EY Asia-Pacific Centers of Excellence

How do you manage risks and still accelerate growth?

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Today’s business environment is best described as unpredictable, and even highly disruptive. Technological innovation is rewriting the ways in which business and daily lives are conducted. The continued weak recovery of the global economy and volatile commodity prices add to the pressure that businesses are facing.

How do businesses decide what to invest in – whether to protect against risks or turn risks into growth opportunities?

Based in Singapore, EY’s Asia-Pacific Centers of Excellence seeks to support our clients as they strive to successfully navigate the evolving business landscape. These Centers are part of our multi-million, multi-year investment to provide innovative services in digital business transformation strategy, cyber security, analytics and manufacturing to companies in Asia-Pacific.

The Centers will be connected with EY’s global team of more than 48,000 client-serving Advisory professionals worldwide to deliver a seamless, global experience for clients.

Advisory Center

EY - Advisory Center

The Asia-Pacific Advisory Center serves clients with large and complex Asia-Pacific-wide transformation projects, focusing on both global and regional multinational companies. The Center will build out key skills and industry approaches to support our clients through digital disruption, growth and change.

The Center is developing innovation capabilities including virtual reality for business applications. Virtual reality, along with augmented reality is a high-growth area with the potential to impact the entire value chain for our clients. Its capabilities in virtual reality can be applied across industries and to a variety of business contexts, such as prototyping, customer research, business process redesign, customer experience and remote training.

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EY - Analytics

The EY Asia-Pacific Center of Excellence for Analytics supports companies to draw actionable insights from data, use it to help improve business performance, and proactively manage risk. The Center can help EY clients grow, optimize and protect their business. It complements EY’s earlier investment in its Global Analytics Center of Excellence, which represents EY’s multi-year, US$500m commitment to analytics.

The Center’s end-to-end analytic innovations and capabilities spans across strategy development, systems integration, data management and data science, with services covering business functions such as cyber security, human resources and tax. The Center works with clients across industries such as the financial services, resources, real estate and public sectors.

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Cyber Security

EY - Cyber Security

The EY Asia-Pacific Center of Excellence for Cyber Security can help companies develop competency against cyber threats. It will also operate as a security training, certification and innovation lab to help professionals develop technical capabilities, assisting to address a fundamental problem of cyber skills shortage in the market.

The Center has obtained cyber security certifications in security testing and cyber analytics. It continues to hone and test its capabilities through active participation in hacking competitions. The Center’s clients include those from the financial services, telecommunications, technology, education and the public sectors.

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EY - Manufacturing

The EY Asia-Pacific Center of Excellence for Manufacturing can help manufacturing companies embark on a performance improvement journey or leverage integrated work systems to improve productivity, protect margins, increase return on assets and enable growth through innovation This Center is one of the first facilities in the Asia-Pacific region offering this service.

The Center’s Integrated Work Systems (IWS) has been successfully implemented across Asia-Pacific. It is now working on bringing to market innovative approaches such as EY Catalyst – a leading cloud-based operational excellence platform that can help clients significantly enhance their performance improvement programs in supply chain and manufacturing. The Center works with clients from a broad range of industries, including consumer products, chemical operations and manufacturing.

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