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Transaction Diligence

Optimizing your outcomes

We understand that a transaction can be one of the most complex and risky business propositions you can undertake. The potential for error is high in an environment where speed is critical, resources are limited and there is pressure for results. From initial strategic assessment through to implementation and post-integration, our focus is on helping you optimize your outcomes.

Our transaction support team can assist you by assessing the potential value and risks associated with a transaction. We help you to identify key drivers, optimize deal structures, mitigate risks and challenge assumptions about future performance. Our aim is to improve your negotiating position and accelerate a smooth transaction with minimal disruption.

We assemble the right team to work with you and our integrated approach gives you access to high-quality, globally coordinated transaction support, integration and taxation advice tailored to your specific needs.

Please refer or download the attached brochure for the services we offer:

To find out more about the services we offer in this area please contact us.

To find out more about the services we offer in this area please contact:

Partner, Transaction Support

Purandar Rao

+65 6309 6560

Partner, Transaction Support
Asean Transaction Support Leader

Teh Seng Leong

+65 6309 8393

Partner, Transaction Support
Asia Pacific Oil and Gas Leader

Sanjeev Gupta

+65 6309 8688

Partner, Transaction Support
Asean Financial Services Leader

Patrick Hanna

+65 6309 6720

Partner, Transaction Support

Choo Swee Cher

+65 6309 8079

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