Climate change and sustainability and its environmental, social and economic impact continue to rise up the agendas of governments and organizations around the world.

Businesses face actual and prospective regulatory requirements and the need to meet stakeholder expectations, as well as respond to opportunities presented for revenue generation and cost reduction. These translate to fundamental and complex transformation for many organizations and the embedding of sustainability into core business activities to achieve short-term objectives and create long-term shareholder value.

EY’s global and multi-disciplinary team combines our core experience in assurance, tax, transactions and advisory with climate change and sustainability skills and deep industry knowledge. Tailored services are provided, supported by global methodologies with localized adaptation to address issues relating to the market’s specific needs.

Our areas of focus include:

  • Climate change
  • Sustainability reporting and assurance
  • Sustainability advisory and supply chain
  • Outcomes measurement
  • Environment, health and safety
  • Climate change and energy

    In today’s environment, businesses can no longer ignore the physical and regulatory impacts of climate change. This presents opportunities, not just challenges, for organisations that act decisively.

    EY’s climate change and sustainability services can help your organization to address evolving pressures and maximize the opportunities through meeting compliance requirements, managing risks and thinking strategically. These services include:

    We can help organizations to understand their energy use, identifying under-performing areas and unlock energy efficiency opportunities. Our services covering energy modeling, energy monitoring, energy management systems, and the development, measurement and verification of energy usage through data management.

    Increasing trends and awareness upon energy efficiency and renewable energy also push organizations toward sustainable business environment. We can assist in the definition, review and evaluation of programs aimed at promoting emissions trading schemes, carbon finance, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

    • Carbon strategy and advisory

      We can work with organizations to manage risk and optimize opportunities presented by climate change and carbon markets. The scope includes:

      • Regulatory risks and opportunities analysis
      • Climate change risk assessment
      • Climate change adaptation strategies development
      • Greenhouse gas emissions reporting assurance
      • Carbon strategies development
      • Marginal Abatement Cost Curves (MACC) modeling
      • Products/services life cycle assessment
      • Policy advisory (e.g. Emissions reduction)
    • Energy management, energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Sustainability reporting and assurance

    More international and leading ASEAN businesses are now seeking new ways of communicating non-financial performance as stakeholders demand greater transparency to assess long term value. ASEAN is experiencing an increasing trend across industries of issuing non-financial reports.

    Globally-recognized reporting frameworks such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Integrated Reporting will have an impact on the way businesses report and the way assurance is provided. EY has been globally involved in the development of these frameworks and we can help businesses transition to these new ways of communicating their sustainability performance. Our key services include:

    Reporting processes need to be robust to mitigate sustainability risks. Using our multi-disciplinary and cross-sectoral expertise, we can:

    As a leader in Assurance services in ASEAN, we apply the same rigor as our Financial Audit Approach to non-financial metrics and information reported internally or externally.

    • Reporting advisory
      • Assist in the development of sustainability reports and communications
      • Undertake materiality assessment
      • Collect and collate sustainability data
      • Develop a reporting strategy
      • Identify material targets and metrics
      • Provide report benchmarking
    • Assurance
  • Sustainability advisory and supply chain

    Increasing competition and accountability pressure are pushing organizations to build resilience and strengthen their social position towards sustainable business environment. We can help organizations to achieve this through crafting business responses to emerging sustainability risks and opportunities, assessing value at stake, mitigating supply chain risks, and connecting organizations with the best practice trends, knowledge and skills. Our key services include:

    Responding to existing and emerging sustainability risks is critical for any organization. EY can assist organizations to identify and assess sustainability trends, risks and opportunities through stakeholder engagement, materiality assessments and benchmarking, designing or developing an appropriate strategy response, and strategy implementation and assessment.

    An effective and strategic supply chain approach needs sustainable management and procurement. We can help businesses to understand the sustainability risks in the goods and services they purchase, understand how these may impact their business, develop a plan to mitigate risks, and implement best practice sustainable procurement systems.

    We can help organizations start their sustainability journey where extra support might be needed in order to meet their objectives. We can tailor solution to support organizations and build their sustainability capacity.

    • Strategy
    • Supply chain
    • Human rights

      Companies expose themselves to greater social compliance risk as they expand into emerging markets in search of lower costs. Instances of forced labor and land grabbing have been exposed in large companies’ supply chains both at home and abroad. Companies are increasingly expected to demonstrate how they respect human rights, whether in their own operations, in their supply chain, or through their relationships with other stakeholders to maintain their social license to operate. We are ready to assist organizations to mitigate risk and drive business value, helping them to:
      • Identify and evaluate social and human rights risk
      • Evaluate suppliers to identify social risk and determine if the supplier’s governance or code of conducting business reflects the applicable standards
      • Integrate social compliance into business process, including procurement
      • Increase the collaboration between social compliance and internal audit, risk and strategy teams
    • Capacity building
  • Outcomes measurement

    Businesses are moving beyond using ‘budget spent’ as an investment measure and towards investment outcomes such as the benefits to communities, employees and other stakeholders. Outcome Measurement and Valuation is about assisting companies understand and evaluate the broader value impacts and outcomes associated with their companies, operations, programs and projects, including CSR programs. Our key services include:

    • Strategies and programs development to meet social and natural capital impact objectives and/or shared value
    • Community investment, aid and partnership strategies
    • Natural capital assessments and valuations
    • Staff engagement programs
    • Building internal capacity to measure/report impact
    • Develop an outcomes measurement framework
    • Impact analysis including aid and social return on investment
    • Impact investment advice and assurance
  • Environment, health and safety

    Organizations need to proactively demonstrate, to both internal and external stakeholders, that they are making strategic and operational decisions that drive effective management of environment, health and safety (EHS). EY can assist organizations to protect employees and the environment while turning risk into reward. Our key services include:

    • HSE strategy, culture, and risk management
      • Strategy design and development
      • Culture assessment, people engagement and transformation programs
      • Safety leadership development
      • HSE risk profiling and risk assessments
      • HSE management systems development, implementation and review
    • HSE assurance programs
      • Strategy, compliance and internal audit
      • Gap analysis against legislation or internal policy
    • Environmental services
      • Assessments against ISO 14001
      • Environmental management advice
      • Resource efficiency, waste and packaging advice
      • Closure planning, legacy sites and rehabilitation strategies

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