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Operational Transaction Services

How organizations manage their capital today will define their competitive position tomorrow. Focus on the operational aspects of capital events to create and deliver value is more important now than ever before, whether optimizing the use of capital to drive synergies, or de-risking a transaction when investing.

Potential client’s issues:

  • Whether to acquire a new business?
  • Whether to invest in an existing business, reorganize or divest it?
  • How to achieve the highest level of synergy through integration?
  • How to capture value and mitigate risks during separation process?
  • How can a company simplify its business and improve performance?
  • How much cash can a company get from optimizing working capital to invest or pay its debt?

We can help

The operations and industry experience of our team, along with a comprehensive hands-on pragmatic approach, has helped us deliver value on numerous transactions.

We provide corporate and private equity clients as well as banks with full range of Operational Transaction Services including following areas:

  • Integration

    We provide clients with the advice and tools to help them successfully integrate an acquired business. The focus of our work is on helping to deliver planned synergies, secure value and de-risking integration process. We assist in navigating through the issues and pitfalls, when setting up an efficient integration program, and provide hands-on support for integration planning and implementation.

  • Carve-out (separation)

    We help businesses effectively manage both internal separation of a business, and the divestment of a business unit — including a portfolio review, planning, investment risk identification and accelerated tactical execution. For sellers, we aim to avoid business disruption, minimize costs to the retained business and gain maximum value on disposal. For buyers, our focus is on operational issues to help ensure that your business is sustainable and that there is appropriate support during the transition period.

  • Operational restructuring

    Our approach to operational restructuring focuses on performance improvement and simplification for your existing business. We help companies to achieve operational agility for faster market response, identify and capture lost value from previous integrations, initiate rapid cost reduction, identify opportunities for cash release, enhance liquidity through effective use of inventory, optimization of order-to-cash and procurement-to-pay processes.

  • Operational due diligence

    Stakeholders today require support in answering: what can I do with the target business? Is this the right deal and price? How do I deliver this and minimize risk? Our issues-led approach to operational due diligence helps businesses to gain a competitive advantage. We seek to enhance the value throughout a transaction by focusing on what a business is trying to achieve.  We provide business with a clear view on the robustness of current operations by independent business review and assessment of business plans, identification and validation of synergies, identification of red flags on operational issues, risks and opportunities.

We have a dedicated, global network of professionals focused on helping clients achieve their strategic goals and competitive advantages, whether they are acquiring or divesting assets, or undertaking operational restructuring.

Our service offerings drive value across your capital agenda

EY - Operational Transaction Services

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