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Operational Transactions Services

Maximize the synergies and financial benefits from your transactions

Operating in the transaction arena, our Operational Transaction Services team is focused on delivering financial benefits, accelerating implementation and managing operational transaction risk. All this leads to creating extra value for your transactions. We are able to assemble the right team to work in partnership with you, through our integrated approach focused on your financial, tax and operational needs.

Our team provides a full range of hands-on, operationally focused support and advice across the transaction life cycle, whether supporting an acquirer or seller. We cover a wide range of operational aspects, including:

  • Supporting the integration process
    Integration benefits and synergies are critical drivers of value in transactions. Underperformance is no longer an option – high levels of integration failures are resulting in increased focus and pressure to deliver value.

  • Carve-out readiness and support
    Carve-outs are often complex and provide a challenge that is often underestimated. Integrated businesses must be carved out appropriately prior to sale – if a clean carve-out is not achieved, costly “work-arounds” may be required.

  • Operational due diligence
    Value leakage may occur if the vendor does not fully understand the assets being acquired and any associated operational risks. Stakeholders are requiring increasing assurance over synergy benefits.

  • Operational restructuring
    Restrictions on capital and tough trading conditions have resulted in an increased focus on cash.  Operational efficiencies and cash release can be key to survival.

To find out more about the services we offer in this area please contact us.

To find out more about the services we offer in this area please contact:

Asean Transaction Advisory Leader

Vikram Chakravarty

+65 6309 8809

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