Singapore Budget 2016

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EY – Singapore Budget 2016 Synopsis

Singapore Budget 2016 Synopsis
Singapore Budget 2016 was delivered on 24 March 2016. It marks the beginning of our journey into the next 50 years, which will require partnership and ownership of the responsibility for progress by individuals, businesses and the nation collectively. For more insights on the proposals, read our definitive Singapore Budget 2016 Synopsis here.

EY - Budget 2016 News Alert

Singapore Budget 2016 News Alert
This Budget focuses on transforming the economy through enterprise and innovation, and building a caring society with a strong spirit of partnership. View a summary here.

EY - Budget 2016 reactions

Budget 2016 reactions
Budget 2016 was a forward-looking budget to set the stage for transforming our economy and strengthening the society. Read our reactions to Budget 2016.

EY Singapore Budget 2016

Budget Seminar 2016 (Registration is closed.)
Achieving competitive growth in an uncertain economy is the new business reality today. How will the Singapore Budget 2016 proposals impact your business? What lies ahead and what can – and should – you do to position your business for growth? The seminar also covers important tax developments in Singapore and globally to help you keep abreast of the evolving trends and anticipate the opportunities and risks as you chart the growth of your business. Sign up now to gain insights into the pertinent policy changes and their impact on and implications for your business as EY’s tax leadership and guest speaker provide an in-depth analysis and fresh perspective on this year’s Budget proposals.

EY Singapore Budget 2016 wish list

Budget 2016 wish list
Read our wish list for suggestions to sharpen the focus of Singapore’s fiscal policies for improved effectiveness, enhance tax treaties for international competitiveness, explore new tax revenue options to support government spending and build a more inclusive Singapore society.

EY Singapore Budget 2016 - Pre-Budget 2016 Brief

Pre-Budget 2016 Brief
Get all the facts and figures at your fingertips. Download our Pre-Budget 2016 Brief for corporate tax, personal tax and GST rates in Singapore and selected countries.

EY Singapore Budget 2016 thought leadership

Thought leadership
Visit our thought leadership page for articles on the Budget 2016 proposals, as well as the latest tax trends and tax issues of today.

EY You and the Taxman

You and the Taxman
For insights on the tax issues that matter in today’s fast-changing business environment, read our Singapore flagship tax publication You and the Taxman.