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Entrepreneurs make a difference. They not only have great ideas, but also the drive to make them a reality. They use their fresh thinking and hard work to create positive social change – bringing new concepts and products to market, and creating jobs and wealth.

We have long recognized the potential of entrepreneurs. Over the past three decades, we have been working with entrepreneurs, adapting our experience, industry capabilities and resources to work for entrepreneurial, fast-growth companies. We work with a range of businesses, from those receiving their first venture funding through to large mid-cap companies, whose value may be measured in billions of dollars.

Our commitment to entrepreneurial companies, in both emerging and developed economies around the world, helps ensure that we’re working with more of tomorrow’s global leaders, today.


EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® – celebrating entrepreneurs

Our first program took place in 1986 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the United States. By 1987 it was held across 11 US cities. And in 1993 the program started to expand internationally. Today the program spans more than 140 cities in 50 countries, which together represent more than 90% of the global economy.

Over the past five years, more than 6,500 entrepreneurs joined the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year alumni. A “who’s who” of both developed and emerging markets, these alumni include many household names. Over half of today’s top 100 NASDAQ companies have won EY Entrepreneur Of The Year, and most received the award before they achieved top 100 status.

We started the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year program to recognize the world’s most successful and innovative entrepreneurs. By identifying and recognizing the achievements of outstanding entrepreneurs within successful growing, dynamic businesses, we aim to encourage entrepreneurial activity around the world.

We work with great entrepreneurs at every level of society: fresh thinkers at global corporations, visionaries at pre-IPO firms and social entrepreneurs working on society’s most pressing problems. We have learned a great deal from these interactions and recognize that entrepreneurialism isn’t about size; it’s about a state of mind. We believe it’s something that all businesses can — and should — embrace.