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EY’s Entrepreneurial Winning Women Program

Our Entrepreneurial Winning Women Program is designed to support entrepreneurial women and to widen career growth opportunities for all working women. The program, which includes an annual competition and a series of learning projects, has been held in Russia since 2013 as part of EY's global initiative to support entrepreneurship.

The competition is open to women who are established entrepreneurs and senior executives of major Russian and international companies. It is intended to encourage entrepreneurship among women and to ensure equal opportunities for professional development and career growth, thus promoting the economic development and prosperity of society as a whole. The competition provides unique opportunities for women in business, including information support, enhanced brand recognition and a wider network of professional contacts, as well as motivation and inspiration for business and career growth. The winners will be determined by an independent professional jury made up of prominent members of the business and academic communities.

The program's learning projects allow participants to grow as professionals, obtain expert advice and learn more about the tools and resources available for developing leadership qualities and making their businesses more efficient. The events are held on a regular basis, and participants may remain involved as long as they find it useful for their business.

The Entrepreneurial Winning Women program will celebrate its fifth anniversary at the 2017 awards ceremony on 23 May in Moscow.


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