Climate Change and Sustainability Services

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Cleantech and resource efficiency

Advising on cleantech and resource efficiency

Increasing natural resource prices, growing awareness of the economic benefits of going “green” and climate change commitments are boosting new regulatory initiatives globally, nationally and locally, such as new energy efficiency requirements for companies and products, taxes on GHG emissions and feed-in tariffs. Adapting to the evolving regulatory landscape can require significant investment, revision of governance practices and redesign of business processes.

To ensure regulatory compliance and improve performance, companies are increasingly adopting cleantech solutions for resource efficiency, renewable energy and waste management. Cleantech is growing rapidly in many economies that are on track to go “green”. Read more.

Our services

  • Review and assistance in the development of government initiatives to promote cleantech and/or “green” economy
  • Assessment of the technical and economic potential of cleantech projects
  • Development of energy, water and waste management strategies and action plans on a company, project or city level
  • Development of a corporate GHG emission accounting methodology; inventory of GHG emissions
  • Development of strategies and assistance in implementing projects to reduce GHG emissions through process improvements and carbon compensation projects
  • Analysis of product life cycles with regard to resource efficiency and waste management
  • Assistance in the development of packaging reduction programs in the retail and consumer products sector
  • Development of incentives for communities and businesses to improve resource efficiency
  • Independent assessment of energy and resource efficiency projects


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