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Responsible finance

Developing and implementing responsible finance practices

Responsible finance practices lie at the heart of financial organizations worldwide. Responsible finance is about taking into account environmental, social and ethical factors, especially in credit and investment decision-making processes. By adopting such practices, banks can successfully manage risks and demonstrate commitment to sustainability principles.

Multinational financial institutions such as the World Bank Group, EBRD and other development banks have taken an active role in promoting responsible finance practices. They have such practices at the core of their work and require that financial intermediaries adopt similar standards. In addition, voluntary initiatives are vital, including major voluntary frameworks such as the Equator Principles and the UN Principles for Responsible Investment.

Our services

  • Assessment of compliance of a company's practices with IFI requirements
  • Assistance in developing and implementing responsible finance policies and integrating social and environmental risk management into lending and investing processes.
  • Assistance in preparing reports on responsible finance for analysts

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