Agile Business

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In many companies, the business functions with cumbersome processes, non-integrated systems and a heterogeneous structure, make the business less agile. Due to this lack of agility, organizations face many challenges to grow, optimize and protect their business, and only the ones that seize the upside, see a wealth of opportunities. EY's Agile Business offerings enabled by SAP can help organizations address challenges in the digital era. Our collaborative approach focuses on more than technology alone. We take a comprehensive, business-first view to address strategy, customer value, user experiences, processes, technology and operational impacts in tandem.

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    EY Agile Business — Finance enabled by SAP S4HANA Finance

    SAP S/4HANA Finance is the enabler/innovator for the finance organization’s vision
    In today's world, constant change and disruptions is the "new normal" and adaptation is a must to succeed.




    Business value

    At EY, we are committed to build a better working world by helping clients meet everyday challenges.

    Traditionally, the typical CFO's challenges have been shaped to some extent by the limitations of systems and technology. In the last few years, the CFO's Finance vision is now closer to reality as technology is more and more enabling this vision. With S/4HANA Finance, SAP is bringing revolutionary changes to its core Finance applications to utilize these emerging technological advances.


    SAP S/4HANA Finance

    • Provides innovation in core Finance processes
    • Provides for the ability to quickly incorporate new business acquisitions
    • Reduce Finance processing time
    • Optimizes data architecture in core Finance applications
    • Reduces IT landscape complexity
    • Reduces data redundancy and latency

    Qualifying questions

    • How agile is your financial system?
    • Does you financial system provide the necessary timely and effective decision support to meet your challenges?
    • How complex are your financial processes and systems landscape?
    • Where do you have redundancies?
    • How effective and fast are you in your financial processes?


    Partner offer

    Holistic EY's Approach:

    Our approach draws on our deep Finance and Industry knowledge that focuses on finance transformation, cost reduction, risk mitigation, business impact analytics, organization management, tax enablement and a strong business case development/feasibility study based on a the strengths and weaknesses of your organization and TCO view.

    EY's Innovation Days:

    Our approach focuses on individual client issues and time-critical business processes to develop and demonstrate innovations with S/4HANA Finance that integrates business processes, SAP functions, SAP technical, tax processes and analytical reporting to address all aspects of a value deployment utilizing SAP S/4.


    Business Case Development:

    Our approach provides benefit clarity with SAP S/4HANA Finance by providing a detailed business case evaluated with technology, processes and reporting. The business case aligns the client strategy to the benefits in the context of a implementation roadmap.

    EY's Proof of Concept:

    Our approach utilizes EY's cloud based S/4 system to quickly and effectively evaluate key processes and integration using SAP's S/4HANA Finance to demonstrate and optimize client solutions.