EY Nuno Santos

Nuno Santos

Head of Forensics Technology Sweden

A Portuguese raised in Sweden.

Fokusområden Forensics
Kontor Stockholm, SE

Nuno delivers data-driven solutions in the fields of electronic discovery management, IT-forensics and data analytics. His team is a part of Forensic & Integrity Services at EY, which is a specialized unit that investigates and prevents all kinds of irregularities in companies, organizations and government agencies.

Prior to EY, Nuno worked for the Swedish Police Force, in IT-Forensics conducting criminal investigations specializing in organized and international crime. 

Nuno has a specialized education degree from Halmstad University in the field of IT-Security and computer systems. 

While at the Swedish Police Force, Nuno underwent a multitude of certifications in various software pertaining to IT-forensics. He also holds several Cisco certifications in network security protocols and systems.

Så bidrar Nuno till a better working world

Nuno contributes to a better working world by combating fraud, irregularities, bribery and other forms of criminal and unethical behaviors in the private and public sector, thus ensuring a level playing field and maintaining stakeholder trust. 

Nuno has helped companies safeguard and restore financial and brand reputations.

Nuno has conducted both local as well as international investigations such as in Angola, Hong Kong, Malawi and others.


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