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Non-financial reporting

Assistance in implementing the non-financial reporting process

Non-financial reporting is a means of disclosing the correlation between a business strategy and a sustainability strategy, various programs focused on key aspects of sustainability, corporate governance, risk management and stakeholder engagement practices. Companies can make these disclosures in a non-financial[1], annual or integrated report. Read more about integrated reporting.

Major challenges of non-financial reporting are misalignment between the data collection systems in place and stakeholder inquiries as well as the requirements of international guidance and standards and insufficient control of data completeness and quality. As a result, a report can be misleading or incomplete in material aspects or fall short of generally accepted standards.

Our services

  • Assistance in preparing a non-financial or integrated report according to international standards
  • Development of internal non-financial reporting frameworks and implementation support
  • Assistance in elaborating automated data collection, analysis and consolidation processes
  • Preparation of GHG emissions reports

[1] (Corporate) social responsibility report, sustainability report, social report, etc.


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