EY - Frequently asked questions
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Questions about EY's application process

I want to work at EY. What should I do?

1. To begin with, you’ve made the right choice, because with us you will kick start a world-class career. First, you need to decide which department you want to work in. To do this, you may find out what each EY service line does:

2. Have you identified your area of interest? Excellent! Now you can check out the list of vacancies in your city here.

3. Found your dream vacancy? Read the position requirements carefully. You think you are the right candidate?

Then send your CV (in Russian or English) to the email address indicated in the vacancy and stay tuned. Our HR staff will contact you within a few days.

There are other ways to get here! We regularly hold various events for students and graduates where you can learn more about the company, network with our employees, ask questions about recruitment, give us your CV or sometimes even join EY bypassing the first application stages.

Can I apply for several vacancies at once?

Sorry, no. You cannot apply for more than one vacancy at the same time. However, if you fail at any stage, you will be able to apply for a vacancy in another EY department.

What stages do I have to pass through?

There are several stages that you must complete before you are offered an entry position:

1. A review of your CV for the desired vacancy
2. A test of your ability to process verbal and numerical information, as well as your English skills
3. An interview with HR staff
4. An interview with a manager and/or partner in the chosen department

Some EY subdivisions may have additional stages, such as case-solving, or a round of interviews with several staff members.

You can learn more about our application process and how to prepare for each stage here.

How long do I have to wait for the results of each stage?

We usually let the candidate know the results of each stage within 2-5 working days, via email or phone.

If we don’t inform you of the outcome within a week, you can call or write to the HR person with whom you are in contact.

You will be contacted with feedback even if you don’t have the right skills set for the position or if you fail any of the application stages.

What should I do if I don’t make the cut?

You can apply for the same department in six months’ time or apply for a vacancy in another EY department.

How can I learn about new vacancies?

The list of all available positions is provided in the appropriate section of our website or on hh.ru and career.ru.

You can also learn about our new job openings through social networks such as VK, Facebook or Instagram, as well as via the EY Russia Careers mobile application.

How to prepare for an interview? What questions are asked? What to wear?

An interview is your chance to really show us what you have to offer and why you are the best fit for the company. That’s why special attention should be paid not only to what you say but also to your appearance – we appreciate professional business dress code and expect you to dress properly for a job interview.

The questions you will get in an interview may address both your personal and professional development. You can learn how to prepare for an interview in more detail here.

Questions about working at EY

Are internships paid?

Yes. An internship is a regular and paid position in all our offices in Russia. The pay is discussed at each interview stage with HR staff.

Do all interns receive permanent job offers?

An internship at EY is a full-time regular job performed under a fixed-term employment contract. Your promotion to a higher position of staff or analyst depends on your performance during the internship. As a rule, most interns stay with EY.

How long do internships last?

Internships at EY last from three to six months.

Can I combine studies with employment?

Since most internships at EY are full time, it is really difficult to combine your work with studies. However, interns in EY’s Moscow office have the opportunity to work part time (but no less than 30 hours per week).

You can learn about the number of hours that interns are expected to work in the vacancy description.

Are there any summer internships at EY?

Unfortunately, we have none. However, some positions may become available in the summer.

Can I apply for a staff position straight away?

In EY’s Moscow office recruitment for staff positions in the tax and audit departments takes place from spring through the beginning of autumn. If you graduate this year and receive your degree by September, go ahead and apply. In other Moscow departments and in all other offices intern is the only starting position available.

Do you work late at EY? Do I get paid for working overtime?

It is no secret that while at EY you may work long hours, especially during the so called “busy season”, the period of the heaviest workload due to our clients’ financial reporting.

Read here about special bonuses designed to compensate you for overtime.

Do I have to go on business trips?

The number and duration of business trips depends on the service line where you will be working, as well as your specialization and clients. You can discuss the frequency of business travel in detail at the interview.

Can I transfer to an EY office in another country?

At EY, we support the international transfer of employees between our offices. If you’ve worked for more than two years with the company, performed strongly and obtained the right professional skills and experience, we will be glad to give you the opportunity to work abroad on short- or long-term business trips.

Will I have enough time for my hobbies and interests?

EY offers ample opportunities to pursue your own interests. For example, we have our own football and volleyball teams, we run marathons together and work out in the office gym. On top of this, EY’s Moscow office holds a series of lectures and workshops on art, design and photography as part of the Being Smart is in Fashion. Always! program for its employees.

What is a partner? How can I become one?

A partner is the highest position in our company. Employees who become partners also become co-owners of EY’s business. Our youngest partner in the CIS is 29 years old, which means that if you deliver exceptional results and have strong motivation, you’ll be able to reach the top of the career ladder within 11-13 years.

More information about the career ladder at EY can be found here.

What does the EY career ladder look like?

You can learn about our career ladder here.

Who will train me when I start working at EY?

Our company is strongly focused on staff training. Apart from on-the-job learning we offer more than 16,000 training sessions, a coaching system and many other ways to grow.

Find out more about training and development opportunities at EY here.

What do people wear at EY?

We want our employees to look like true professionals. That’s why we have a business dress code in our company, with the exception of Jeans Friday.

Other questions

When was EY set up? How was it formed?

Our roots go back to the 19th century and our founders Arthur Young and Alwin C Ernst.

Arthur Young was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He graduated in law, but became interested in banking and investment. In 1890, he moved to the US to pursue his career in accounting. In 1906, he formed an accounting firm, Arthur Young & Company, with his brother Stanley.

Alwin C Ernst was born in Cleveland, USA. In 1903, he and his brother Theodore started Ernst & Ernst, a small public accounting firm. Both firms were also quick to enter the global marketplace. As early as 1924, they allied with prominent British firms: Arthur Young & Company with Broads Paterson & Co and Ernst & Ernst with Whinney Smith & Whinney. These alliances were the first of many for both firms, which opened offices around the world to service their international clients.

AC Ernst and Arthur Young never met in life, but died within days of each other in 1948. However, the firms that they founded continued to operate and, in 1989, were combined to create Ernst & Young.

The same year, Ernst & Young opened its office in Moscow and became the first professional services firm in the CIS. In 2014, our firm was rebranded EY.

Where in Russia does EY have offices?

We have nine offices across Russia, i.e. in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Vladivostok, and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

You can find the contact details of our offices here.

Is EY in social networks?