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Get to know our telecom network

Who we are
Telecommunications operators are facing a rapidly transforming business model. Competition from technology companies is creating fierce challenges over the ownership of customers and service innovation, and pricing pressures and network capacity are intensifying scrutiny on return on investment.

Additionally, regulatory pressures and shareholder expectations require agility and cost efficiency. If you are facing these challenges, we can provide an industry-based perspective to addressing your assurance, advisory, transaction and tax needs.

How we work
Our global telecommunications network is a virtual hub that brings together people, cultures and leading ideas from across the world, to help you address your global, regional and local challenges. These may include next-generation services and product profitability, customer lifecycles and revenue assurance, working capital management, risk, regulatory strategies and compliance, potential cost reductions, mergers and acquisitions, financial and operational improvements, accounting and tax strategies.

Exhibit mobile innovation
The existence of formal and informal networks among our telecommunications professionals has enabled us to survey our clients on industry-specific topics of interest, such as accounting for fixed assets, enterprise risk management benchmarks and best practices in working capital management among operators. Whether your goals consist of adjusting your business model or boosting your market share, we deliver on our promises so that you can be at the forefront of change.

Our market leadership in serving the sector:
We are the leading provider of professional services to the telecommunications sector. Far ahead of our competitors, we serve all of the top 20 telecommunications companies ranked by market capitalization; 7 as auditors and 13 as advisors.