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MBA opportunities

EY - MBA opportunities
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How will you use your MBA to impact the world of business and beyond?


You’ve completed your MBA and you’re ready to take the next step of your career. EY has an award winning culture and world-class clients, a combination which we believe promises exceptional experiences that will last a life-time for any ambitious MBA graduate. We're seeking forward-thinking, self-motivated and quick-learning MBA professionals to join our growing teams.

Do you think the world can work better?

EY - Do you think the world can work better?

We do. That’s why we’re committed to building a better working world. But we can’t do it without the right people. People who want to create a legacy to make a positive impact on our people, clients and communities. People who can drive innovation, to find a better way. People who can ask better questions. Because we believe the better the question, the better the answer, the better the world works.

We’re a forward thinking, ambitious organisation. To achieve our growth plans of doubling our revenue by 2020 we need the right people on our team. Every one of our 210,000 people has the potential to make a big impact. By joining EY now you will have the opportunity to shape our growth story. You'll be encouraged to seize new opportunities to create your own career path as you grow with us.

Teams across Asia-Pacific are welcoming the new ways of thinking that MBA graduates bring to our already diverse teams.

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Using your MBA

EY has long been a recruiter for top MBA graduates globally. When you join EY you'll have access to learn from some of the best leaders in the business while being encouraged to use your entrepreneurial spirit.

Studying an MBA gives you a number of skills to successfully join our high performing team.

Unlock innovation

EY - Unlock innovation

Your understanding of business combined with forward thinking will allow you to bring a fresh perspective. Our teams have been at the right hand of great achievements and developments in business for over 100 years. All of which start with a question to see if there is a better way.

Diversity of thinking

EY - Diversity of thinking

Your mind has been opened to different ways of thinking. Here at EY we celebrate those differences as we know this type of thinking can create a better working world.

Business knowledge

EY - Business knowledge

You’ve had valuable experience of business through your studies. At EY you’ll be on the cutting edge of the trends and issues facing business leaders today and your ideas will be listened to. You will be given flexibility in your work to excel in a way that is right for you.

Explore your passion: Our clients come from many different cultures, and have many different backgrounds. They come from entrepreneurial businesses, from governments in almost all locations, and from global corporations in every sector.

EY - MBA Graduates

Our people are encouraged to build on their experience by deepening their sector knowledge as they progress in their career. This sector insight means our clients receive a bespoke service, while you can use your passions to define your career. More about our industry sectors here.

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EY - IT Services - Transaction Advisory Services
  • Our goal is to achieve the best capital performance, deliver value to stakeholders and meet strategic corporate objectives. From strategy to success.
  • World class business advisors who help clients strategically manage their capital to achieve sustainable growth.
  • Our advice helps businesses to create strategic to manage capital steer operations and execute plans.
  • Better questions lead to sustainable growth through the strategic allocation of capital.

Transactions, more than you were expecting

EY - More entrepreneurialMore entrepreneurial





EY - More client valueMore client value





EY - More growthMore growth




Capital Agenda: the unique TAS framework

When a TAS team engages with a client, we utilize our “Capital Agenda” methodology:

EY - The Capital Agenda

Where can I join TAS?

Operational Transaction Services

What we do

Operational Transaction Services (OTS) professionals understand the factors that drive successful integration or carve-out activities, and make it their job to learn about the intricacies of each organization involved in a deal. Using these insights, they leverage the knowledge and experience of their transaction colleagues to help every deal achieve its full potential.

The OTS team work collaboratively across Asia-Pacific, and globally, to meet client’s needs. By joining this fast growing part of the business you'll be given the opportunity to be part of world class services in the transactions market.

To learn more, visit our Operational Transaction Services page.

What does it take to succeed in TAS?

EY - What does it take to succeed in TAS?
  • Do you have strong problem solving skills?
  • Do you work well in demanding situations?
  • Do you want to work in a dynamic environment?
  • Can you understand a business using numbers?
  • Can you remain calm under pressure?

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EY - IT Services - Transaction Advisory Services
  • We work at the cutting edge of business to drive performance through developing and implementing strategies.
  • Strategies consultants who help clients improve business performance and mitigate risk with sustainable results.
  • Our team consult with our clients grow, protect, optimize, innovate and sustain their business performance.
  • Better questions lead to solving complex business issues and improving performance.

Some consulting firms think only about business strategy; some physically deploy technology; but our Advisory services help execute enterprise-wide performance transformation initiatives. We help turn strategy into reality.


Where can I join advisory?

Performance Improvement

The Performance Improvement team helps companies accelerate their business performance, transform risk into result and leverage technology to improve operations, with sustainable results. Our professionals work closely with our clients to take them through the process and overcome challenges focusing on the areas of Strategy, Finance, Customer and Supply Chain.

What does it take to succeed in Advisory?

EY - What does it take to succeed in Advisory?
  • Do you have strong relationship-building skills?
  • Are you good at seeing the big picture?
  • Are you a great communicator?
  • Can you work through a complex issue?
  • Do you have the courage to take action?

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Deliver exceptional client service to exceptional clients
As an MBA hire, you’ll make an impact and be given responsibility immediately. You’ll create recommendations and be proactive to support our client’s business needs, one project at a time, building a better working world.

Our Transactions professionals work on deals that make the headlines and have the power to change entire industries.

Our Advisory professionals’ help clients protect grow and optimize their businesses. They’re game-changers, helping companies respond to the outside forces that are fundamentally, and permanently, changing their worlds.

EY - Our Advisory professionals

One by one, our people contribute to building a better working world.

Are you someone who:

  • Can ask the right questions to unlock a better way?
  • Shares our purpose and believe the world can work better?
  • Is a proven high performer, both academically and in a team?
  • Is self-motivated and has the courage to lead?
  • Has an entrepreneurial way of thinking?

Application process for MBAs

EY - Application process for MBAs

The recruitment process will differ depending on the business area and location you wish to join.

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Be the MBA graduate who goes further, faster

You’ve completed your MBA and you’re ready to jump into the next chapter of your career. Meet the EY recruiters who are looking forward to helping you take that next step.

EY - Sean Zhao

Sean Zhao

Job title and location
Talent Acquisition Lead, Shanghai, China

About Sean
Sean joined EY in 2011 to lead Transactions Advisory Services recruitment, based in Shanghai. He is on the search for exceptional candidates to be part of the Transactions Advisory Services business expansion in Asia.

Before joining EY, Sean has four years’ experience with search recruitment firms, focusing on the health care, luxury and manufacturing industries to deliver recruitment strategies.

Sean enjoys networking with candidates and helping them find their place at EY. He is happy to share information and have conversations to support candidates with their career development and ambitions.

Top tip for MBA graduates applying for consulting roles
Demonstrate your excellent commercial sense, solid analytical skills, logical thinking and good client-facing ability.

Contact Sean for opportunities in China

EY - Amrish Antil

Amrish Antil

Job title and location
Assistant Director, Talent, Transaction Advisory Services, ASEAN

About Amrish
Amrish joined EY in 2015. He has eight years’ experience in talent acquisition, working across ASEAN and China. Prior to joining EY, he worked for global recruitment agencies. He has a global background spending time in India, China and Singapore. Amrish holds Master’s degree in Computer Science.

Amrish has a track record of developing talent sourcing strategies to meet business needs. He is interested in the changing workforce trends and would like to connect with people who are looking to further their career in the corporate finance and transactions advisory industry.

Top tip for MBA graduates applying for consulting roles
Whilst making your career decisions, place emphasis on your long-term career goals and aspirations, and not with those of your peers. Remember to keep in mind that each interview is specific, and as such, listen to the interviewer.

Contact Amrish for opportunities in Asean

EY - Spike Tang

Spike Tang

Job title and location
Senior Officer, Hong Kong

About Spike
Spike’s enthusiasm for developing future leaders and experience in campus relations led him to manage campus recruitment in Hong Kong and Macau at EY.

After graduating in Hong Kong, Spike’s international interest led him to spend six years in a Spanish univlersity managing educational projects for the European Commission, developing his global awareness and network. Spike enjoys playing his part in building the next generation of Transactions Advisory Services leaders at EY.

Top tip for MBA graduates applying for consulting roles
Demonstrate your strong analytical skills, advanced knowledge in business and abilities as a solution provider

Contact Spike for opportunities in Hong Kong

EY - Julia Rozo

Julia Rozo

Job title and location
Senior Consultant, Talent Sourcing, Oceania

About Julia
Working in EY’s Talent Sourcing Team, Julia focuses on sourcing talents for live roles and talent pooling activities to support immediate short-term and strategic long-term needs in the business across all service lines.

With a background in Psychology, Julia has developed her career around working with people in different fields such as education, human resources and recruitment. Julia enjoys networking and meeting people who are passionate about their career and finding out what their next challenge is.

Top tip for MBA graduates applying for consulting roles
Start building your network with the companies and clients that you would see yourself working with in the future. Get connected and gain knowledge around the companies, what they are creating in the market and who the key contacts are

Build your value proposition and have a clear understanding of what makes you a great contributor to a consulting organisation and from where within the organisation you want to make that happen

Join EY’s talent community

Contact Julia for opportunities in Oceania


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