Russia.

  • 1989



    Opening of EY's office in Moscow. Our first assurance and tax projects.

  • 1992



    Opening of EY's office in Saint-Petersburg.

  • 1995



    Launch of the Corporate Finance practice. Personnel numbers reach 200 in Russia.

  • 2000



    Start of the Law practice.

  • 2002



    Staff numbers are up to 350. Ernst & Young combines with Andersen’s practices in Russia and the CIS. Total personnel rise to 930 as a result. Opening of EY offices in Novosibirsk and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

  • 2003



    Over 1,000 Moscow employees move to the new EY office at Sadovnicheskaya nab., d. 77. Staff numbers continue to grow, reaching 1,100 professionals.

  • 2004


    New EY office in Yekaterinburg.



    New EY office in Togliatti.



    New EY offices in Kazan and Krasnodar.



    New EY office in Vladivostok.



    New EY office in Rostov-on-Don.

  • 11989
  • 21992
  • 31995
  • 42000
  • 52002
  • 62003
  • 72004-2014

Our awards

Professional services:

  • In 2017 EY once again won the Russia Transfer Pricing Firm of the Year title according to the International Tax Review (ITR).
  • EY was named the best Big Four company within the framework of the Best Company Award by Changellenge and was included into top four most popular employers in Russia among Business Study students and alumni.
  • EY Russia topped two rankings made by RAEX (Expert Rating Agency) becoming No. 1 in the Largest Russian Audit Groups and Networks for 2016 and No1 in the Largest Russian Audit Firms for year 2016.
  • According to Future Today’s Best Employers 2016 study, which surveyed more than 10,000 final-year students, EY is the best employer among the Big 4 companies. EY is also in the top 20 most attractive Russian employers and ranks third for its target audience.
  • For the third year running the EY project finance and infrastructure team was named the Best Financial Advisor in infrastructure and PPPs in Russia National Awards in Infrastructure in Russia – ROSINFRA 2016.
  • In 2016, for the fourth consecutive year, EY was named the Best European Tax Compliance & Reporting Firm of the Year at the annual International Tax Review (ITR) European Tax Awards.

Employers’ ratings

  • EY was named the best Big 4 company for students with a Business Studies, IT, and technical background, #5 employer among all companies for Business Studies students and the best firm by the number of CVs received from Business Studies students by Changellenge Best Company Award 2018
  • EY was named the best Big Four company within the framework of the Best Company Award by Changellenge and was included into top four most popular employers in Russia among Business Study students and alumni.
  • According to Future Today’s Best Employers 2016 study, which surveyed more than 10,000 final-year students, EY is the best employer among the Big 4 companies. EY is also in the top 20 most attractive Russian employers and ranks third for its target audience.
  • In 2017, EY was named #1 world’s most attractive professional services employer and #3 most attractive employer overall, according to Universum’s World’s Most Attractive Employer 2016 ranking.

EY is an international leader in a wide range of professional services.

Our clients are large corporations, government and public institutions, and entrepreneurial firms from all over the world. "When business works better, the world works better" is one of the most important principles of our work. We do everything we can to help our clients achieve more, expand into new markets, and maintain high levels of business growth.

Today you have a chance to take part in this important work and to contribute to improving the business environment. You can become a highly-skilled specialist and develop the self-confidence required to build the career you dream about.

EY - Out Clients
EY - Our Clients EY - Our Clients EY - Our Clients
EY - Our Clients EY - Our Clients EY - Our Clients
EY - Our Clients EY - Our Clients EY - Our Clients
EY - Our Clients EY - Our Clients EY - Our Clients

Learn more about us in the video


Building a better working world
The main objective of EY is to provide our clients with quality services in four main service lines: Assurance, Tax, Transactions and Advisory. You can learn more about how we build a better working world by working for the benefit of our employees, clients and society as a whole.


Performance Improvement

Supply Chain & Operations

The Supply Chain & Operations Group assists major Russian and global businesses to address the following performance improvement tasks:

  • Optimize operating costs and capital expenditures to facilitate long-term competitiveness
  • Optimize working capital: inventories, accounts receivable and payable
  • Streamline business processes and perform comprehensive transformation of production assets
  • Optimize repair activities
  • Develop capital project management methods
  • Streamline the management structure (KPIs, organizational structure, operating model)

Strategy and Transformation

  • Develop corporate and functional strategies
  • Assess the market attractiveness and competitiveness of a company
  • Perform analytical assessment of the value chain
  • Develop operational models
  • Develop commercial strategies
  • Improve sales and marketing effectiveness
  • Business transformation


  • Develop operating models and business processes
  • Forecast customer needs and demand
  • Plan sales, margin, procurement, inventories at warehouses and stores
  • Manage goods assortment and retail space
  • Perform pricing and ensure promotion
  • Improve the supply chain: provide warehouse and transport logistics
  • Enhance process efficiency at the head office and stores
  • Manage human capital: hiring, development, training, motivation
  • Perform e-commerce and sale channels integration


The main services of the business performance improvement group of the finance team (PI-Finance) are:

  • Organizing the budgeting system
  • Supporting feasibility studies
  • Advising on transforming the financial statements closing process
  • Designing methodologies on financial and management reporting
  • Evaluating and designing outsourcing plans
  • Designing organizational structures and business process transformation programs
  • Designing pricing and billing systems


  • Optimize business processes of companies in various industries
  • Implement SAP-based software products

FSO (Financial Services Operations)

Our FSO team provides the following services:

  • Business process modelling and optimization
  • Business process analysis for further automation
  • Design of company policies



The Actuarial Group combines global insight and local reach to assist financial services and insurance clients in developing and validating strategies to make sound decisions. The group provides the following services:

  • Actuarial transformation
  • Actuarial review
  • Actuarial operations
  • Changes in financial reporting methods
  • Performance improvement
  • Transaction support

IT Risk Assurance (ITRA)

ITRA is looking for candidates with limited experience or recent graduates for staff or senior positions to work on IT advisory and audit projects.

Internal Audit (RISK)

The Internal Audit Group focuses on adapting the risk management process at the client’s company to best meet its strategic goals. The team advises on a range of business operations that are separate from both the financial and accounting processes and from the reporting process.

Our services include:

  • Evaluating the performance / quality of the internal audit service
  • Designing, upgrading and improving the internal audit service – from designing internal audit policies and procedures to establishing standardized programs for auditing various business processes
  • Outsourcing and building teams of Internal Audit Service specialists

Financial Services Risk Management

The Financial Services Risk Management Group is a leading provider of integrated risk management services and regulatory compliance services to the banking sector and capital markets as well as to the insurance, asset management, energy and corporate treasury sectors.

Risk Transformation

The Risk Transformation Group assists businesses in various industries to improve their business performance by implementing complex and proactive risk management models as well as internal control and internal audit mechanisms. Our risk management system enables businesses to avoid declining business performance, maintain current results, clearly define risks and develop risk management plans.

EY Academy of Business

The EY Academy of Business specializes in providing professional training and advanced learning.

The EY Academy of Business is a world-class provider of education aimed at improving the business qualities and skills of senior executives and owners of businesses, heads of department, mid-level managers and professionals across businesses and industries.


Audit Groups

  • Real Estate, Hospitality & Construction, Transportation & Infrastructure, Government
  • Global Financial Services
  • Technology, Media, Telecom
  • Retail and Consumer Products
  • Energy, Chemical and Utilities
  • Industrial Products

Non-Audit Groups

  • FAAS (Finance and Accounting Advisory Services)

    FAAS provides advisory services covering the entire range of matters related to the adoption of new accounting standards (RAS, IFRS, GAAP, etc.) and to improving the quality of the financial reporting process. In addition, we assist our clients in complying with new regulatory requirements, including accounting requirements.
  • Climate Change & Sustainability Services

    The Group provides the following services:
    • Strategic advisory, including development of sustainability and environment programs, assisting in building management systems and developing the respective KPIs
    • Advisory on HSSE risk assessment and on testing and enhancing control procedures
    • Advisory on responsible financing and on taking environmental and social risks into account in credit and investment decision making
    • Advisory on climate change issues, including analysis and development of strategies and assessment of greenhouse gas emissions
    • Assessment of HSSE risks and liabilities incurred by businesses
    • Assistance in building and enhancing HSSE accounting, analysis and reporting systems and processes
    • Assistance in preparing public non-financial reports
    • Independent reviews of non-financial reports in accordance with international standards
  • FIDS (Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services)

    FIDS advises businesses and their external lawyers on complex issues related to expert and internal investigations (including financial reporting fraud investigations), regulatory compliance, and managing losses and the financial implications of disputes and disagreements. We closely monitor recent developments in the practice of fraud investigation and expert analysis and serve as the key link between our clients and those providing legal support..

Tax & Law

Business Tax Services

Tax Controversy

The Tax Controversy Group assists clients in addressing global tax controversy, enforcement and disclosure needs. We act both as external advisers to governments and companies and as advisers inside government. Our dedicated teams of tax policy professionals and business modelers help address your specific business environment and improve the chances of a successful outcome.

Core Tax Performance Advisory

The Core Tax Performance Advisory Group assists Russian and international companies in setting up tax functions and organizing the operations of tax departments, including:

  • Building tax risk management systems and tax KPIs
  • Developing business processes and controls
  • Developing a corporate tax strategy and a target model of a tax function
  • Complete automation of tax accounting and reporting processes on a turnkey basis (including in ERP, SAP, Oracle, and 1C systems)
  • Automation of certain business processes involved in tax, financial and management accounting, including operating control over transfer prices.

Business Tax Advisory

Our advisors help businesses to meet tax reporting, compliance, planning, and controversy demands. You’ll have the opportunity to gain experience across three areas: corporate taxes, tax reporting and tax accounting, and tax risk management. Our clients range from promising private businesses to long-established global organizations, and working with them will turn you into a real expert.

  • Real Estate, Hospitality, Construction
    The REHC (Real Estate, Hospitality, Construction) Group provides tax services to companies operating in the real estate, hospitality and construction industry.
  • Global Financial Services
    The GFS (Global Financial Services) Group provides tax services to finance companies (banks, investment companies, insurance companies, etc.).
  • Technology, Media, Telecom
    The TMT (Technology, Media, Telecom) Group provides tax services to telecommunication, technology and media companies.
  • Retail and Consumer Products
    The RCP (Retail and Consumer Products) Group provides tax services to companies engaged in the production and sale of consumer products.
  • Energy, Chemical and Utilities
    The ECU (Energy, Chemicals, Utilities) Group provides tax services to energy, chemical and utilities companies Our business tax services are designed to meet your business tax compliance and advisory needs.
  • Industrial Products
    The IP (Industrial Products) Group provides tax services to companies in the machine-engineering, aircraft, defense and pulp-and-paper industries, among others. Our business tax services are designed to meet your business tax compliance and advisory needs.


Global Mobility

  • Individual cross-border taxation services (tax advisory and support)
  • Immigration support services
  • Mobile workforce management services
  • Workforce social support services
  • Secondment support services

Private Client Services

The (PCS) Private Client Services Group provides the following services:

  • Advice on tax and currency compliance for high-net-worth individuals, including reporting, tax planning, and asset structuring
  • Advice on the implications of deoffshorization law and the possibility of participating in the tax amnesty program
  • Advice on estate and asset inheritance
  • Advice on structuring the acquisition of immovable property abroad
  • Advice on relocating abroad, including obtaining citizenship or permanent residence in a foreign state

Performance & Rewards / Payroll

The Payroll Group provides services related to developing HR strategy and HR processes, designing compensation systems, personnel certification, developing the job structure, carrying out payroll-related surveys, etc.

International Tax Services

Core International Tax Services

The International Tax Services Group assists clients with their cross-border tax structuring, planning, reporting and risk management.

Transfer Pricing

The International Tax Services–Transfer Pricing Group provides the following services:

  • Preparing transfer pricing documentation, developing transfer pricing policies
  • Global transfer pricing controversy and risk management
  • Transfer pricing planning, including transaction tax structuring, business restructuring, and transforming intragroup contractual relationships to achieve sustainable tax efficiency
  • Transfer pricing in financial services
  • Providing assistance in signing interstate agreements on transfer pricing

Tax Technology & Transformation

The Tax Technology Group develops automated systems as practical solutions for major Russian and international holding companies on a turnkey as well as SaaS basis.

Transaction Tax

The Transaction Tax Group provides our clients with seamless service through all the challenges of planning, financial accounting, tax compliance and maintaining effective relationships with the tax authorities.

Indirect Tax


The VAT Group is a part of the EY global Indirect Tax Practice. The Group provides assistance in identifying risk areas and sustainable planning opportunities for indirect taxes. We cooperate closely with other EY offices in realizing global projects.


The group’s core offerings include strategic planning to optimize customs payments, trade compliance reviews for imports and exports, internal controls and process improvement, and involvement in customs supply chain security programs.

Global Compliance & Reporting

Business Tax Compliance

The Business Tax Compliance Group provides the following services:

  • Tax accounting and tax reporting
  • Tax compliance
  • Advising on specific tax accounting issues

Accounting Compliance &Reporting

The Accounting Compliance & Reporting Group provides expert advice on a range of issues, including improvement of corporate accounting policies and procedures, developing measures to align corporate accounting policies with local legislation, and enhancing the performance of corporate accounting and financial reporting functions.


We provide our clients with a wide range of legal services to meet all of the market’s needs.

We have established teams for each industry: automotive and aerospace, banking and finance, consumer products manufacturing, government and the public sector, health, life sciences, oil and gas, power and utilities, private equity, real estate, and technology. Our lawyers work closely with experts in audit/assurance, tax, transaction, and advisory services.

As an EY legal consultant you will help clients to realize the potential of their business, to efficiently manage risks and address various legal issues: from corporate, commercial and intellectual property law to transaction support, e-commerce, financial services advice, labor law and services to the public sector.

Transaction Advisory Services

Valuation&Business Modelling

Valuation&Business Modelling

  • VALG-FA (Fixed Assets Valuation)
  • VALG-BV (Business Valuation)

Your responsibilities in this team will include valuing companies' asset portfolios and determining investment priorities in the current economic environment, identifying non-core assets for sale, developing short-term and long-term programs to protect and increase the value of businesses, and building effective business models to evaluate transactions or new opportunities on the market or for other strategic purposes.

You will be able to help with the analysis of existing models, as well as provide services to update and support them.

M&A (Mergers&Acquisitions)

The group provides services throughout the transaction cycle:

  • Strategy/portfolio management
  • Pricing procedure
  • Preparation and presentation of investment history
  • Planning the asset carve-out process
  • Transaction negotiation and execution
  • Optimizing the rest of the business

The M&A Group includes the Commercial Due Diligence team and M&A team.


The Restructuring Group is engaged in putting together the most effective restructuring plans, improving the transaction process and achieving our clients’ strategic goals. We also devise strategies to address potential covenant breaches, negotiating with stakeholders and complying with insolvency and other requirements.

REAS (Transaction Real Estate Advisory Services)

As a part of the group, you will participate in various real estate and infrastructure projects. Designing an innovative city concept, preparing a business plan for the construction of a multifunctional center, locating a site for a production facility of a transnational corporation, designing a concept for a mountain ski resort, analyzing the real estate market of Russian cities, surveying business incubators and technoparks – these are just a few of the projects handled by the REAS Group.

PFI (Project Finance and Infrastructure)

The PFI Group provides project financing and infrastructure advice, including on public-private partnership (PPP) projects. The Group has extensive experience working with investors, creditors and public-sector entities at all stages of an investment project.

TS (Transaction Support)

The TS Group provides the following services:

  • Identify key growth drivers
  • Optimize the transaction structure
  • Mitigate risks
  • Analyze assumptions about future performance

The TS Group includes the Global Finance Services and General Transaction Services teams.

Transaction Tax

Using our global network of Tax and TAS consultants and making use of their rich experience in international deals and trades, we help our clients with the important and meaningful decisions in their business involving transactions, assessing and re-checking all of the tax implications of every transaction and business move. We work alongside our clients throughout the transaction process: from the preliminary check and audit to the transaction’s aftermath.