Blitz survey

The Invisible Fuel – Opportunities for raising energy efficiency in industry

November 2014

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Basic conclusions

 52% of the respondents reported that energy consumption increased by more than 5% over the past five years.

 74% of them noted that the share of energy expenses in the total costs did not reduce over the same period.

 69% of the respondents said that the ratio of energy expenses to the added value created decreased, which testified to the inclusion of such expenses in the final product cost.

 59% of the respondents set out four priority financial arrangements for the completion of energy efficiency projects:
Mobilization of funds from national and international development institutions, as well as commercial banks
Utilization of leasing arrangements
Utilization of flexible Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs)
Bonds issuance

About the survey

EY conducted a survey of the energy efficiency of industrial enterprises in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan in October 2014. The results of the survey are based on the answers of respondents from major companies in the aforementioned countries regarding the specifics of the energy consumption and intensity of different products, as well as the main opportunities for the realization of energy efficiency projects.