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Business Tax Compliance in Russia

EY’s team – with over 25 years of experience in Russia – provides a complete range of tax compliance services. These take into account all the specific features and nuances of the clients' operations, including the nature of their business, their particular list of taxable items, the volume and type of transactions, etc.

We offer clients preparing tax returns a range of options for involving us so that they can select the approach that best matches their business needs and accounting set-up. We work effectively and in close cooperation with the clients' in-house accounting departments, third-party providers of accounting services, and shared service centers located either in Russia or abroad. Preparing tax returns is part of the EY accounting outsourcing package that we provide.

The scope of tax compliance services for Russian and foreign entities (preparing and submitting tax filings to the tax authorities) includes:

  • Preparing quarterly and annual tax filings, among which:
    • Quarterly and annual income tax returns for Russian entities and Russian tax residents
    • Quarterly income tax returns and annual filing packages for foreign entities
    • Tax returns for income received by a Russian entity from a foreign source (when the entity applies to the tax authorities to offset tax paid abroad)
    • Tax calculations on income received by foreign entities and tax withheld
    • Quarterly VAT returns
    • Prepayment calculations and annual tax returns for property tax and other regional and local taxes
  • Preparing tax accounting registers and calculating tax payments
  • Reconciling calculations of taxes and levies with the tax authorities, obtaining reconciliation certificates, statements of budgetary settlements, and certificates of the fulfillment of the obligation to pay taxes and levies
  • Preparing and providing clarifications on tax returns to the tax authorities
  • Tax support during liquidation or reorganization of Russian entities or branches, or of representative offices of foreign entities, which can also be part of comprehensive legal and tax support services.

Additional services related to tax filings and communications with the tax authorities

When preparing tax filings, the entity may need to clarify the methodology and substantiate the tax positions for both operations as a whole and specific transactions. The entity also needs effective and prompt feedback from the tax authorities both on tax files submitted by the entity and on requests relating to cross-audits. Ineffective feedback may result in suspended bank account transactions and/or penalties.

We provide support to our clients on tax and methodological issues and communications with the tax authorities, including, but not limited to, the following services:

  • Methodological and advisory services on current issues, review of supporting documents, development of tax accounting policy
  • Monitoring requests from the tax authorities, coordination with the relevant departments of clients' in-house functions, preparation of responses and collection of documents following the tax authorities' requests
  • Client support during action taken by the tax authorities (including the involvement of EY tax policy and tax controversy experts)

Tax return reviews

Purpose of the service

Whether a client prepares tax filings using its own resources or by engaging third-party providers of accounting services, it may need a tax expert to take an additional fresh look in order to identify tax risks or additional underused tax assets.

We offer tax return review services that can be rendered before or after the client submits tax returns to the tax authorities. Following this review the client will be able to amend its tax return and submit the corrected version to the tax authorities, as well as obtain methodological recommendations on tax issues in the context of current law, practices and its industry specifics.

Tax return reviews are aimed at reducing the likelihood of tax claims and resulting fines and penalties that they might entail.

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