How can AI help you maximize your tax depreciation?

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Leveraging smart technology and machine learning capabilities, our capital asset automated review tool (CAART) is designed to bring efficiencies that help bring significant savings both in time and cash tax.

In a world of big data, tax directors and heads of tax have never had so many resources at their fingertips to help identify potential tax depreciation opportunities. However, looking through documents and databases is time consuming and complex, particularly during fast-moving transactions. In our experience, the result is that available tax relief is often overlooked.

To make sure your company never misses out on the chance to make the most of your tax depreciation, we have developed a tailor-made tool, equipped not only to perform accurate and consistent tax analysis, but also to learn from past experience. CAART is programmed to apply relevant legislation, case law, previous analysis and new business logic, processing huge volumes of data in seconds to find the most appropriate depreciation category.

“What’s interesting to us about CAART is its ability to deal with huge volumes of data in a matter of minutes. It gives us the opportunity to move to a real-time basis, which has never have been possible before“ – Tax Director of large multi-national company”

As CAART crunches the numbers our multidisciplinary team works with you to streamline your fixed asset systems and processes, to ensure that your documentation is aligned with your needs and identify new sources of value in your capital expenditure programmes. 

From real estate portfolios to data centres, our team with a mix of surveying, construction, tax and accounting skills apply deep experience working on all types of capital projects, helping companies to file their claims that we accurate, consistent and robust – also ensuring tax benefits are being captured.  

“We see CAART as a game changer, especially in combination with our mix of surveying, construction, tax and accounting skills - Carl Pihlgren, Regional Tax Leader, Nordics"

Want to know more about how CAART can make a difference to your business? Contact Marcel Sikkema (LinkedIn), Nordic Quantitative Services Leader at EY, +46 73 340 77 82.