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EY and Social Responsibility

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Our strategy – and EY's purpose – is building a better working world. We all benefit from a better functioning business environment – companies report better financial results, employment rates rise, consumers spend without fear and the business sector increases its support of the non-profit sector. This forms the core of who we are and what we do daily.


Projects supported by us:

EY and education

  • EY Mentoring
    We at EY believe that our professional knowledge should be passed on. We will thereby help the next generation to be better prepared for the world of work.

  • EY NextGen Academy
    This unique program for the next  generation of entrepreneurs combines the expertise of many top international business schools with practical experience and advice from EY.

  • Pontis Foundation/Generation 3.0
    Generation 3.0 is a program that aims to improve education in Slovakia from the bottom up. It collaborates with teachers and helps them teach  innovatively, so that all children have a chance to fully develop their potential and acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for life in the 21st century.

  • Your Buddy
    Your Buddy is a program which brings together adult volunteers with children from orphanages. Their friendly relationship forms a good foundation for integrating the child into society, offering the chance for a better future.


EY and culture

  • Viva Musica!
    EY supports Viva Musica! which is an unusual festival of classical music, helping to link the business  environment with culture. We believe that culture nurtures the spirit and the community.


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