ey how can the nordics lead the hydrogen revolution.

How can the Nordics lead the hydrogen revolution?

In this webcast you can follow a panel discussion on the Nordics value proposition in hydrogen and hydrogens role in the overall energy transition.

The world needs to decarbonize and quickly. Hydrogen is a prime candidate to facilitate this decarbonization, even in those applications electricity cannot reach, in mobility, industry and energy.

With its high sustainability targets in both the public and private space, access to significant amounts of clean and cheap energy, and prowess and innovation in industry, the Nordics is set to make hydrogen another industrial success story. 

How can the Nordics turn its strong hand into advantages and lead the H2 revolution?

Niklas Gustafsson - Volvo, Chief Sustainability Officer
Kjell Christian Bjørnsen - NEL, Chief Financial Officer
Hans Kreisel - Nordion, Chief Executive Officer


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