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Companies with an active approach to fraud prevention and the fight against fraud and corruption have the advantage of reaping real economic benefits. It is no longer only about the direct financial, business or legal impacts of detected cases of unethical and fraudulent behavior or potential criminal activity. Such is the speed of information flow in today’s media that similar failures often threaten the reputation of a company and in some instances, even its existence. Therefore, we cooperate with our clients in preparing and implementing various measures, which help them strengthen internal controls, effectively manage risks and prevent unethical and fraudulent practices.

Our team of qualified and experienced forensic experts will help you undertake an independent investigation into suspicion of unethical, corrupt or fraudulent practices and quantify its financial impact. We also provide assistance in international arbitration and dispute proceedings (commercial disputes).

With all the sensitivity and urgency required, we investigate unusual transactions, collect supporting evidence in electronic and paper form and forensically review financial statements, accounting data, transactions, other information and facts. The high quality of our work is the main reason that so many corporate leaders, including the best-known law firms in Slovakia and worldwide, turn to EY.

Our areas of focus include:

  • Fraud investigations / forensic audit

    Companies face an increased risk of fraud, corruption and unethical behavior. Fraudsters may cause considerable financial damage to the injured entity and threaten its reputation. Working closely with clients, we prepare a detailed analysis to examine the situation, prove or disprove suspicion of undesirable or fraudulent practices and reveal types and schemes of committed fraud, whilst collecting the evidence and calculating the impact of the damage suffered. Furthermore, we determine what is at risk, who is involved, and what opportunities exist for recovery.

  • International arbitration and dispute services

    In the event of an international arbitration or litigation threat, it is important to correctly evaluate the situation as soon as possible. Our team provides clients with support at all stages of the arbitration procedure or dispute resolution process. We offer a wide range of services, from the collection and analysis of the basic inputs for legal proceedings, via a draft dispute resolution strategy and damage estimate, to provision of expert testimony and legal expertise provided within the framework of arbitration or a legal dispute.

    We have wide-ranging experience of providing corporations and their legal counsel with assistance in these areas. Our specialists are recognized leaders not only in forensic accounting and damage analysis, but in economic and financial valuation, statistics, economic modelling and computer forensics.

  • Anti-fraud services

    Our approach to fraud prevention mainly consists of cultivating a healthy company culture with proper channels of communication, proactive and reactive measures to mitigate fraud risks and suggesting and implementing appropriate measures to help clients to strengthen employee loyalty, increase fraud risk awareness and minimize the impact of fraudulent behavior on the operations and financial results of the company.

  • Compliance

    Our experts help clients to assess the compliance of their operations with the applicable laws and regulations and to identify potential risks of fraud. They provide assistance in managing these risks, implementing appropriate compliance infrastructure and monitoring, assessing the effectiveness of underlying internal processes and controls in place, and recommending the remedies to prevent and detect inappropriate practices.

  • Forensic technology and discovery services

    Our forensic technology experts preserve hard drives, portable memory drives and other sources of digital evidence in order to identify and extract information, which can be used as evidence in an investigation or dispute. They also perform forensic data analyses, for example, of accounting data, to identify unusual, suspicious or fraudulent transactions, which may threaten or damage the operation of our clients’ companies.

  • Forensic due diligence
    Whether during the pre-acquisition or post-acquisition stage, our professionals can provide clients with additional information in the area of potential non-compliance or unethical practices used by the target in the past. This will help the investor to assess risks related to the transaction, then include them in the valuation model and make an informed decision on the transaction.
  • Forensic support in insolvency proceedings

    The services we provide to insolvency trustees, creditors and their legal representatives in these proceedings include a review of relevant accounting entries and/or selected transactions of a given entity, the related documentation and further requested facts. Applying forensic technology (eDiscovery), we help identify, collect and assess potentially relevant electronic information so as to identify possible hidden business or other interests of those involved.


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