Foreign Desk Organization (FDO)

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На русском языке

A new platform for increasing the Business Development efficiency of EY Country Desks, the EY FDO offers clients a unique platform that serves as a clear differentiator from competitors by:

  • Combining and coordinating industry and country desk knowhow in the FDO Matrix
  • Creating a proactive business development approach with a standardized operating model adjusted to local needs and specifications
  • Having a structural and operational approach that can be easily adopted by other EY offices

The EY FDO is located in the Moscow office and coordinates different country desks at the local level while leveraging the strong links of desk members with the EY Global Client teams from their respective geography to create new business opportunities, especially among Global G360 accounts.

The EY FDO currently includes the following country desks: Australian Desk, Chinese Desk, French Desk, German Desk, Japan Desk, Korean Desk, UK Desk and US Desk, with additional desks under consideration.

FDO representatives have a keen understanding of their practice country’s political, cultural and economic background. They speak the local language and connect people, knowledge and culture. They build the foundation for enabling you to generate new business with your client in the CIS.