Climate Change and Sustainability Services

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Sustainability diagnostics and sustainability strategy

Performing sustainability diagnostics and developing strategy

Today many companies commit themselves to sustainability principles and implement a variety of sustainability programs. Importantly, successful implementation can be driven by many things. For example, is the company clear about its objectives? Does it understand what stakeholders want? What performance measures does it use? How does it assign roles and responsibilities?

Recent research has shown that engaging stakeholders — primarily clients, employees, shareholders, investors and government bodies — is a key driver of improvements in business processes related to sustainability. Read more.

Our services

  • Sustainability diagnostics and analysis of sustainability-related processes, based on EY methodology and ISO 26000:2010 Guidance on social responsibility
  • Stakeholder analysis – stakeholder identification, prioritization and mapping; development and implementation of a stakeholder engagement strategy
  • Development of sustainability strategies for businesses, brands, cities and regions
  • Development of climate change adaptation strategies for a company, city and region
  • Integration of sustainability principles into business strategy
  • Development of KPIs for key sustainability aspects

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